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by Tobias Grant

Part 228: Mission part 2

Another turn, another storm of MAP attacks to weather.

A Ghost brings Garrod down into the red.

The enemy fires off another MAP attack, and their turn ends.

Garrod destroys one of the remaining Ghosts.

Amuro grabs the last item.

Usso destroys the last Ghost.

I send a few units over to destroy the NW ambush, but leave one alive for Voltes to level off of.

Loran destroys one last enemy before my turn ends.

The enemies turn ends without much to note.

Voltes destroys the remaining unit from the NW reinforcements and shoots up to level 55 thanks to Gain.

Bryger finishes off the reinforcements. Time to break through the MAP wall.

This is gonna take a while...

Those that are near the Almeyers work on finishing them off.

Once again, not much happened on the enemies turn.

Amuro destroys the last Almeyer.

The rest of the turn is spent breaking down that wall.

Shagia and Gwen finally get into the action.

MazinKaiser is taking a bit of a beating, but nothing it can't handle.

The wall has finally fallen.

I tried to destroy Marybell's Bandit support, but a single Bandit managed to survive.

Olba breaks formation with his brother. Fortunately, I can still hit them both with a Moonlight Butterfly.

Also, Gwen seems to really hate Voltes since he attacks it exclusively.

I destroy the remaining AI Bandit and hit Marybell with a single attack/support attack combo.

Down goes Marybell.

: Of course, you are the Black history's source... I'll use everything I have!

Oh come on!

: More backup!?

: Hold on here! How much firepower is he packing!?

: Don't give up! If we don't stop them, the Black history will never end!

: I know that! Isn't Gwen the one who showed us that to start with!?

: yes! We've got to stop him before he makes an even bigger mistake!!

Ah, but before we start with you, Gwen, there are two others that desperately need a good ass-kicking.

After going past 50% of his health, Olba will cast Guts, Zeal, and Strike. Joy.

: But we'll be the ones who laugh last! That's how it has to go!

: heh... If that's how you figure it goes, we'll say the same thing!

When Shagia passes the 50% mark, he'll cast Guts, Strike, and Spirit

: Looks like you really want to finish things today!

: The world will bow down to us! Death awaits those who stand in our way!

: Garrod Ran! Your presence is an eyesore!

: Yes! There's no room for fools such as you in the future we'll build!

: Shut up! I'm alive right now, and no one has the right to take that away! You said the world dismissed you, right!? But you're the ones dismissing others! You're the lowest of weaklings!

: You called us weaklings...!?

: Yeah! Tifa found a way to lead a life without giving in to power...

: But you guys are weak scum, forcing pain on others, making up justifications!

: Garrod ran...! You will pay dearly for what you just said!

: Garrod!

Unfortunately, Garrod's attack missed Shagia.

I finish off a weakened enemy and end my turn.

MazinKaiser tanks both of the Brother's attacks and just barely manages to survive.

However, thanks to that, Kouji's Prevail kicked in and he slaughters a few grunts that made the mistake of attacking him.

Now it's time to destroy the Frost brothers. Here I made a pretty big mistake because I didn't move MazinKaiser out of the Moonlight Butterfly's range when I had him attack Shagia.

A few attacks later, and Olba is brought down into the red as well.

Click here to witness the end of the Frost Brothers.

Fuck yeah!

Now it's just a matter of destroying the remaining grunts, and then finally Gwen Rhineford.

There we go, now all that's left is Gwen.

: Sir Gwen... I'm...

: If I had you and the Turn-A with me, it would all end... Everything would be ideal!

: Sir Gwen... You were born in the wrong era!!

: .........

: That righteous attitude of yours is what brought all of this about to start with!

: I know that... And looking back at history, there may have never been any right thing...

: Then on what basis do you seek to thwart my dream!?

: Lord Gwen... Why is it that you seek to crush what I desire...?

: .........

: .........You're willing to sacrifice everything for it... We may even be similar...

: .........

: Diana Sorrel!

: Gwen Rhineford! I shall free you from the Black history's curse!

Strangely enough, Gwen doesn't have any events where he casts any spirits. so just lay it on him until the end.

Click here to see the Death of Gwen Rhineford

: ......Sir Gwen...

: It's over now...

: Though we have taken a lot of damage ourselves.

: Yeah... We'll need to regroup before heading for the Earth Cradle...


...You have GOT to be kidding me...