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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 242: Mission part 1

Pre-Mission Adjustments


HP | 4200 -> 5040

speed | 130 -> 134

Limit | 430 -> 462

Weapon power increased by 600

Parts added:
Spirit of Steel

Parts removed:



: Yes... Though I know it must be dissapointing for you to hear...

: Shu, you...!!

: Oh, and... I do believe I owe all of you an apology.

: Apology!?

: Yes. It seems I gravely underestimated your power back at Dakar.

: Quite. It took until now to recover from the wounds I took then...

: What'd you say...!?

: ...Monica, your grammar is a bit off.

: !

: Monica...!!

: Princess Monica... You're still standing at Shu's side...!?

: Well, then... Let's get this last job underway, shall we?

: Last job...!? You mean stopping Project Aegis!?

: Yes, correct. So that I can send the dead to La Gias, of course...

: What are you doing this for!?

: .........! Looks like we'll have to take you down if we want to make the future ours...!

: The shockwave is getting closer... We've got to defeat him, no matter what!

: A brilliant deduction. Well, then... Chika, get them ready.

: Yes, sir.

Suddenly, we're surrounded by Mecha Gilgilgans and Ghosts!

: Mecha Gilgilgans...!

: And Ghost X-9s!!

: Perhaps they're a tad bit overkill for destroying a microwave relay station... But I can't afford to underestimate you like I did before, after all...

: Shu! No way in hell are we gonna let you have your way!!

: You and Cybuster cannot defeat me. That is an eternal truth between you and I.

: Shut up! I don't give two craps about your so-called logic!!

: ......... This is it, guys. But Shu isn't all we're worried about...!

: We have to protect the microwave station, or Project Aegis will fall...!

: We've made it this far, I'm not about to let the shockwave hit the Earth now!

: For the sake of protecting many lives...

: For the sake of everyone's future...

: To give the Balmar War some final closure...

: And for this planet's tomorrow...!

Like before, this is a defense mission. Do not let ANY enemy unit land on a Lunar Base tile. I've got my guys clustered together for a much needed Rouse-a-thon next turn. Kamille is staying up there so that he can hopefully draw some fire and destroy a Ghost or two with counter attacks.

He draws first blood, and then I end the turn.

Shu and his Entourage will not move for the entirety of the mission, which is a major blessing.

I messed up pretty bad here, and left Shin getter withing range of Shu's Mecha GGG guard while still in the air. He survived, but it still caught me off guard.

Only the Ghosts will move on the first turn, thankfully. However, they all attacked the Soleil, which had no real chance of hitting them back.

With my Will raised up, it wes time to set up a proper defence.

At this point in the game, Ghosts are nothing but a joke. Their attacks can barely scratch me, and thanks to accuracy boosting parts, I can easily hit them.

The Gilgilgan's make their move on the second turn.

I set up a nice formation as I wait for them. It has no real purpose other than to keep them out, but I think it looks cool.

: Oh, dear... I shall accompany you to the very end, Sir Shu.

: Myself as well, of course...

: No... There's no need for you to join this battle. Return to La Gias.

: B-but...

: Monica... What do you see in my future?

: ............ ...Very well. I shall do as you say...

: Now, Saphine, you as well...

: .........

Saphine and Monica retreat.

: ! They fled...!?

: (Did... Kristov let them escape...!?)

Somewhat annoyingly, The Gilgilgans decided to split up, leaving one to charge my lines while another to snipe my units. Still, I suppose it's better than having them all make a beeline for the base.

Two Gilgilgans are quickly destroyed.

Unfortunately, a third kill just wasn't in the cards.

Next turn, I feel a bit more confident, I split my units into 3 teams of 5 and start sending units out to take care of the stragglers.

The one hanging out near the base is also destroyed. If you're wondering why Garrod is so far out, I was planning to send that group out to take out the remaining north-western Gilgilgan, but decided against it on the next turn, preferring to let it come to me.

Next turn, Another Gilgilgan is added to the kill tally.

Another is severely weakened.

Yes. Come to me, my prey.

The last south-western Gilgilgan is toast.

This one finally waddles over close enough for me to attack.

