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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 25: Post-intermission

: Oh, nice work.

: What do you mean by that?

: Uh, I didn't see you in this last fight?

: I just didn't have anything to pilot, that's all. I helped save Bright and the others!

: What're you getting all worked up over? Don't worry about it, Bright!

: Our last remaining target is Dakar, now...

: I've heard that before... Something with the capabalities of both AVFs and Mobile Dolls...

: AVFs?

: He means like Isamu's YF-19.

: So, that means this new weapon's... an unmanned Valkyrie?

: I don't know the details. Isamu might know something, but...

: Come to think of it, where IS Isamu?

: He should be on Edwards Base, continuing the Federation's AVF trials...

: At any rate, support from the Preventers is coming. We'll head to Dakar without delay.


: And he's the famous Steven Bowie.

: You got it. Well then, Isaac, we're off to the hangar, okay?

: Isaac, about the Nubia Connection...

: Yes, their pawns showed up at the DC Japan HQ, didn't they?

: It looked like their aim was reconaissance...

: (.........)

: Even you can't get any detailed information on them?

: No, unfortunately. But that in and of itself shows how fearsome Nubia is... Everything about Nubia, from its members, to its holdings, money, power, and goals... It's all shrouded in mystery.

: Hey, I've heard the name Nubia umpteen times, even out in space.

: That's because the name is all the authorities know about them.

: So then, Isaac... Do you know anything at all about Nubia?

: Well, I have done some research on the name of Nubia's acting head.

: What is it?

: His name is... Khamen Khamen.

: Khamen Khamen...?

: I think Khamen is sharpening his fangs behind the scenes in this chaos...

: (.........) Isaac, about our plans from here on...

: Poncho, you've come here too?

: Who's this dude...?

: I am Pancho Poncho, a shady merchant, at your service, Mr. Duo.

: Eh? You know who I am?

: Come, now... Duo Maxwell, of the Sweeper Group... That's a pretty famous name among our kind.

: No kiddin'?

: So, what are you here for, Poncho?

: Ensuring that the request is all taken care of, and negotiating the next request... Here I am, the J9's manager, working my darnedest to scrounge up work for you... And you repay me with suspicious questions?

: So basically, you came to get money?

: Sir Poncho, would you mean the successful completion bonus?

: Eh? Er, uh...

: Poncho, this is the first I've heard of a successful completion bonus.

: ...Well, uhh... I, uh... didn't tell you?

: (Oh-hoh... You said that on purpose, didn't you, Garrison.)

: Have I said something inconveniencing?

: We'll speak about this more at length, later.

: We'll put off our next request until that's all dealt with, if you don't mind.

: Hoo boy...


: Yeah... It's THAT Jotaro Kido. The one who's won tons of world championships in marksmanship.

: Hm? You called?

: I thought so...

: Oh, hey... I thought I recognized you. Kenichi Gou and Juuzou Naniwa, right?

: You know who we are?

: I've seen you guys around a lot at tournaments.

: I'd heard that Jotaro Kido was scouted out by the Federation's Red Rose Squadron...

: Yeah. You were supposed to be the ace of that special marksman squad.

: Well, stuff happened, y'know. Now I'm a Cosmo Ranger.

: Certainly not nearly as much as you, Bowie.

: What's up, you two? Your eyes are as wide as dinner plates...

: You don't recognize him!?

: Steven Bowie, holder of the most recorded victories in the biggest race in the solar system... The Le Man De Sol!

: You flatter me.

: Why would Bowie the long hitter get involved in shady business dealings!?

: Well, maybe I was scouted out for my skill...

: Oh, my... You two get all the boys, don't you? I'm almost jealous.