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by Tobias Grant

Part 27: Mission

Wait, Duo and Heero have to use Leos? Well, I'm sure I'll be fine.


: All those Mobile Doll Tauruses are just the icing on the cake. Judging from that quality, I guess the Barton Foundation's been busy.

: ...How're things on the inside?

: I tried contacting the Preventers, but no luck. What do we do now?

: We'll infiltrate the interior of Luna 2.

: ...By infiltrate, you mean break in by force?

: There's no other way.

: For cryin' out loud! Why not try usin' you head once in a while?

: Same to you.

: Excuse me!?

: (...Just wait, Relena.)

Stat screens. Nothing happened this turn other than moving Duo and Heero closer to the enemy cluster.

On the enemies turn, The game kicks me in the balls.

: Whoa, whoa.... That's the Altron Gundam. No way, is that Wufei!?

: Are you nuts!? What are you doing here, Wufei!?

: Wufei's not the only one...

: What the hell's going on!?

The enemy begins to move towards me, except for three who decide to stay behind.

I continue my slow crawl.

And on the enemies turn oh what the fuck!?

: Once we reach Japan, you will all walk a glorious path. The ones to lead the people to salvation shouldn't be the Titans, but Mariemaia. We, Mariemaia's soldiers, represent the true hopes of all mankind!

: ...So that old guy's the ringleader, the head of the Barton Foundation...

: (Dekim Barton... and Mariemaia...)

: Defend the ship until departure in 1 minute. Wufei, Trowa, take care of them.

: Very well.

: ...........

: Tch. bad enough facing Gundams in Leos, how're we supposed to get into Luna 2?

After the enemies turn

: Going from structural comparison... I-it's the Tallgeese!!

: Trieze... No, Zechs!?

: The third Tallgeese... I never expected that to be still laying around.

: This is... the Preventer, Wind.

: Wind...? It's obvious who it is. So Zechs, you joined with the Preventers?

: ............

: So you're alive after all, Zechs Merquise!

: I was dead. But since Trieze's ghost wanders, I can't sleep in a coffin.

: I heard about you from Scirocco... Dekim Barton, disarm and surrender now!

: Hmph... If you're going to shoot, go right ahead.

: What!?

: I have Relena Darlian aboard. And don't think the Serpent is my final trump.

: Why you!

: You heard about Operation Meteor from Scirocco, did you? I was considering more efficient means of conquest before the One Year War.

: No... You're going to drop Luna 2 on the Earth!?

: ...If you hinder me further, I'll send it down towards the Earth!

: Kh.......!

: Surrender. I won't accept you as a leader like Scirocco did, though. If you want to join Lady Mariemaia, keep that in mind.

: How dare...!

Ok, that's enough talking for now.

Since Zechs is in the middle of all the enemies, I had him use focus to keep him alive.

: We've finished loading the materials.

: Alright... Leave this area and head for the moon. All mS suppors the flagship.

As the enemies take their turn, Duo actually gets winged by an attack.

Duo was not pleased.

The enemies seem more interested in running away than fighting me for some reason.

Wufei however picks a fight with Heero.

: ...Are you the ones who are in the right?

: What!?

: I'm asking you if your justice is the right one!!

: Wufei, you...

: If your justice is the right one... then go ahead and try to beat me!!

Heero manages to dodge the attack, but I have to have him evade, so he can't counter Wufei's attack.

Trowa goes after Zechs

: .........

Trowa gets one-shotted

: Calculating their course... They plan to head towards the moon.

: Heero, Duo! Stop the Adrastea!

: Go on... Shoot, Zechs. That'll be when you'll lose. The dead can rot in Hell!

: (That confidence... Did he remove the nukes from Luna 2!?)
The kicker is, To get the Skill point for this stage, I have to force the Adrastea to run. Doesn't matter if I destroy it or not, it just can't reach the edge of the map.

I hit him with the heat rod just to taunt him.

And they respond by...

...Taking a leisurely little ride by the Tallgeese.

Heero and Wufei are still going at it.

: Enough arguing!!

: I'll tell you once more... Hit your self-destruct switch, NOW.

: If I can fight with you, that's all I need!

At this point I'm trying to box the Adrastea in while finishing off the mooks.

And keeping Heero from getting destroyed.

A few turns later, and reinforcements arrive.

: The Lean Horse Jr... The Preventers have come!

: Duo! Out here fighting like this... Where have you been up until now...?

: I'll give you the gory details later. The Andrastea's headed to the moon, stop it!

: Alright... All units, Sortie!

New units means new stat screens

The Lean Horse Jr. is the best ship ever.

I transform Noin's Taurus into flight mode.

Excellent, by the next turn I should have him completely boxed in.


While I try and recover from the unexpected loss, I have Judau grab the last item box.

I also show off the Super Gundam.

Wufei just won't let Heero go.

This is also where I start panicking since there's no way I can box him in at this point. It almost looks like the Skill Point is out of my reach.

So I have everyone within range unload on him.

Also, before I forget, the stats for the Tallgeese 3 and Zechs.

Heero makes a hit.

As does Duo, but he gets nailed by a counter attack and get's destroyed.

I'm down to this single attack. Cross your fingers...


: Gr... I'll go after it!

: Wait... Check out Luna 2, just in case. They could be trying to drop it.

: Say what...!?

: We need to regroup as well. All hands, report to the Lean Horse.

Here's a shot of the Repair menu. And no, you can't skip out on repairing units.