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by Tobias Grant

Part 241: Extra dialog

No big update today, just posting the rest of the Magus dialog we missed out on before I tackle the final mission.


: You're right that people have kept repeating the same mistakes! But how does killing then make up for that!? There must be another way!!

: .........

: We're not idiots! We can fix our mistakes, one step at a time!

: I've given them plenty enough time for that already.

: You can't say something won't happen just because it hasn't already!!


: I won't accept a peace bought with so much sacrificed blood!

: I cannot entrust the Earth's future to humans who cannot see beyond that.

: Quiet! I'll stop you, no matter what it takes!


: You can't stop the endless waltz between war, destruction, and rebirth.

: Unless we cut off the problem at the source, the Earth will have no future.

: I fight on, believing in mankind... I won't let you deny us that!


: We could really have a peaceful world this time! I won't let you prevent that!

: Peace never lasts. Human history is proof enough of that.

: The ones who wanted another Black History were just a tiny group of people! It's not like everyone wanted to fight!!


: Too bad for you, we don't like having other people dictate our fate!

: We want nothing to do with whatever future you've got to offer!

: How foolish... Mankind's fate has already been determined.

: Then we'll change it!! Ready or not, Magus! LEEET'S DO IT!!


: Ancestors! You can rest 6 feet under, along with the Dinosaur Empire!!

: Hmph... We no longer require rest. This planet is ours, after all.

: Try saying that AFTER defeating us!


: This is it! With the Earth Cradle on its last legs, you've got no prospects left!

: Then all that needs to be done is to crush each and every one of you.

: I won't let you take the Earth we once risked our lives to protect!


: Today, you bear witness to the complete and utter end of human history...

: Raideen and I won't let that happen!

: The one thing Man never learns from history is... Irredeemable foolishness.

: Raideen was made to protect the Earth from people like you! THAT'S history!


: Final target, confirmed!

: In the end, can you follow through on what you do?

: We can! If we couldn't, our coming here would be meaningless!


: Your deaths are already fated...

: Yeah, right! You're talkin' outta your ass!!

: But what I say is correct... All of history up until now is living proof.

: I don't trust that load of bunk, and I don't trust people like you!!

Also, unless something comes up preventing me from updating (or I just get lazy...) I should have this game finished by the end of next week. I've got a few things planned to do as bonus content, but the game itself will be done.