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Part 237: Mission part 4

Sleep, Beneath the Soil

The Aurgelmir is a monster. the fact that it has large EN regen means it can use Dogma Blaster with little worry of running out of EN (And as the video from the last update shows, Dogma Blaster fucking hurts. it's other attacks aren't slouches either, but nowhere near as dangerous as the DB.

You may also be wondering just what the fuck was clawing out of the Aurgelmir's chest. that was the Astranagant, a mech from Alpha 1 that belonged to Ingram, Viletta's brother/'evil' clone. It's complicated.

Uruz's Bergelmir is strange. It's superior to the other Egret's Bergelmirs in everything but speed, but the biggest oddities are it's weapons. It's six slaves attack was significantly weakened, so much so that it's Machinery Rifle is actually stronger.

I will be honest here, and say that I didn't even try to defeat Uruz, and that's because he has After-Image, so even if I did manage to destroy him, I would be exhausted of SP since I'd have to use Strike just to ensure that my attacks hit him. couple this with his HP regen and you have an enemy who's sole purpose is to just suck up as many resources as possible. So I just left him alone.

And before I forget, the second way to get the Skill Point for this mission (Yes, this was all one mission.) Is to destroy the Aurgelmir.

Same tactic as before. Let them come to me before I recklessly charge in.

Are you as sick of Bergelmir's as I am? Because we still have one more stage full of them after this.

Got the Double X in position, but it will still take a few more turns before I can use the TSC.

Lucky for me he dodged that, because I doubt he would have survived the turn if it did.

Uruz really isn't a threat unless you actively attack him.

The next turn goes by without anything new to note, I'm just waiting for the MAP TSC to charge.

Excellent, not only did it wipe out the Bergelmirs that attacked, but it weakened a few of the ones guarding Uruz and Magus.

Time to charge in recklessly!

This freaks me out every time I watch it.

So does this, ouch.

Thankfully I get lucky, and a few of the Bergelmirs attack the Bry-Star, allowing Kouji to survive by the skin of his teeth.

Three Bergelmir's go down, with a fourth being severly injured.

Thanks, random supporting Bergelmir!

And that's the last grunt Bergelmir.

If there's one downside to Dogma Blaster, it's that it uses up quite a bit of EN, so you can drain the Aurgelmir dry. However, the EN regen ensures that it won't stay down for long.

Magus casts Guts, Alert, Strike, and Valor. I end my turn shortly after she did this.

Keep in mind that Daitarn 3 was guarding against that. Seriously, that attack can and will one-shot your weaker units if it hits.

A few attacks later.

Magus casts Alert, Strike, Valor, Spirit, and Replen (Which fully regenerates her EN... fuck).

Since her health is still low, I continue the attack.

: Than I shall give you greater despair...

She casts Guts, Soul, Alert, Strike, Guard, Spirit, and Replen.

Since I can't really do much else, I use up her Alert and Soul and end the turn.

It doesn't take long to bring her down near the red.

Just to add insult to injury, I Daunt-bomb her down to 100 Will.

At this point, you're probably tired of seeing Fire Blaster and Stoner Sunshine destroy everything (Oh who am I kidding, of course you aren't), so I'll spare you the video.

Instead, here's a video of Ymir Arm, if you're interested

: Yes... Humans must be rendered extinct... You force my hand...

The Aurgelmir explodes. (And Uruz vanishes)

: Did we beat her!?

The Aurgelmir reappears, and the Earth Cradle begins to shake!

: She revived with Machine Cells!?

: And what's this rumbling!?

: Th-this is no earthquake, is it!?

: The last time I heard that was back at Dakar...!

: What's happening, Isaac!?

: ...She's trying to open a dimensional gate...!

: What'd you say!?

: I will erase you all from this world... And from history itself...

Magus and the Aurgelmir enter the Gate!!

: !!

: Sh-she's gone...! Is that gate really linked to our time!?

: ...Well. looks like it's sink or swim...!

: yeah...! We're not gonna let her mess with the past!!

: Alright... We'll go after Magus through the gate!!

: Oh come on... You're not getting cold feet now, after how far we've come?

: We could get back to our time if we're lucky... But there's no guarantee of that!

: Well, all or nothing sounds like a pretty good bet to me. besides, if we don't do something, everyone could wind up going poof.

: Oh, for... This is getting to be a pretty lousy job.

: ...This is no longer about business. J9 will take this case on!

: ...No objections, Fokker? Amuro?

: Well, no idea what's in store for us, but we can't overlook a potential crisis.

: ...Yes. This will be our final atonement...

: ...Then it's decided.

: Eh!? Why!?

: You belong in this time... And you'll have to build this world's future. So leave the rest to the people from the past... And stay behind here.

: B-but...

: Yeah, Loran. This's gonna be our fight. You guys don't need to tag along.

: ............

: M-moron! If you want through that gate, who knows if you'd ever make it back!?

: ...But the same goes for you guys, right?

: Er...!

: ............ Kouji, everyone... You've all saved our era. So... We have to repay you for that.

: Loran...!

: But... You've finally gotten peace in this world! You can't just let that go to waste!

: The Ancestors may have come from the past, but they still exist now. So dealing with them is a responsibility that we cannot ignore.

: .........

: And that's just as much our job as it is yours.

: ...Alright. Looks like it's pointless to try and talk you guys out of it... In that case... We'll be relying on your strength.

: yeah, that's how it should be!!

: ......... Diana Counter and civilian personnel, please dismount from this ship.

: L-Lady Diana...

: ...Kihel Heim... Please, find it in your heart to humor me one last time.

: B-but...!

: I have a duty to see this battle through to its finish. ...So... If anything happens to me, act in my place as Queen.

: B-but... Lady Diana...!

: yeah, Sis. We couldn't fight if we had to worry about things here.

: Please, guide our world in teh right direction... Miss Kihel.

: Sochie... Loran...

: ...Lieutenant... Harry...

: I will do all that is within my power to return to your side.

: ...Very well......

: .........

: Yep.

: For our future... and Loran's, Jiron's, Garrod's, and everyone else's...

: So that everyone can live in peace...