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by Tobias Grant

Part 26: Pre-mission

Mechanical sounds can be heard in the background

: Let's see... 3 Geara Dogas, 2 Gedlavs, and one Zekaria-type.

: I see...

: Weapon dismantling is going pretty smoothly at the moment, isn't it?

: Yes. All the Jupiterian, Neo Zeon, and Aerogator machines the SDF recovered in the war... We can't let those fall into the Titans' hands.

: (.........) By the way, Relena. Have you heard anything from Heero lately?

: Hm...? ...No, nothing. I haven't seen him since the war ended.

: That figures... I can't get in touch with Duo either.

: (.........)

: He went off someplace after inviting me to do this job, and not a word since...

: Still, it's a huge help to have you here.

: Eh? It is? C'mon, you're making me blush!

: You're doing far more than I have. All I'm doing is staying here as a token figure...

: But it's thanks to your influence as Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs that we can even dismantle weapons here in Luna 2!

: (But as things stand right now, I have no real power... I can gather information from within the government, as an agent of the Preventers... But the Titans' influence has grown beyond just the military, into the government... And the Preventers have begun using military force to oppose them... It seems that the Earth will once again be engulfed in the flames of war. Fleeting though it may have been, we'd finally managed to achieve some semblence of peace...)

: What's wrong, Relena?


: This shaking is... explosions!!

: Sally!

: Luna 2 is currently under attack by Mobile Suits!

: Mobile Suits...? Is it the Titans!?

: No, they aren't Titans machines. At any rate, get to the shelter!

Gunfire can be heard

: !!

: (Argh...! They've already forced their way inside!?)

: Who are you!? And by what authority do you dare to disturb the peace!?

: !

: You can wish for peace all you like, but... It remains to be seen whether or not mankind learns anything from the previous war.

: Quite right... Lady Mariemaia.

: I have to make sure to deliver the Christmas presents Father gave me to everybody...

: You're...?

: My name is Mariemaia Khushrenada... Daughter of Treize Khushrenada.

: Y-you're joking...!

: It's not a joke. It's been proven through DNA tests.

: But...

: Adults live in a world that children couldn't understand... So I couldn't say why I was born into this world. I simply accept reality for what it is, and carry on my father's will.

: Someone may have educated you into believing that, but you are wrong.

: You have admirable nerve. Even if it was only temporary, you did once hold the position of Queen of the Jupiterians.

: (.........)

: Would you speak the same way even after seeing these two...?

: ! Trowa... And Wufei!?

: (Trowa......!)

: They became Lady Mariemaia's soldiers of their own free will.

: Is that true, Trowa!?

: (.........)

: I'll have no part of what you say... Relena Peacecraft.

: I hear you all once acted together during the Balmar War, but... You can see the facts for yourself.

: (.........) Then, let me ask you. What do you plan to do with me?

: You'll find that out soon enough. Hehehe...


: And it seems we've been that much slower in comparison...

: That, and their MS forces are more than likely to have the 13th Constellation machines.

: Ring, their goal must be...

: I know. They're probably after the Microwave Station.

: ...The Argama team has succeeded in freeing the Far East Base from the Titans. Which means, they're going to bring up the rear and get to the Moon Cradle at all costs.

: (.........)

: We've sent up the Lean Horse team, but please be sure to take extra precautions.

: Alright, understood.
She ends the call

: (.........)

: ...I'm still bothered by the complications between the Barton Foundation and the Titans.

: ...The real issue is how to put a stop to their abuses with the little strength we have...
Someone walks in

: Who is it?

: Y-you're...!


: Possibly, but... Luna 2 has had weapon stockpiles even before the Balmar War.

: ...Nukes, maybe?

: Most likely, yes...

: Whoa now, what the hell would they want with nuclear weapons? They're all buddy-buddy with the Titans, aren't they? They wouldn't attack the Earth!

: Yeah.

: Though even without nukes, it'd be pretty easy to take over the Earth, as things are now. ! Hold on... If they plan on fighting the Titans...

: ...At any rate, all we can do at the moment is head for Luna 2.

: But, according to rumor, the Barton Foundation's been developing something in secret... The Thirteenth Constellation, to be exact.

: ...A new model Mobile Suit from what used to be OZ, right?

: Yeah. If we're going up against those things, Shouldn't we get back the Mobile Suits we left with Mao Industries first?

: Relena is on Luna 2. We don't have time for that.

: Yeah, yeah. That's what being head over heels is all about...

: Let's go, Duo.