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Part 38: Robot Roll Call 7

Robot Roll Call


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Bryger is one of the best units in the game, although it has two downsides. His attacks blow through EN very quickly, and it's quite fragile.


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The Jegan, like all grunt suits, just isn't really worth using in the long run.


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The Hyaku-Shiki. while not a bad unit, just isn't up to scale with the other options available.

Gundam Mk-II

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The Gundam Mk-II is a glorified grunt suit, So it's not worth using.

Meet the Pilots

Cosmo Ranger J9: Isaac Godonov, Jotaro Kido, Steven Bowie, Angel Omachi

The Pilot's spirits complement Bryger very well, since at least two of them get Alert and Focus to help make up for Bryger's fragility. Eeyay.

Amuro Rey

Amuro is an excellent Newtype pilot. He also has Leadership to help boost nearby allies hit and evade percentages.

Quattro VaginaBajeena

Liutenant Quattro, he is a CHAR. He is also an excellent pilot, with stats that match Amuro's almost exactly. He also has Leadership to help nearby allies.

Emma Sheen

I've never used her, so there's not much I can say.

Viewer Input

ImpAtom posted:

You should mention that Bryger has a bit of a unique attribute as well. Steven Bowie is the pilot for the car and spaceship forms, but Jotaro Kidou pilots the main robot.