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by Tobias Grant

Part 234: Mission part 1

: ...So that's the Earth Cradle...

: So, if we destroy that, the Ancestors would be through!

: No, I don't think it would work that way.

: Why not!?

: Garrison said the Earth Cradle can't move underground like Machineland. So the main part of the Earth Cradle must be underground. I think that belt on the black dome is an elevator to the surface!

: Then if we want to get inside, we'll have to take that belt.

: Captain Amuro! There are mobile weapon readings from inside...!!

: I don't recognize that color scheme... did they mass-produce the Bergelmirs?

: Have the Ancestors been holding all their forces in reserve until now...?

: I doubt it. They're powerful, but there shouldn't be too many of them.

: Most likely not. These are here simply as the Earth Cradle's defenses. It's not like they concentrate forces like the Innocent or Ghingnham.

: So it's like D.O.M.E., totally based on self-protection?

: Which is why they were so discrete in dealing with the Dinosaur Empire... And why magus asked us to take the Dinosaur Empire down.

: So the Bergelmirs, Thrudgelmir, and Machine Cells are their trump card... And with the dinosaurs gone, they're free to use all their power on us.

: If this's all they've got. it'll be easier to deal with them than the Innocent! The Moonlight Butterfly can take care of the Machine Cells. Let's get 'em!

: They must know that too. They've got to have a stronger ace in the hole.

: .........!

: Ryo's right. They deliberately showed us where it is. They want an ambush.

: So they must have something beyond the Thrudgelmir in store...!

: ...There's no point argueing here. All we can do is fight whatever shows up!

: Yeah! We're not about to let them obliterate all of mankind!!

: Ok... Operation Earth Cradle Break-In is now commencing!

: All units, protect the Flagship and create an opening to get inside!

: Roger!!


: So you've decided to show yourself, Thrudgelmir! And... Sanger Sombold!!

: It's... a modified Grungust Type-3...!?

: .........

: He's given himself over to death as a warrior, to protect his master...!

: Sanger... We've got our own things to protect, the same as you do!

: I'm well aware! This will put all of our ideals and willpower on the line!!

: I wouldn't have it any other way!!

There are two ways to get the Skill Point for this mission. The first is to destroy the Thrudgelmir. The second won't be revealed until the second half.

This mission is very, VERY dangerous, and this is why. if you try to rush in, guns blazing, you will lose units. Add into the fact that this is a timed mission, and this can be a difficult mission.

Since I know Garrod can easily dodge their attacks, I send him out alone so he can try to score some quick damage. Bergelmirs don't have any HP regen, so don't worry about them healing up.

while the enemies get to start off with a Will boost, we still start at 100. This will not do, since I NEED both Kouji and Quattro with high Will for my plan to work.

Garrod handles himself well.

Our super robots have no choice but to take it on the chin.

A double Rouse from both Diana and Haro helps tremendously.

Garrod moves further into enemy territory.

I'm being alot more liberal with my usage of Spirits on this mission, especially since I spend most of the mission keeping my supers alive.

it takes a while, but a Bergelmir falls.

It's the end of the second turn, and I almost have MazinKaiser right where I want him.

Garrod takes enough damage to be brought into the red. Lucky me.

I'm suddenly very thankful for putting the Nanoskin Armor on the Soleil.

the second Bergelmir falls to a counter attack from the White Ark.

Thanks, Fokker.

...Damnit, Masaki.

Kouji charges into the Wall of Bergelmirs, and luckily kills his target.

I then have Milan use Enable on Kouji, and Kouji use Guard...

...And sit him right into the middle of the enemy formation. Now as long as I keep most of my units away, the Bergelmirs will target either Kouji, who will shrug off the damage thanks to Guard, and do some massive damage with counter attacks, or Garrod, who will just dodge and return fire with the G-Bits or the DX rifle, depending on EN. Unfortunately, I still have a few units within their range, so not all of them go after the bait.

The others work on cleaning up.

MazinKaiser goes about his business, wrecking anyone foolish enough to attack him.

Though even with Guard, he takes quite the beating. He's still healthy enough to survive another turn with Guard, though.

The next turn, others continue their work.

I'd like to draw your attention to the Turn-A here... heh.

MazinKaiser keeps being a badass.

...although he just barely manages to survive.

Since these guys are outside of the MAP Moonlight Butterfly's attack range, I go ahead and pick them off.


I wonder if putting Char into a machine that could potentially destroy the Earth will have any major repercussions later on...

the final Bergelmir soon falls.

And it's gonna take all three of them to take Sanger down.

As can be expected, He goes through these little scenes as well. He casts Guts, Strike, Valor, and Spirit.

The second time he casts Soul, Alert, Strike, and Spirit twice. Notice that he didn't use Guts this time.

It's strange. Unlike the last couple of times I fought a boss who could cast Spirits, which felt like they did nothing but extend an already tedious fight, I'm actually enjoying this one.

Maybe it's because I actually like Sanger Sombold.

: ...Magus... It seems this is where I must die...

: But not without taking many others to the underworld with me!!

He then casts Guts, Soul, Alert, Strike, Guard, and then Spirit a few more times.

Of course, now that he's done his final castings, I bombard him with Daunt.

There we go.

I have Tifa use Love just because, and then end my turn.

The final turn, can I make it!?

A few attacks later...

Click here to see MazinKaiser and Shin Getter defeat the Thrudgelmir! (Also Drill Boost Knuckle)

: ...G-gah...... I... I am... Sanger... Sombold... Th... the Sword... of... Ma... Gus...

Farewell, Sanger.

Fuck yeah

: D-did we beat him...!?

: What a stubborn guy...!!

The Thrudgelmir reappears.

: Tch... Wanna go two for two!?

: Wait, hold on... Something's not right about the Thrudgelmir...!

: Wh-what is it!?

: The Thrudgelmir is...!

: ...Was I... ah... I see... Egret Fehu... back then... must have...

: Did his old memories come back...!?

: So... I fought against... machines from my own time... The Machine Cells must have...

: Sanger!!

: .........

: ...You have my gratitude...

: !

: A-are you...

: .........

: You're going to... help us...?

: ...I shall escort you all into the Earth Cradle's interior. I doubt it could make up for everything, but... I shall assist you.

Sanger moves into the Earth Cradle.

All that remains now is moving the Soleil onto Sanger's old spot.