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Part 230: Post-Intermission

: ...And I guess the Ra Cailum plans to keep going like this and head for Gallia.

: Yeah...

: You look like you're not satisfied with that, Ryou.

: It's not that. I know that the Ancestors are dangerous. But, I... I think that this time, the Dinosaur Empire is more dangerous than they are.

: Yeah. This isn't like the last time we fought them in the Space Era. They've got some kind of huge secret plan cooked up this time... one to wipe out all of mankind.

: Their attacks up to this point may have been measures to buy themselves more time...

: (.........) Exactly what is their plan even supposed to do?

: (.........)

: !

: Wh-what'd you say!?

: Modify... the Earth?

: What makes you say that?

: Think about the place where we first ran into them in this time period.

: As I recall... The vegetation had suddenly grown drastically and the atmosphere had changed to something closer to the Mesozoic Era's atmosphere...

: Exactly. It was like that of the Earth from back when the Dinosaur Empire once ruled the surface.

: ! You don't mean they're...

: Yeah. They want to make the Earth's environment more suitable for reptiles.

: Then, in a worst-case scenario...

: It could make the Earth uninhabitable for humans.

: M-my God... In that case, we've got to find their Machineland fast...

: (.........)


: I see... So General Dark has fallen in battle...

: Yes, sir... His death was a fine one, by all accounts...

: (.........)

: Emperor Gore, thanks to General Dark, all of our arrangements have been finished.

: (.........)

: ...Is there something the matter?

: ...The unspeakable, unimaginable life in the magma layer... it was endless, continual suffering. And... Many brave allies and heroes died in battle with Getter Robo, or with the Ancestors...

: (.........)

: Their screams, their howls, their curses as they died, dreaming of a life on the surface, with the glory of old... But soon, the surface will return to my hands. The Earth will become the reptilians' world... The Atmospheric Modification Project will wipe out the humans... When Machineland destroys the Earth Cradle.

: Sir. Victory is already within sight for us.

: Emperor Gore, reporting.

: What is it?

: The humans' battleships have begun to move.

: Move...? Where are they headed?

: Eastern Gallia, sir.

: Gallia...? Why would they go back there now?

: Currently, the only enemies the humans face are us and the Ancestors... Perhaps they succeeded in piecing together the Earth Cradle's location?

: (.........)

: Sir. Commencing magma layer movement with Machineland.

: Emperor Gore, what might your plan be?

: *chuckle*... Before they come into contact with the Ancestors, we'll launch a surprise attack on them... Once the Ancestors are exhausted from battle, the Dino-Battallion will swoop in and obliterate them.

: I see...

: After that, we enact the Atmospheric Modification Project...

Bonus Content

As I've done with the previous missions, here is some of the extra dialog for this mission.

We'll start with the Frost Brothers first.


: Our ideals... Our future...!

: B-Brother!! ...How dare you do that to my brother...!!


: I-impossible... Does the world deny us even to the very last...!?

: Olba...!! ...Why you... How dare you do that to my brother!!
What happens if you kill either of the brothers individually instead of killing them both with an MAP attack.


: Jamil Neate! This time, we'll be the ones pulling the trigger!

: Yes... We don't bear petty regrets like you.

: I won't allow that...! I'll put an end to both you and the Black History... As the one who pulled the trigger back then, it's my duty!

We've seen all of Gwen's conversations during the mission. We'll move on to the Mycenae.


: Duke Gorgon! You're not getting away this time!

: Hah! I've lived this long solely for this day, Tetsuya Tsurugi! We'll defeat you all and achieve our wish of taking the surface back!


: I thank the God of Time for giving me another chance to fight you!

: Same here! You were destined to fall to me from the moment we met!

: Hahaha... It seems we resemble one another, enemies or no.

: Maybe so... But only one of us is walking away from this alive!

: Come, Tetsuya Tsurugi! I shall be the one who laughs last!


: Wretched Getter! Too bad for King Gore, you'll be my trophy!

: If you fight for your wishes, we fight for peace for the people! So we can't afford to lose here!

And here's Marybell's reaction to Gwen's death.


: Tch... What a pain in the toosh!

That's all of them, was kind of hoping for more out of Gwen. Oh well.