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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 39: Pre-intermission

In case you were wondering, I will be continuing the game from the end of the Super Route.

We also got some new suits after the mission, some of which I'll be showing off in the mission



Puru moved from the Qubely Mk-II to the GP03 Dendrobium

Four moved from the G-Defenser to the White Ark

Amuro moved from the Jegan to the Nu Gundam


GP-03 Dendrobium

EN | 110 -> 165

Speed | 80 -> 92

Nu Gundam

EN | 110 -> 154

Speed | 90 -> 99

Parts Added:
Dust Filter (A-Rank on ground)

Wing Gundam Zero

EN | 110 -> 165

Speed | 100 -> 120

Deathscythe Hell

Speed | 85 -> 102

Tallgeese 3

EN | 110 -> 143

Speed | 100 -> 110


HP | 5800 -> 6960

EN | 130 -> 221

Speed | 75 -> 86

Armor | 1050 -> 1260

Parts added:
Solar Panel (10% EN regen)


: ...I offer no excuses, sir.

: So the former Londo Bell members have all slipped out of our grasp?

: Losing South Atalia Island and Aleg Base is not helping your case.

: (.........)

: (.........)

: ...And what have the Preventers been doing since then?

: They seem to be concentrating their forces for an assault on Dakar.

: And do we have anything up our sleeve to deal with that?

: We plan to have a Cyber Newtype spy infiltrate their battleship, sir.

: Rosamia Badam ?She's rather dedicated, isn't she...

: Yes, sir...

: ...And Dekim's troops?

: Their remaining forces have descended to Kaes Base. They've shown no signs of activity at the present, though.

: Kaes Base...? I thought the Jupiterians destroyed that back in the Balmar War.

: Yes, sir. It has remained abandoned with no repairs done to it.

: Hmph... So Dekim really is after the Macross. (They may have nukes, but as long as the Macross is here, they can't touch it.)

: Your Excellency, this could lead to a disruption of the ceremony.

: (.........) ...The ceremony will remain as scheduled. How goes the deployment of the Ghost X-9s>

: No problems there, sir. In tests, they've produced better results than those of Project Supernova.

: And the former SDF AVFs?

: The YF-21 and its pilot have been included among our forces.

: We've ordered for the YF-19 at Edwards base to be scrapped.

: Very well. Then, keep up a constant vigil around Dakar's perimeter.


: Hm? What's up?

: I'd like to learn the principle behind Brygar's enlargement and shrinkage...

: Ah, you mean Bry-Synchron?

: I'm interested in that too. Please, if you don't mind.

: Aren't you two eager studies? I'm impressed. Okay, Kid... You explain it.

: Well, uh, Bry-Synchron is like... Um, I mean... er... What was it again, Bowie?

: You can't dump the question on me, Kid!

: What!?

: And you are?

: Shin Rin Ho. And this here's my sister...

: Wow... And you're both so young!

: What're you talking about? Same goes for you, buddy.

: Er, sorry...

: Shin, you're being rude.

: Eh, whatever. I'll explain all about the Synchron Theory.

: My, he sounds confident. I want to hear this.

Technobabble Incoming

: The Synchron Theory basically states that... Using transfer of mass and energy from this universe to other parallel universes... You can make objects on this side expand and shrink at will.

: (As always...)

: (...I've got no idea what he's talking about.)

: In a real scenario, it'd take the energy of a sun to create that phenomenon... But the Synchron Theory lets us work around that little issue. Understand now?

: That sounds like a groundbreaking system... But the energy wave balance adjustments sound like they'd be pretty difficult.

: Whoa there, you mean you guys actually understand this stuff?

: Yes. It applies the laws of conservation of energy to the Multi-Universe Theory, right?

: (.........)

This Pretty much sums up kids in Mecha anime in general

: That's all thanks to how well I explained it.

: Yeah, right. You're just passing along stuff you learned from Dr. Edmond.

: Eheheh... You figured it out, huh? Still, you at least have to admit I've got a good memory.

: Sure, whatever you say. We're awestruck, really.

[Scene Change]

: Yeah, Alan tipped us off about it... It's being held soon in Dakar City.

: Bullseye.

: Jamitov must want to solidify his rule over the Earth Sphere further by taking over the presidential office.

: There's more unconfirmed information indicating that Lynn Minmay will be at the ceremony.

: Minmay's...!?

: Are they trying to use her as a walking advertisement for them!?

: Most likely. Right now, she's one of the most influential people in the Earth Sphere...

: (Minmay......)

: Captain Gloval, Claudia, and the others are also being held in Dakar, along with the Macross...

: They're probably being kept as hostages, like we were.

: (Oh yeah... Lt. Hayase is with Minmay, too...)

: Of course, they're probably not in any real danger since they can't use the Macross without the captain and the others...

: What is it?

: The Mariemaia Army is sending out a worldwide broadcast!

: Put it on the main monitor!

[Scene Change]

: We hereby declare war upon the Titans, who oppress the Earth Sphere. I am the legitimate inheritor of the position of ruler of the world nation... My name is Mariemaia Khushrenada. I am the daughter of Treize Khushrenada. I carry on my father's will, that fighting is what gives mankind's existence meaning.

: We shall start by bringing the hammer of justice smashing down upon the Titans... Who seek to use the shockwave endangering the Earth as a tool of genocide against the spacenoids...

scene change

: Yeah, there's no mistaking her.

: (.........)

: So the Titans aren't the only ones using people who carry a lot of influence.

: Pfft, listen to them. They just want to purge all the Earthnoids themselves.

: Sounds like what the Jupiterians were trying to do.

: Where are they broadcasting from?

: The source looks to be an abandoned Federation base called Kaes Base.

: An abandoned base...?

: Yes. If I recall correctly, it was attacked by the Jupiterians in the Balmar War...

: What use could they have for a place like that?

: (.........)

: Their original intent must have been to first occupy the Moon Cradle, then deliver the speech from there once they had it under control.

: Probably, yeah.

: When that backfired, it left them in a desperate position, so they need to get the rest of the world on their side.

: Meaning, now would be the best time to strike at them?

: Right. But my information shows that Kaes Base was built by the Barton Foundation... It's very likely that they had something tucked away there in advance.

: (.........) It might be best for us to deal with the Mariemaia Army before heading to Dakar...

: But they have nukes, don't they?

: Yes.

: Then we'll just have to take the nukes back!

: Oh, really...? And what would you do if they used the nukes, little boy?

: Little boy!?

: You're so easy to get riled up. It's adorable!

: (Looks like Shinobu's getting the boy treatment from Omachi too.)

: Isaac, can you save Princess Relena and the others, and get back the nukes?

: Very well. We actually have a seperate request to rescue Princess Relena.

: Are you serious? A bomb's a bomb, sure, but nuclear bombs are a little more than I can handle...

I would have left this as a vote, but I'm pretty sure I already know what you guys would have voted for

: We'll pay well, and I'll lend a hand too. How's that sound, Isaac?

: Very well, I'll accept this request.

: So you'll sneak into the old Kaes Base and steal the nukes?

: Right. Without their trump card, they'll no longer be a threat.

: You're right about that...

: So, while I hate to keep asking the same thing... I'd like to ask the Preventers to create a diversion.

Next time: War, Peace, Revolution.