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by Tobias Grant

Part 24: Mission part 2


: !! An explosion in the base!?

: Sir, intruders in the bsae have taken the hostages!

: T-Taken the hostages!? What do you mean Lieutenant!?
Just then...

A car suddenly appears.

: What the heck? A car!?

: It certainly looks like a car.

: Bowie here. Kid, respond if you're still alive.

: That's the Bry-Thunder! It's Isaac and the others!

: ! What...!?

: Lt. Quattro! That means...

: Bowie, pick Kid and the others up.

: Sure thing! C'mon, my little kitten!

The car moves next to the base

: Yo, nice work.

: Same to you, Thanks for the pickup.

: Kid, Omachi... What about Bright and the others?

: They'll be coming any minute now.

Or right now, either works

: (Bright, Amuro... Did they manage to pull off an escape!?)

: Commander Bright, we'll back you up. Please get away from this area.

: just who on Earth are...!?

: And by backup, you mean with just that car...?
Oh Amuro, haven't you ever heard of the phrase "More than meets the eye?

: Come on now, allow me to demonstrate my skill!

: Are they nuts!? Fighting mobile suits in a CAR!?


Well shit.

: ...I'm no longer obligated to follow that order.

: What!? Oh... Sh...!

: All of the disgrace Emma and I bore was for this moment...

: Now we've been freed from that!

: Wh-why you...!

: No more need for restraint, guys. Fight to your heart's content!

: Just the words I've been waiting to hear!!

: All right! Leeeet's do it!!

: Now we'll give you a taste of our real power!!

: hmph... That's our line.

: I'll make you pay for all you did in Japan!

: All units! Don't forget to support Cmdr. Bright's White Ark!

Quattro and Emma are now under our control. Pity it's still the enemies turn. They are also still damaged from our attacks, making them a bit fragile right now.

Oh shit, Bry-thunder is already surrounded.

: Are the ones who saved us really okay...?

: hm... It may be a bit tough for the Bry-Thunder to deal with mobile suits...

: Wow. I wouldn't expect to hear that from the fearless Angel Omachi.

: Hey, if anything happened to the hostages, we wouldn't get paid!

: That could be a problem. What do we do, Isaac?

: Bowie, do it. Bry-Synchro On

: Finally! Time to show this kittens true claws!

You should probably watch this.

Galactic Cyclone Bryger!

: H-Holy crap! It turned into a giant robot!!

: What an utterly ridiculous... I mean, amazing system...!

: Moreso than Getter or Combattler...

: kid, Bowie. I'l let you handle Bryger's controls in combat.

: OK! I'd like to give these guys some payback, so step on it, Bowie!

: Sure, leave it to me!


Stat screens abound. And yes, Bryger is just as fast as a Jegan.

I sent Bright to get the item box.

And let Amuro take out another Taurus.

Kou and Fokker take out most of the Asshimars.

And Quattro finishes Buran.

Emma was in desperate need of some healing, luckily Henken had the Trust spirit, which heals 2000 Health to a selected unit.

: Heh... I didn't know you were such a celebrity, Kid.

: Well, it's old history now.

: I heard you refused to join the Titans and deserted...

: Hah, I'd sooner vomit than work for guys who like to bully others!

The enemy begins to gang up on Bryger, which is kinda fragile. Luckily I had one of the pilots use Focus to make up for his rather low evasion.

Bryger shoots a beam out of it's sword in retaliation.

: I know someone here I'd rather strip.

: Hey!
I love their battle quotes

Bryger was a little wore out after the enemies turn, but a quick Vigor spirit and heal from Bright's White Ark and their almost back to full.

What happened next was me cutting through grunts like they were tissue paper.

Also more of Bryger being awesome.

Suddenly this doesn't seem so difficult anymore.

of course I'm technically cheating so it shouldn't be.

Jerid decided he didn't want to live anymore and attempted a tackle attack on Great Mazinger.

Great just went up and kicked him.

Mauer thought it was still a good idea and did the same thing.

Tetsuya clearly has had enough of this shit.

Bryger destroyed the last Taurus with good old-fashioned eye beams.

Next turn, I sent Henken after the last box, and continued with the slaughter of grunts.

Also, why is the Battloids melee attack called a punch when they clearly use their guns as a club?

On the last turn I get the Hovercraft which I think gives an S rank on water.

I wanted to finish off the last enemy with Bryger, but his final attack was just out of range. Good think Kid had the Snipe spirit, which increases the range of all attacks except MAP and 1-ranged attacks by 2, putting Jamaikan just inside his range.

Just look at that range!

: Damnit, if you people hadn't shown up...!

: That's where you're wrong, buddy. Evil never prospers in this world.

: Kid, there's no mercy for the wicked.

: Yeah, I know!

And down he goes.

And after the battle, looks who shows up.

: Still, it's good that the rescue mission went so well...

: Yeah. Now we've got all the ex-Londo Bell members gathered, huh?

: Has it been that long already...?

: Thank you for hearing our request, unreasonable as it was.

: You can thank Banjou this time. No mercy for those who make good people cry.

: heheh... Your position may be different, but you're still the same as always.

: Next up is Operation Dakar Assault. Let's gather everyone together.