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by Tobias Grant

Part 31: Mission part 1

: No, these are...!

Oh hey guys

: Duo, Heero, Trowa... Quick, To your Gundams!

: I know!

: (They made it... impressive. All they did was torment me before...)

: Viletta Badim... And the RW Series. So it was left on the moon.

: (.........)

: Viletta, I'd like to ask you one thing... Can we trust you?

: If you doubt my actions, feel free to shoot me in the back anytime.

: ......... Guess that'll have to do. Time to start the party, guys! Ready!?

After he finishes saying that...

The enemy force arrives

: Then, we will execute Project Aegis... And bring about a new world order!

: How presumptuous...

: They're trying to win through higher numbers? At least they won't use a nuke.

: Of course not. Their goal is to control the Microwave Station.

: And out goal... is to prevent that.

: All units... They might bring backup. Defense will be your top priority.

: We're finished if even one unit manages to break inside!

New units, new status screens.

This mission can be pretty difficult since this maps terrain is not ground unit friendly. The various craters and mountains greatly hamper their movement. However it does increase evade and defense by 30%, so it's an acceptable tradeoff.

I put 3 units on each side and then end my turn. Fa is going off to grab an item box

Dekim's group stays where they are, while the group on each side advance.

The Solar panel is a part that restores 10% of a unit's EN every turn. Very very useful.

Since the crater surrounding the Moon Cradle hampers the ground enemies movement, I wont have to worry about them. what I do have to worry about are the Taurus' in flight mode which can and will enter the Moon Cradle on their next turn if I don't destroy them.

So that's what I do.

Viletta has a pretty awesome theme for herself.

Her theme isn't the only thing awesome though.

Now it's time to give the new Gundams a test run.

Heero misses his attack.

While Duo and Trowa nail theirs.

Dekim begins to move his Serpents on his turn.

Heero was a little peeved about missing his last shot.

An enemy tries to counterattack Viletta, but her TK field completely blocks it.

Dekim is moving the rest of his forces now.

And for some reason, some of the Serpents are moving away.

I don't know either.

On my turn, reinforcements arrive!

: Did we make it!?

: Kamille! That's you, isn't it!?

: The Methuss...? Fa. thank goodness you're okay...

: You wouldn't... Did you come here to save me...?

: Save the touching reunion for later! We've gotta defend the Station!

: Y-yes... You're right, Judau.

: All units, don't let the enemy set foot in the Microwave Station!

Well fuck.

Wait, that's it?

: Wufei, I knew he'd show up.

: ... Does he really not care what happens to the Earth!?

: Th-that's not... I don't think that;s it. He's just... being true to himself.

: Like he can take the Microwave Station just by acting that way! I'll make him realize the situation, one way or another!

: There's... No other way?

: Doing this kind of thing... With no thought to any kind of meaning...

: ...We've come this far, but yet we're still forced to fight...

: Heero... We still haven't settles things!

: ...........