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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 231: Pre-Intermission/Mission part 1

Pre-Mission Adjustments

Pilot Reassignments

Quattro moved to the Turn A Gundam

Burning moved to the GP03 Dendrobium

Suit Adjustments


HP | 8450 -> 9100

Armor | 1687 -> 1822

Limit | 285 -> 342

Parts added:
HP Targetter

Shin Getter Robo

Limit | 315 -> 360


HP | 6960 -> 7540

EN | 221 -> 234

Speed | 95 -> 98

Armor | 1260 -> 1365

Limit | 329 -> 372


Parts added:
Solar Panel

Great Mazinger

Parts added:
New Alloy Z
Solar Panel


: Something enormous is coming out of the ground!

: From out of the ground!?

: It couldn't be... The Dinosaur Empire's Machineland!?

: We're also registering abnormalities in the atmospheric composition!

: Have all personnel put on protective suits!

: Roger!

: A large number of Mechasauruses and Battle Beasts have emerged near the surface!

: It's an all out war! Have our forces sortie!!


: ...General Dark... I'll likely follow you soon, as exposed to Getter as I am... Of course, I'll be sure to take many humans along with me for the ride...!

: Yes. The Dinosaur Empire's main base, able to move freely within the magma...

: Heh... Never thought I'd be seeing that again.

: Yeah. This time, we won't let them flee back beneath the Earth's crust!!

: Guys, it's releasing massive quantities of toxic vapors into the armosphere!

: Wh-what!?

: Flowing on jetstreams, they could cover most of the Earth within two days!

: Hayato was right, they're trying to soffocate humans through the atmosphere!

: Correct. That's the goal of our atmospheric coversion plan.

: General Bat!! I'm going to put an end to this here!!

: I won't have that. For the reptilians' future... to fulfill King Gore's wishes... I'll give my life to fight, and plunge you all into the magma below!!

: Ryou! We'll have to take him down if we want King Gore to show himself!!

: Yeah, I know! Let's do it, Hayato, Musashi, Benkei!!

: Commence attack! Defeat Getter Robo and the humans, and make the surface ours!

On the first turn I manage to wipe out the Bado squad.

On the enemies turn th-


: Wh-what the hell!?

: They just fired something out from Machineland!

: Magma Cannon!?

: Indeed. You can't escape from this. Taste the terror of never knowing whether it will aim for you next!

So now whenever it's the enemies turn, the Magma Cannon will hit a random unit and deal 50% of it's current HP in damage. This would have been threatening, if it didn't bug out for me in a hilarious way later in the mission.

Most of the enemies turn goes by without much to note

That is, until their big guns start attacking. They're smart enough to focus their attacks on the flagship, and their combined damage outmatches the White Ark's healing.

Still, keeping the White Ark glued next to it will keep it alive long enough for me to take them out.

I continue with my usual strategy of killing the grunts so I con concentrate on the big guys later.

Unfourtunately, this meant that a Guda managed to live for another round.

Tetsuya takes the Magma Cannon hit this time.

A few of Bat's Bado guards die to counter attacks.

The last of Zai and Zuu types fall as well.

The Soliel continues to take massive damage.

On my next turn, Tetsuya manages to destroy the damaged Guda.

I also destroy a Zori.

Things are alot more manageable now.

Bryger takes the MC hit.

Bat's remaining Bado guard die to counter attacks.

As does this guy, which was the last of the grunts.

The next turn, another Zori falls.

...and is quickly followed by another.

I cause some more damage, and end my turn.

Kamille takes the Magma Cannon this time.

Now that the enemies damage output has dropped considerable, I can start repairing the damage the Soliel has taken.

A Guda falls.

As does the final Zori.

Annoyingly, I couldn't finish off a second Guda, and leave Bat to fend for himself.

And the person to get hit is... Kamille again?

The damaged Guda is quickly destroyed.

My forces begin their attack on General Bat.

...And bat goes and casts Guts, Alert, Strike, and Valor

Despite this minor setback, I continue the attack.

Kamille gets hit by the Cannon for the third time.

Burning gets brought down into the red, triggering his Guts skill.

Bat takes a bit more damage.

...And goes through this again. casting the same spirits as he did before, only this time using Guard and Spirit as well.

Thanks to Guard, I have to cut my offense for this turn short, so I just use up Bat's Alert and Valor and end the turn.

Against all odds, Kamille gets hit for the fourth time in a row. this was the bug I was alluding to before.

Anyway, Bat doesn't do anymore Spirit casting shenanigans after that one, so feel free to beat him down.

MAKE SURE YOU YOU DEFEAT BAT AT THE START OF A NEW TURN! If you don't, you will be in for a world of hurt.

Fokker takes the hit this time.

And down goes Bat!

: B-but... This doesn't mean the Dinosuar Empire is destroyed...! You're too exhausted now to handle the forces under King Gore's command...!

: What!?

: Hahaha... I'll be waiting for you in Hell...!

General Bat has died.

: ...Gore's forces!?