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by Tobias Grant

Part 229: Mission part 3

: Of all the times to pick!!

: !!

: I am General Dark, leader of the 7 Generals of the Mycenae!! Now that I'm here, you and the rest of mankind are out of luck!

: (No dinosaur forces...! General Dark must be buying them time...!)

: ...For cryin' out loud! We're exhausted enough already as it is...!

: We've come this far! If we died here, I'd never be able to face Arthur!

: You've got backbone. That gives this some meaning.

: ...Tetsuya, they're...

: Yeah, I know. They probably came out here to stall us.

: So we can't stop the Dinosaur Empire unless we take them out...!?

: If the fighting keeps up at this pace, we're eventually going to end up...!

: .........

: We've fought to our utmost limits before... and came out as the victors.

: Hear, hear. If we chickened out at this, we'd never get anywhere.

: Yeah... It's past the point of retreat for us now.

: General Dark... Looks like this is going to be our last fight.

While this may look like a formidable force, with everyone at maximum or near-maximum Will levels, plus my somewhat frugal usage of SP means I still have plenty of resources at my disposal.

The Mycenae will charge towards your forces, so there's no time to rest.

: I didn't expect to run into you again, thousands of years in the future!

: But that relation is severed today! I'm sending you straight to Hell!

: Go ahead and try! I've got a one-way ticket there with your name on it!


Duke Gorgon is hardly a threat at this point.

More enemies attempt suicide runs against MazinKaiser.

: As long as we're here... no, even when we're not, bad guys like you never win!

: H-how I regret...!

Duke Gorgon has fallen. Next up is Dante.

God Damnit!

Despite Dante's After Image shenanigans, I'm making progress.

: You have a long memory! But such a task won't come easy!

: Whatever! You'll see for yourself whether I can or not!

Masaki takes the hit for Kouji, while Kouji tanks the Pikudrone's support attack.

On my next turn, all of the grunts are finally put down.

Fuck you, Dante.

Dante has fallen.

Now the only ones left are the ones with large HP regen, so I have to focus my fire to make sure I destroy them in a single turn.

Which is a simple task at this point in the game.

Voltes barely manages to pull through during the enemies turn.

Two more Pikudrones fall on my turn

As does the Mecha GilGilGan, I started to empty my SP reserves with Valor and Soul attacks since the fight was almost over.

On the next turn, the final Pikudrone falls.

Now we just wail on General Dark until an event happens.

: What!?

General Dark proceeds to cast Guts, Strike, and Valor.

: Come at me if you wish to die! I'll send you to Hell in one strike!

I have Garrod use Alert to avoid General Dark's Valored attack, and then prematurely end my turn to wait out the Strike effect.

...unfortunately, General Dark will cast Strike every turn.

Still, despite his accuracy buff, he stands no chance against us alone.

Click here to watch the Death of General Dark. (It's a great scene!)