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Part 40: Mission part 1

: It should be momentarily... It's set to hit Dakar City.

: Very Well. heheh, they wouldn't expect us to build a nuclear shelter with Nubia's help.

: ...You're really going to use a nuke? If you do that...!

: We must overthrow the Titans and lead people onto a better path.

: But what about all of the people who live in Dakar or the Macross...?

: If the Macross fully deployed its barriers, if could withstand a nuke.

: That's not the point. Nukes are banned under the Antarctic Treaty...!

: Then why were Nuclear-capable mobile suits like the GP-02 ever made? Why were there nuclear weapons stockpiled in Luna 2...? Once mankind gets a weapon capable of scarring the Earth, it can never be let go. The result, in the end, is war. You could call history an Endless Waltz. Forever ongoing with three partners; War, Peace, and Revolution... But once Project Aegis succeeds, history will change with my coronation... I shall stand at the apex of the Earth Sphere, and usher in a new era.

: But it's wrong to use nukes for that!

: If all Mankind just kneeled before me now, this would end peacefully.

: Do you really think that could happen!?

: Princess Relena, symbol of the unified Earth the Jupiterians sought... You, Princess Relena, could make that happen.

: What did you say!?

: As a diplomat, you have the trust of the colonies, as well as the Preventers. You carry far more political influence than you would care to think. Yes, like Lynn Minmay, who saved the Earth from the Zentraedi...

: So that's why I was...

: That's correct.

Ok, that's enough out of you.

To get the Skill point for this mission, I have to destroy all enemies in 4 turns.

New stat screens for the new suits.

An enemy battleship gets the first shot of the mission, but Kouji easily dodges it.

: I wonder if it's because they can't afford to, or because they don't need to...

: They must have something up their sleeve in the base.

: Don't sweat the details, you've got four minutes to take out the enemy.

: I suppose this means we can't come to any understanding.
Oh goddammit.

: .............

: Broadcast this battle to the entire world.

: Sir.

: There are fools who blindly oppose a new order... Think hard on what meaning there is to all the blood being spilled here.

Shut up already.

Pictured: The complete slaughter of every Taurus on the field.

Kamille grabbed one of the item boxes...

While the others continued the battle.

I just love how enemies will happily attack enemies it has no chance of hitting.

On the beginning of the third turn, The battlefield looks a lot less crowded.

Amuro goes to demonstrate that the Nu Gundam isn't just for show.

The Getter team shows off the Shine Spark, although I was hoping for a bit more damage.

Puru goes for the up close and personal approach.

I got this skill point in the bag.

Duo bisects the last Leo simply because it looked at him funny.

I got a bit careless with Getter Dragon. But he still managed to survive long enough for me to patch him up with Vigor and Trust.

I had Puru use Luck, since I was going to use her to finish off a battleship, and more money is always a good thing.

Amuro finished off the wounded battleship.

...Wait, how did Puru get below the battleship for this attack? The Adrastea is a land battleship.

Meh, doesn't matter.

Fuck yeah.

Next time: The dance comes to an end.