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by Tobias Grant

Part 41: Mission part 2

: Aye-aye.

: Our destination is...

: Right here.

: Bowie, we'll trust you to handle it.

: OK! We've got a hot date waiting at the goal, so let's get a move on!

: My, Bowie, I didn't know you were into younger girls.

: Omachi, don't tell me you're... Jealous?

Looks like we're not done here just yet.

: Wufei...! So you really are on their side...!

: .............

Banjou grabs the last item box and finish my turn.

Wufei goes straight for Heero. What a surprise.

: I want to see if the justice we sacrificed so much for, in the name of peace... To see if that is true justice! For that, I will play the devil! Man hasn't changed. Even in the face of a common enemy, Earth didn't change.

: Soldiers are supposed to fight for peace! Try believing in the here and now!

: Where the Titans reign supreme!? Where a shockwave will raze the entire Earth!? There was no point to our fighting! What we got for it wasn't justice!! I can't approve of what you all are doing! That's why I fight this way! Aren't you and I both at our finest when we're in battle!? We both discover our reason for existing only on the battlefield!

: Wufei! Trieze is gone now! You defeated him!!

: No! I'm still fighting him, even today!!

... Goddammit Wufei...

Mariemaia pipes up yet again at the beginning of my next turn

: .......... I've...

: What is it, Relena?

: I've been running.

: ?

Relena takes over the broadcast.

: Everyone listening to this broadcast, don't fear Mariemaia of the Titans! Peace is not given to you by others. You have to grasp it for...

Someone kicks her off the air.

: Y-Yes... It was Princess Relena...

: .............

: It is not yet time for your appearance, Your Former Majesty.

: ............. I am not a Peacecraft. What we need most is a desire for peace, not dogma.

This is where things go... slightly retarded

: I wonder if this is a war we can't win...
What are you talking about? WE outnumber THEM right now. The only trouble units are the two battleships in the base, and even those won't take long to whittle down.

: It's worse than we expected. Preventers, pull back, we'll cover you.

: Pull back!?
Even the others don't know why he wants to retreat at this point

: Heh... If we were running, we would've done that to start with...!

: But you all still have the Titans to worry about.

: ...No, I have no intention of withdrawing!

: Yeah! We've come this far together already...

: Besides, I've had enough of the bad aftertaste of the Balmar War!

: The enemy pilots were once like us, they're just being manipulated by Dekim.

: But!

: Don't worry so much. Lost causes are our specialty, after all.

: What're you talking about? You sound like you did when you were an enemy! When I fight, I fight to win!

: ..........

: They're right, Zechs. We can't afford to withdraw now. We can't repeat the mistake we made when we couldn't stop the Titans.

: ...Very well, Lt. Quattro, if that's what you have to say about this.

: OK... Draw the enemy until Banjou and the others reach the base!

Finally, with that done, back to the fight

Er... I could have timed that TBR better...

Even while in Bry-Thunder, J9 is still awesome.

The Dendrobium has some excellent animations that are hard to show in screenshot form.

Mariemaia throws the last of her forces at us. Won't be long now.

Getter Dragon again goes for the Shine Spark, but the damage is again unimpressive. lousy defense bonus.


A little sidenote; It's possible to recruit Wufei during this mission, but only if A. You go down the Real route, and B. you have Heero fight wufei on both of the missions that he appears in. If you meet the conditions, Heero will have the Convince command when next to Wufei. Use it and Wufei will join in the middle of the battle, giving you an extra hand at completely demolishing the remaining Mariemaia forces. However, since I'm sticking with the Super route, I can't convince him, so I had to defeat him. He still joins after the mission regardless.

Shinobu get's ready to demonstrate Valor, a Spirit that doubles the damage an attack will do...

...But he misses. maybe next time

Anyway, it doesn't take long to finish him off with every one else.

: Well, we didn't have to lift a finger over here.
Bullshit, you attacked a few yourself.

Banjou and J9 move into the base

: Ok, We're in the base!

: Isaac! There's a powerful Shelter Shield extended beneath the base!

: What!?

: Guess that means you're up, Omachi. Plant a bomb and make it go boom.

: Well, about that... I don't exactly have any explosives on hand.

: Whaaat!?

Meanwhile, Heero moves into position...

: Wing Zero!?

: Sir Dekim! incoming hail from the Gundam's pilot!

: Heero...!

: Let me confirm... Is your shield up?

: Y-You... What are you getting at!?

: Your shelter is impervious, right?

: Of course, You should realize how powerless all of you are!

Everyone close to the base moves the fuck out of the way

: Aaargh!

: Recall the Serpents! Shoot Wing Zero down!!!
Yeah, about that...

: What a sincere man, doing such a futile gesture in spite of everything...

: Are you scared, Mariemaia...?

: .............!

: I-Impossible! how could this happen...!!

: Shields are down by half! Wing Zero's position has barely shifted at all!! If it hits the same spot again, this shelter will be done for!!

: Stop! We have Relena Peacecraft here!!

: ............

: Heero...

: !!

: Kh-...!