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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 233: Pre-Intermission

Pre-Mission Adjustments


HP | 18000 -> 20700

EN | 240 -> 408

Armor | 1450 -> 1630

Parts added:
Nanoskin Armor

Zeta Gundam

parts removed:
Dual Sensor

parts added:
HP Targetter

Weapon power increased by 250

Walker Gallier

parts removed:
Hybrid Armor

parts added:
Alloy Z

Voltes V

HP | 7590 -> 8280

EN | 406 -> 438

Armor | 1265 -> 1380

Parts removed:
Nanoskin Armor

parts added:
New Alloy Z

Combattler V

EN | 225 -> 270

parts added:
New Alloy Z


parts removed:
HP Gas Engine

parts added:
Alloy Z

VF-11B Fighter

Parts removed:
Magnet Coating

parts added:
I-field Barrier (reduces damage from beam attacks by 850)

Gundam X Divider

Speed | 134 -> 143

Limit | 414 -> 446

Gundam Double X

Speed | 143 -> 148

Limit | 447 -> 464


Weapon power increased by 400

R-1 Custom

Weapon power increased by 200


: Yes. I confirmed Machineland's explosion, as well.

: I see. So ultimately, the Irregulars did as we asked, and destroyed the Dinosaur Empire...

: This saves us a lot of trouble. The Dinosaur Empire had a base which was difficult to trace... With the Earth Cradle being unable to move underground, they were a quite troublesome enemy...

: What movements did the Irregulars show after that?

: They are currently headed for Gallia.

: ...So they intend to come here.

: What shall we do?

: Intercept them, of course. Have the Earth Cradle surface, and let Sanger dispose of them.

: Ma'am...

: After that... Disseminate our Machine Cells, and wipe out the entire human race.

: (.........)

: Then... That will be the point when the world belongs to us, the Ancestors...


: Then, let's hear your report.

: Yes, sir. We looked into three people that participated in the DC's Project Ark and were involved with the construction of the Earth Cradle.

: (.........)

: She worked under my old man, too...

: Lady Ryune, you're familiar with Dr. Nate?

: Not really. There were a lot of scientists in the DC...

: So this Dr. Nate was a central figure in the Earth Cradle's construction...

: Indeed, you are correct, sir. She was a highly talented scientist with the former DC... And she performed studies concerning autonomous self-repairing metal cells.

: Autonomous self-repairing metal cells...

: Something like nanomachines?

: It has similar properties, but it is different. These likely became the basis for their Machine Cells.

: (.........)

: I would guess that those autonomous self-repairing metal cells... Were something developed based upon the study of the Zehirut Crystals that the Aerogators possessed.

: What...!?

: (.........)

: Then the Ancestors have some connection to the Aerogators...?

: Given the fact that they've used no Aerogator machines, I would highly doubt that.

: ...I agree.

: Then why, exactly, did they make those things to start with...?

: I think it probably would have been to ensure the Earth Cradle remained structurally sound.

: So they've been continually repairing themselves over thousands of years?

: And... If one were to administer Machine Cells to a human body...

: One could continue living over a long time, as we did with continual artificial hibernation.

: Which means it's highly likely that the Magus we met was, in fact, Dr. Sophia Nate...

: Then why did she use the name Magus instead of her real name?

: (.........) As Khamen said, some incident caused the core and the Machine Cells to go out of control... It could be that she's become something other than human.

: (.........)

: Something other than human... That Egret boy did appear that way...

: About that name, Egret... The same name came up when looking into people related to the Earth Cradle's construction.

: What did you say...?

: Fehu...? It's a different name from the one that boy gave.

: That is not the only difference. In remaining records, Dr. Fehu's age was 37... His appearance was also completely different from that boy's.

: I guess it's not the guy's kid either, huh.

: I think it is most likely either an artificial lifeform Dr. Fehu created... or a human with biological modifications.

: ...Just like the Innocent...

