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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 23: Mission part 1

Now that we have a pretty sizable force now, We get to choose who we get to field out.

You can see who I decided to field out here.

: Hmph, so they've arrived... Tell Lt. Buran, Lt. Quattro, and the others to all launch!

And launch they do.

It's hard to cap, but the cursor marks out a line going diagonally across the map.

: Our primary objective is to lure every enemy beyond this point.

: We want them to let down their guards. Avoid shooting them down!

: Sounds like a big pain in the ass to me...
You have NO idea...

: So, give 'em a little tap, then run back to where we are right now?

: Right, since it's still very likely they'd use Bright as a shield. Don't shoot any of them down until I give the signal.

: You really think a pansy method like that will work!?

: Lt. Quattro and Emma are with the enemy. Right now we don't have much choice.

: Yeah, no way I'm gonna fight friends or comrades.

: (But Shinobu has a point. The Titans may not do what we're expecting... In which case it'll lead to a repeat...)

: Tetsuya, what's the matter?

: ...Nothing.

: OK, commence the mission! Don't drag your feet or they'll bring backup!

: (The rest is up to you, Isaac...!)

So we begin the mission. In order to get the Skill point for this level, I have to get every enemy across the line in four turns. Since we're trying to not kill anyone, time to break out the weaker attacks.

: I guess they must be worried about the hostages after all. All units, after them if they show any sign of retreat!

: (The Preventers are trying to lead us away from the base... Does that mean they're planning something?)

: Lt. cmdr Buran, the enemy is heading this way!

: Let them. Just concentrate on defending the base.

: ..........

: Lt. Quattro, I agree it's not exactly fair using hostages like that, but... This IS war. If you or they try anything funny, the hostages get it.

: ...I know

: Lt. Quattro...

: (Right now, all we can do is wait...)

Buran begins the enemy's turn.

He gets missile massacred for his troubles.

The beginning of the mission is pretty boring, since it pretty much consists of me using my weakest attack available, and then running as far as I can to the southeast.

At least Henken will remind you of where the line is every turn, which makes it easier to judge how far you need to go.

Since I managed to wing most of the enemy units on counters, I had everyone run as far as they could.

Unfortunately, Quattro is the only one playing along for now, with everyone else going for Max, Fokker, and Kou.

I begin to get a little worried here, since I'm on the beginning of turn 3 and most of the enemy hasn't even budged yet.

Oh well, it will work out. FULL RETREAT!

With no targets in sight, the rest of the bunch begin to move.

I'm a little peeved here, since there is only one person left not across, and he's sitting right on the edge.

So I move back a little further, and...


Fuck yeah.