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by Tobias Grant

Part 32: Mission part 2

I won't have to worry about these guys for about a turn, but I send a few units to protect the northern side anyway.

The Methuss also isn't a very strong unit, but since it's a repair bot, it's not meant to be.

Viletta finishes off what she started.

And the Serpent next to the Lean Horse gets the Beam Ram.

Wufei predictably goes straight for Heero.

: Quiet! What you all are doing is meaningless!

: Wufei, Dekim is going to implement Operation Meteor! Do you really think they understand a warriors feelings!?

: At least more than the fools on the Earth!

Wing Zero gets hit, surprisingly.

And Wufei easily dodges.

The Methuss and the Moon Cradle's 30% HP regen easily rapair any damage done to Heero.

At this point everyone is just finishing off the few grunts left so I can get ready for the Adrastea.

The Wing Zero Custom's TBR MAP attack destroys everyone except the two not in range. and Wufei who only takes some damage.

: Are you saying that warriors are useless now? Our lives have no meaning!?

: Wufei, you're...

Hello kettle? just calling to say your black.

Heero tries to counter with the TBR, but misses yet again.

Let's try this again.

God dammit! At least I hit the Serpent for about 2000 damage.

The Tallgeese comes by and finishes the Serpent off.

All that's left now is the Adrastea and Wufei. In order to get the Skill point for this mission, I have to destroy the Adrastea, which will flee if it reaches below 5000 HP.

Holy shit! I actually managed to hit Wufei with the TBR!


The Tallgeese once again has to finish what the others started.

After a couple more attacks, I have his HP as low as I can safely get it.

The enemy managed to destroy the Super Gundam on it's turn. Unfortunate, but nothing that will screw me over.

Anyway, let's end it.

: We won't last much longer at this rate! Withdraw, but remember this isn't over!

Fuck yeah

: Brilliant only when backed into a corner, as usual.

: This' no time to relax! He's still got Relena, Sally, and Hilde!

: Have Mariemaia's forces retreated already?

: You said Earth!?

: Dekim... He's not planning to invoke Operation Meteor, is he!?

: Hmm... Pretty likely. OK, all units withdraw, the flagship is going to pursue!

: Fa, go with the Lean Horse.

: Eh? B-but...

: You should be with your friends. Leave this place to me and Ring.

: Alright... Thanks so much for everything, Viletta...

: Sure thing... Take Care.


Haha, Rufle