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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 36: Mission

: The HOS Jammer is activated. This should fool the MD's sensors.

: The Lean Horse will hold position here until the hostages are rescued.

: First squad, flank this position in the time limit without being spotted.

: Without being spotted? How the heck do you pull that off?

: Just stay beyond their firing range, and you'll be fine.

: Beyond their firing range? You think I know what that is!?

: Okay. so if we send Usso and Haro along, we can find out what their range is.

: We can get through this just by staying out of the enemy's range, right?

: Right. If spotted, reaching the goal takes absolute priority.

: Couldn't we just charge in guns blazing right now?

: Even with the HOS Jammer in place, they can still call for backup.

: ...well. of course.

: We could miss the time limit while trading fire. Be careful when fighting.

: Tch, we'd be done by now if Getter-2 were here to slip in underground...

: Quit whining!

: Listen up, reach the enemy base withen 4 minutes... Just get at least 1 unit there. If at all possible, avoid combat.

: Alright, commence the mission! (We've done our part. The rest is up to you, J9...)

The first thing you do on this mission is have Haro use Scan to learn the enemy's weapon range.

The Xamel's are the biggest threat to us right now, with his massive range.

The second thing you do is move everyone back who isn't Noin. This is her mission.

Third thing is have Noin transform and use Accel.

And then have her move anywhere where the enemy can't target her.

The enemy MD's don't move from their spot, so don't worry about that.

Just keep repeating the last few steps and...

You'll grab this mission's Skill Point. Fuck yeah. Also, you can get caught by the enemy, it just makes the second part of this mission a hell of a lot harder and locks you out from getting the Skill point.

: What!? You mean you didn't spot intruders the size of Mobile Suits!?

: W-well... They somehow managed to scramble our sensors...

: If it's the Preventers, send out Lt. Cmdr Buran and Lt. Quattro!

: The Hyaku-Shiki and a black Gundam MK-II... That's Lt. Quattro and Lt. Emma!

: (That's the Lean Horse Jr... So it's Lt. Gomez and Noin's forces.)

: Lt. Quattro, this si war. any funny moves, and Bright and Amuro get it.

: ...I know.

: Lt. Quattro...

: (They wouldn't come here knowing about the hostages without a plan. They must have some kind of strategy...)


Unlike the Super route, where the Bry-thunder just drives up to the base, this time it BLOWS IT'S WAY OUT!

: What's that car!? It came from the base!

even more enemy reinforcements arrive

: Guess we should be happy they're all chasing us and not the girl.

: Could that be the group Noin mentioned!?

: B-but... it's just one car! What do they expect to do with that!?

: You're askin' me? How should I know!?

Just like on the Super route, they don't think much of Bry-thunder at first

: Omachi, how's it going with Bright and the others?

: They'll be out of here in no time.

And there they are

:: (Bright, Amuro... Did they manage to pull off an escape!?)

: Commander Bright, We'll back you up. Please get away from this area.

: Just who on Earth are...!?

: And by backup, you mean with just that car...?

: True, seeing the Bry-Thunder for the first time, you may have your doubts.

: They only see the car itself, after all.

: Jerid, what are we going to do!?

: It's just a car, they can't make fools of us! Crush it with a stomp!

: Our good foes are really coming after us in force. What do we do, Isaac?

: Alright, Bowie, Bry-Synchro On!

: Ok, leave it to me!

And then the same Transformation scene happens. If you want to see it again though, Here you go

: N.. No way! That car turned into a giant humanoid mechanical weapon!?

: Whoa, Awesome!

: For the size to change that much... It's as ridiculous as Getter Robo...

: No kidding...

: Kid, Bowie. I'll let you handle Bryger's controls in combat.

: OK! I'd like to give these guys some payback, so step on it, Bowie!

: Yay!

: Preventers, this is Isaac with J9. we have rescued the hostages.

: eh...!?

: (Isaac... He's the one Banjou and Noin were talking about...?)

: Lyla, Quattro, Mauer! Sink the Audhumla! Forget the hostages!

:: ...I'm no longer obligated to follow that order. All of the disgrace Emma and I bore was for this moment... Now we've been freed from that!

: Okay, 2nd force, take off! Destroy the enemies, and back Commander Bright up!

And so the rest of my forces join the battle.

But enough talk! Time for action!

While Quattro and Emma have full health unlike the Super route version of this mission, they are still surrounded by enemies.

Quattro is fine where he is if you use Focus because of the tree cover, but the Gundam Mk-II needs to get out of there ASAP.

The Hovercraft part gives a unit A rank on water.

Since this is sadly the last mission I get to use the Lean Horse on, I use it's Beam Ram to it's fullest.

The others begin to do what they do best.

Trowa shows off his Full Open attack.

A few of the enemies will attack the Audhumla, but not enough to really be worried about.

You also have no control over Bright, and he just makes a beeline for the edge of the map.

I sped through most of this mission since there really isn't much different in the second part.

Once Bright reaches the edge, he leaves.

: What are you going on about that for, at a time like this!?

And to think, their whole rivalry more or less started because Jerid made fun of Kamille's name.

And that's a wrap!

: My, oh my... Looks like our enemies have turned tail and fled.

: No wonder they've lived this long, they must've ran fast in the last war too.

: You said it.

Look who finally showed up!

: Is it already over...?

: Captain Henken...!

: Oh... Lt. Emma! You're safe!

: ...Looks like we were one step too late.

: Heh... We caused some damage, Banjou

: Nothing to worry about. I knew I could count on you guys.

Even more guys late to the party

: Yo, guys! We came to save you!

: Is the battle already over...?

: Fokker, we completely missed out.

: Well, as long as Bright and company are fine, all's well that ends well!

: What, we didn't even get our own turn.

: This isn't the time for petty whining. We have to find Shu, ASAP.

: I know, geez. I guess he wasn't here either...