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by Tobias Grant

Part 227: Mission part 1

: This reading... No way!?

A massive Mobile Suit force appears, as well as three very unwelcome faces.

: It's...!

: We won't step down from the stage until our goal is fulfilled.

: So, I guess all the punishment you've taken already wasn't enough!

: Yeah! If words still aren't enough, you're in for a full beatdown today!

: Heh... Self-righteous as always. But don't assume we came here resigned to lose.

: Yes... we've invited a quite suitable quest for the occasion.

: That's...!?

: The Psyco Gundam...! Is there another Newtype piloting it!?


: S-Sir Gwen...!

: Gwen Rhineford...

: So you're alive...

: Lady Lily Borjarnon... As you're no doubt aware, I don't like to throw in the towel.

: B... Black Doll...!?

: It's a taboo mechanical doll from the Black History. I call it the Black Doll.

: That's impossible...! Non-Newtypes shouldn't be able to control that...!

: Maybe it's a separate model built at a Mountain Cycle, like the Kapools...!?

: Which just makes it a giant Mobile Suit with some heavy firepower...!?

: ......!

: Gwen Rhineford! Do you not comprehend the Black History's foolishness?

: Diana Sorrel... You and the Irregulars have shown me long-lost knowledge. Of course I would want that, so that humanity can grow and develop.

: That thinking is what caused the Black history! Will you repeat the same errors?

: it's not an error... It's progress.

: open your eyes, Sir Gwen! The Black history is long over! The history of battle between the Earth and the Moon is over now!

: That's not the case, Laura...

: Yes... A history of ceaseless war is going to begin anew.

: !

: What!?

: So that's your true goal...!

: you pulled the trigger once, and the act left deep mental scars.

: ......!

: Ghingnham was too impatient to pull the trigger. Agrippa wouldn't see that. And Garrod, you and the Irregulars never even so much as tried to pull it.

: But, we're different...! We have no hesitation or regret.

: Y... You're all...!

: Is this any time to be griping over the Black History or who wins what!? Don't you realize how vulnerable we are to the Dinosaurs and Ancestors!?

: After dealing with you, we'll return to the moon and prepare to fight them.

: Yes. It hardly matters if we're up against humans, as long as there's war...

: You're outta your minds! You don't care if you're the only ones safe!?

: Of course not... We'll obliterate all those who dismissed us.

: We told you that before, Garrod...

: We'll build a new world and future. So relax, and go to your graves...

: Gr... You sons of...!!

: Hold up. I'm sure it's nice to indulge in your little fantasy world...

: Hate to burst your bubble, but I hate that kinda thing as much as dyin'!

: Heh... We don't expect for you to comprehend our ideals.

: No, it's pretty obvious what you guys are really after...

: Grandstand all you want, you just want to gloat over people...!

: .........

: Like we'd buy your half-assed reasoning!!

: Yeah...! We're not gonna let the world get destroyed for your self-centered ideals!!

: Garrod!

: Yeah, I know! I won't let the errors of the past get repeated!

: Then come... Irregulars.

In order to get the Skill point for this mission, you have to do the same thing you did the last time the Frost Brothers showed up, destroy them both in a single MAP attack.

Fortunately, while we don't have access to the Twin Satellite Cannon, the Moonlight Butterfly MAP attack will work just as well.

This caught me off guard, luckily the only ones they have a chance at hitting are my Supers.

Jamil manages to dodge 6 Ghost attacks in a row .

On the next turn, Voltes finishes of a weakened Ghost for some quick XP.

Time to bust some Ghosts.

Grabbed a second HPHGCP. this will be going right on MazinKaiser.

Annoyingly, two ghosts manage to survive.

On the enemies second turn, four of these guys appear, two on each side.

: An ambush!?

: Great...

: I don't seek any meaning in battle like Ghingnhan. I'll use the tactics I've learned from you to conclude this quickly.

: Sir Gwen... You're really serious...!?

: I am, Laura... I'm no longer the man I was before.

: The Gwen I know thought more of the Earth and moon than anybody else!

: ...But you wouldn't accept the conclusion I reached... Laura. So, I... I...!

: !!

: It's not too late. Laura... Stand by my side. Then, together, we can...

: .........