Didn't take long to destroy him.

Now to begin my attack on Shu.

Shu's Granzon, despite supposedly being weaker than the Neo Granzon, is a dangerous opponent. He still has the Neo Granzon's severe EN dependency, but it's high EN regeneration renders that somewhat moot. Besides, it's most dangerous attack was never EN dependent.

Conveniently, there's a base right in front of Shu, which grants HP and EN regen to any unit on it, and defensive bonuses to grounded units. This base makes fight Shu much, much easier.

: Hahaha... Getter Rays are the energy of life... quite fascinating to research. But if you absolutely must stand in my way, I suppose I have no choice. For the Granzon, taking down Getter Robo is a simple matter.

: !!

: Heh... And here come the standard complaints...

: ...Shu Shirakawa...! I'll give you a taste... Of the terror you've inflicted upon the world's populace...

Shu is no threat to be taken likely.

Dealing with Gilgilgans is mostly an afterthought at this point.

: But that ends here as well. History will be fixed with this world's demise. And then a new tale can begin in another world... hahaha.

: I had you figured for a more discrete type... This is downright mediocre!

Another Gilgilgan falls.

Poe dodges his attack, thankfully.

The remaining Gilgilgans quickly fall.

Sanger and Shu exchange a few words.

Unfortunately, in my rush to quickly destroy the Gilgilgans, I left myself wide open for a...

...MAP attack, and almost my entire force was in it's range . My Super Robots can easily shrug off the damage, but Shu's accuracy is good enough to hit most of my Reals.

: Gr...!

: Just as well... You and the SRX needed to be gone from this world...

: ...I know that much... But... But still!!

: Well... I'll obliterate you entirely so that you never show yourself again.

: Go ahead and try! Even if I died, I still have friends! They'd defeat you!! You'd better not forget that!!

Odd how Masaki doesn't have any special dialog with Shu outside his battle dialog...

: I'm not about to let a guy like you get rid of our future!!

: By appearing here, you cause the future to branch off even further. You're casualties of an incorrect history...

: That hasn't been decided yet!!

He casts Alert, Strike, Valor, and Spirit

: ........

: ...I've seen what becomes of human history in the future we visited... ...But I'll have to settle older fights first!
I end the turn after Quattro uses up Shu's Valor and Alert, because I did NOT want to be hit by a Valored MAP attack.

Fun fact: Enemy Turn buffs end at the end of the players turn, so Shu no longer has Strike to make his MAP attack extra deadly. Valor and Alert, however, would still be in effect since that's a one-time use buff.

: It won't go like it did last time.

: Shaddup! I'm already sick and tired of your face!! Who cares about world destruction or fixing history! I'm taking you down first!!

He casts Vigor, Alert, Strike, Valor, and Spirit twice

: I'd expect for those controlling the Synchron System to understand.

: Interfering with parallel dimensions can lead to disastrous results.

: All the more reason to get rid of you, and bring peace to this world.

: When you know your own conduct could trigger this world's destruction!?

: Hahaha... Of course.

: Man... I just can't deal with guys that keep me guessing like this.

: Great man or not, I don't believe in sacrificing others for your goals.

: yeah. Let's take this bad boy down!

: Kid, Bowie, Omachi! J9 will deal with him!!

: OK!

: The Merciless J9. When called upon, we appear!

: Okay, move out!!

As before, I use up his spirits before ending the turn.

As before, his MAP attack does some serious harm.

: That depends on your concept of misery... There are no absolute values.

: Even so, I fight because I believe it can let people be happy! You're someone who shouldn't be allowed to live in this era!!

: Yeah... To put an end to this fighting...!

: Good, that's just what I was aiming for.

: I've got no time to listen to your logic... We're starting Project Aegis! If you stand in the way of that... I'll show no mercy, Shu Shirakawa!

: I suppose that's how things turned out, yes.

: Then if we beat you, that's it, the big finale!

Shu will defend or evade any attack he can't counter, and once he's out of EN, the only attack he'll have is his Range-1 sword.

: Impressive... Well then, I think I'll make things a bit more serious.

The Granzon Explodes...

...And the Neo Granzon takes it's place.