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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 35: Pre-intermission


Wing Zero Custom

EN | 110 -> 220 MAX

Speed | 100 -> 120

Deathscythe Hell

Speed | 85 -> 110

Limit | 320 -> 368

Heavyarms Custom

Speed | 80 -> 92


Parts Added:
Booster (+1 movement)


: The Argama squadron is bound to run into them on that course since they're headed from the Far East region to Aleg Base.

: So, it's up to us to save Bright and the others?

: If we take too long, they could be used as hostages. We'll need to complete the rescue operation before attacking Dakar.

: (.........)

: If you need to infiltrate an enemy base, allow us to handle it.

: Yeah...

: Wouldn't you two be better suited to a bombing mission than infiltration?

: (.........)

: You have a point.

: (They're taking the joke seriously?)

: Wh-what's this...?

: What's wrong?

: Ah, excuse me. We just received a coded transmission, and I can only make out the first part of the code...

: And what is this code?

: ...That would be for me. Let me see it, please.

: R-right...

: (I see... So J9 is on the move.) Alright, hurry with the Lean Horse's preparation for descent. All pilots, convene in the briefing room.


: Team 1 will assist another group's hostage rescue, using a minimal number of machines.

: I thought we were the ones that were rescuing Bright and the others?

: The other group has been placed in charge of that.

: This other group... Are they former Karaba members?

: No, they're not.

: (Then who could it be...?)

: Well, if all we have to do is lend 'em a hand, this'll be a piece of cake.

: Yeah!

: Not quite. Aleg is a Titans stronghold right near Dakar... It'll be heavily guarded.

: Four's right. Plus, they'll be expecting us to attack the base.

: They most likely have an ambush waiting and ready for us.

: Er, oh...

: Team 2 will sortie once the hostages have been successfully rescued. Their goal will be to cover the hostages' escape, and destroy the enemy forces.

: Their mission sounds harder, doesn't it?

: Shouldn't we focus on high-speed, flying machines for Team 1?

: Zeta or Wing Zero should fit that bill pretty well.

: Yes, and Team 2 should focus on machines with heavy firepower.

: That's where Double Zeta or Heavyarms would come in handy, right?

: Alright, we'll begin the operation in two hours. Everyone, get to your stations.


Jamaikan and Jerid have the same conversation as on the Super route, except for a small bit at the end. So let's just skip most of it.

: Lt. Jerid... Go check on the special team hired to deal with the intruders into our base. Come see me after that.

: Yes, sir.


: ...Are you really part of the military?

: Now now, we have proper ID cards and everything. Would you care to check?

: So what's with that car you guys rode in with?

: Oh, this? It's our commander's personal vehicle.

: Here's our permit for it.

: Hmph... That's a pretty tacky-looking car, isn't it?

: Oh yeah? This baby's a high-performance machine, you know!

: (...I could swear I've seen this guy before...)

: (.........)

: Fine, whatever. Just keep guard over the hostages.

Jerid leaves

: Phew, that was close...

: No need to worry. Our registries and IDs are perfect, so we'll never get found out.

: What's wrong, Bowie? You're not looking too pleased.

: Of course not! That jerk had the nerve to call my baby tacky-looking...! Next time I see him, he's not getting off that easy!

: You sound awful eager there.

: Cut the chit-chat, it's time to get to work.

: OK!