: ...It's not that simple... They're as bad as the Meganoids... No, worse!

: (.........)

: And who is the remaining person involved with the Earth Cradle?

: Recorded as the one charged with the Earth Cradle's defense.

: !

: S-Sanger? You mean...!

: The pilot of the Thrudgelmir, hm...

: Quite. We've also roughly established the basis of their mobile weapons. Sir Kamille, if you would be so kind as to explain.

: ...Egret's Bergelmir, and Sanger's Thrudgelmir...

: What did you say...!?

: The Huckebein and the Grungust...!?

: Kamille, what's your basis for this?

: When we went to the Earth Cradle's counterpart, the Moon Cradle... There were mass-produced Huckebein Mk-IIs and Grungust Type-2s there alongside the G-Bits.

: Ah, yes, there were.

: According to Lt. Viletta, those two models were deployed as defense back in the Space Era.

: Is this true, Lieutenant?

: Yes...

: With all the mobile suits from our time still around now, it's no surprise those two models were left with the moon...

: So... I think there were Mk-IIs and Type-2s deployed at the Earth Cradle, too.

: We took a look at the data on those two models, which Viletta was kind enough to provide... And compared it to the data we've obtained on the Bergelmir and Thrudgelmir in battle...

: We judged that the two pairs have strong structural similarities.

: Is that right...?

: We believe the structural components and power source are different, but... The height, the frame, the type of application... There are many points with similarities.

: (.........)

: I compared the data on both groups' weapons, too. The Bergelmir has remote weapons just like the Huckebein... And the Thrudgelmir has an on-board weapon very similar to the Grungust's Boost Knuckle. Given this, I think Kamille and Cenia are onto something.

: But I don't remember there being a Grungust model equipped with drills...

: The Grungust Type-3 was under development during the Balmar War, as a successor to the Type-2... It was a machine equipped with drill weapons and a gigantic sword.

: But, wasn't the Type-3...

: So, then... What's a destroyed machine doing in this time period...?

: The Type-3, like the Type-1, had 3 units developed at the same time... One of those units passed into DC hands, and was given over to the Earth Cradle.

: And I conjecture that Sanger Sombold was that machine's test pilot, as well.

: Then, those two models are...

: Mk-IIs and Type-2s physically altered by Machine Cells. That's what I think.

: (.........)

: That just about covers everything.

: Yes. The Ancestors are humans, like us... And survivors from the Space Era, on top of that.

: And the Machine Cells going haywire in the past marked a sort of paradigm shift for them...

: Dr. Sophia Nate, whose mission was to ensure humanity's survival in the future... Has been transfigured into an Ancestor who seeks to destroy humans to ensure the Earth's continuance.

: (.........) ...Therein lies the final question regarding the Ancestors. According to Lady Diana, they and D.O.M.E. both carried the goal of ensuring humanity's survival.

: (.........) ...To ensure humanity's survival, there are some requirements.

: (.........)

: (.........)

: But the Black History gave us proof that for mankind, that is nothing more than an ideal... And my premature homecoming operation also brought conflict to this land. So, for the Ancestors who view the continuance of mankind as their primary objective...

: (.........)

: (.........)

: But, the Ancestors are no longer human. They're just a system gone haywire, one with killing mankind as its objective.

: (.........)

: Lady Diana, from here on out, this will be a battle of survival. We can't sit back and yield to them.

: (.........) Whether we're right or not... There probably won't ever be an answer to that. But we won't voluntarily choose our own deaths here.

: ...Right.

: If we lose to them here, mankind is sure to become extinct... That would make the fighting we've been through all this time meaningless.

: ...You all speak the truth. To avoid losing the peace we've finally attained through so many hard battles... We must fight once more, with those who seek to destroy Man. ...That must be the mission we have been given.

: (...I see... So the reason we Preventers came to this time period...)

: Lt. Quattro, Lt. Burning... Begin going over plans to attack the Earth Cradle immediately.

: Roger that.