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Part 30: Pre-intermission


Tallgeese 3

Speed | 100 -> 120


Speed | 80 -> 88


: Yes. We'll hook a space cruise booster we found in Luna 2 onto a shuttle.

: A space cruise booster... We used one of those in the last war, too, didn't we.

: Sure, but how will you avoid the space debris floating between the Earth and moon?

: Yeah. There's tons of wreckage still left over from our final battle with Bodolza.

: My flying'll keep us clear of all that, no problem.

: Yikes, you really like to push your luck, don't you?

: I don't need to hear that from you.

: Duo... I know your skill will get us through safely.

: Y'know, I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.

: If all goes well, we can reach the moon before Dekim's Adrastea does.

: Alright. Just stay on the safe side, okay?

: (Telling them that won't accomplish much...)

: ...Captain Gomez, I'll go with Heero and the others.

: No, we need you on board this ship along with Judau and Usso, to keep it safe.

: (.........) ...Understood.

: (Kamille...)

: It's about time for us to head out. We can't be late for the party.

: Right.

: Oh, and no hard feelings if I don't leave anything for you guys.


: Kamille.

: Oh, hey Four.

: Heero and the others have left.

: Yeah... They should be able to save Relena and protect the moon facility, no problem...

: Say... Who is it that's on the moon?

: ...I guess there's no hiding anything from you, is there. Fa's on the moon.

: ...What's she doing right now?

: She's helping out with Project Aegis at Mao Industries.

: I see... And you're worried about her?

: Yeah... But I'm sure she's in capable hands with Heero and the others.

: (Kamille...)

Poor Four.


: About 10 minutes!

: If only Ryune were here...

: But didn't Ryune and the Valcione go missing?

: Yes, they did... She vanished suddenly, right before our very eyes...

: I find the 'sudden' part hard to believe, but...
We have gotten other similar reports...

: For now, let's focus on how to fend off an
enemy with such little firepower...

: (.........)

: Ring, prepare my R-Gun for launch.

: Viletta!

: Eh...? That's been here!?

: Yes. The Titans appropriated the other R-series machines, but... I let them think that my R-Gun was scrapped in the last battle, and brought it here, to the Moon Cradle, in secret.

: (.........)

: Also... Nina, what about the Gundams that Heero and the others left here?

: They're ready to launch at any time.

: Don't. If you go out there, this Moon Cradle will become a battlefield. Project Aegis's microwave transmitter isn't the only thing here. There are thousands of people asleep in the artificial hibernation facility underground!

: ...So we should keep the enemy from forcing their way in here, right?

: But you going out there alone won't...!

: This is my type of mission. That's why I'm here, and not with Ryusei and co.

: (.........)

: Don't worry. I'll buy some time until the Lean Horse team shows up.

: Then I'll calculate Heero's arrival time, and prepare the Wing Zero and others for launch.

: Please do so.

: Viletta, I'm going with you!

: (.........) ...Leave the dangerous part to me.

: No, as someone who was also a participant in the Balmar War... I can't let the people of the Earth Sphere get exposed to any further danger!

: (.........)

: Please!

: ...Alright, let's go!

: Y-yes, ma'am!