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Part 45: Mission part 1

The Wind of La Gais

: (I guess it was stupid to move away from the gate Ibun opened for us.)

: How shall we handle this, Tyutti?

: We don't have much choice, we'll just have to fight them. Both of you, don't get too reckless. Mio was just chosen by Zamzeed. And Precia, you're not completely used to your Elemental yet either, are you?

: I'm fine! Besides, Brother will surely come to save us!

: ...That's assuming that he doesn't get lost on the way.

: At any rate, we didn't come up here to goof around. We go back to Lan Gran as soon as we take care of giving Cybuster to Masaki.

: Eh!? No Fair! And just when I finally get to return... ...Even though this is Africa, not Japan.

: Mio, this isn't the time to fuss. Our coming here was a special exception.

: And I was hoping to meet some wild guy who liked anko bread... er, minus the bread.

: Mio...!

: I know, Tyutti. I haven't used an Elemental Lord much, but I won't forget our duty!

: (...But I'm still worried about whether or not you can handle this...)

: Mistress Tyutti, the enemy is drawing near.

: I know that. Cenia, are you okay over there?

: Without feedback from it's chosen pilot, it can't fight or move at all. To be blunt, right now Cybuster is useless. Plus, Wendy is with me...

: Wendy, don't push you health too hard. I understand your missing Masaki, though.

: ...I just wanted to completely finish Cybusters adjustments, that's all.

: Oh really? Well, either way, everyone, make sure to keep Cybuster safe.

: Alright. Mio, Precia, don't stray too far from Cybuster.

: OK, Tyutti! Leave it to me!

Introducing the other Masoukishin Originals.

First one up to bat is Mio and the Zamzeed

Precia and the Diablo begins their attack.

Finishing up the introductions is Tytti and the Goddess

These Mechasaurus' are a lot tougher then the flimsy Mobile suits we've been used too so far.

The Bado's will go straight for Cybuster, but thanks to the terrain it should have no trouble dodging them.

We take our turns again, but it's still not much.

Tytti managed up enough Will to counter with her strongest attack.

After another turn this guy shows up.

: Mistress Tytti, a new foe has appeared.

: One after another... The surface world is worse off than I'd expected

: The Dinosaur Empire's production facility should be nearby underground, but... What is the meaning of this lack of readings so close by!?

: Wh-What the heck is that thing!?

: A flying washing machine... well, no way it could be THAT.

: I suppose this isn't ordinary for the surface.

: Hm... Over there, that's Cybuster, that robot with the Londo Bell... Can't very well go back emptyhanded, so... I'll bring their heads along.

Well fuck

I continue my desperate defense, but things aren't looking good.

Not good at all.

At least I got a counter in.

Zamzeed is the best masoukishin

After the enemies turn, reinforcements finally arrive!