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Part 46: Mission part 2

: It wasn't just Mechasauruses... Do they intend to invade the surface again!?

: no, their numbers are too small. They may have come seeking the production plant.

: Londo Bell remnants? Excellent, I'll settle the heavy debt we owe you!

: Hmph... I'd prefer you didn't run away too. This time, I'll send you to Hell!

: Keep rambling on, Tetsuya Tsurugi!!

: Hey, Yang Long...

: Yeah, that's Goddess and Zamzeed over there...

: And Cybuster too!

: So those are the remaining two Elemental Lords? If all four of them combined...

: There's no combining! They aren't the R-series.

: None at all?

: Goddess aside... Who on Earth is piloting Zamzeed?

: You're in for a surprise.

: Brother! You came to save us, right!?

: Precia!! Even you've come to the surface!?

: Not just me, Cenia too!

: Say what...? Don't tell me that's who's in Cybuster?

: Yes, that's me. As you can see, Cybuster's repairs are all done.

: I owe you big time!

: All units, launch! Defend Cybuster!

: !? That voice, I could swear I've heard it before.

Time to pull their asses out of the fire.

Mio finally has enough Will to bring out her best attack

Have I already said that Zamzeed is the best? Because Zamzeed is the best.

The mechasaurus does a retaliatory charge for about 1100 damage.

And Precia brings out her Green Grave on a Support attack.

Meanwhile everyone else continues to trade blows.

Hey, get back in the box, text!

The Myceros begins it's attack, but it's nothing to a defending Daitarn!

Cybuster eventually got hit by one of the many attacks aimed at it, but the terrian bonus will eventually heal it.

Precia also went into the red, but after a few Trusts she was as good as new.

Mio and the Zamzeed continue to be awesome.

Puru grabbed a Magnet Coating.

What is it with my units leaving enemies with a tiny sliver of health today?

While the mechasauruses are tough, even they can't handle the massive punishment I'm dealing.

: Tetsuya Tsurugi! I never expected to see you alive!

: Are you the one operating the Mechasaurus production facility!?

: So you DID come here searching for that!

I sent half of my forces to deal with the lower bunch.

they didn't last long

In order for me to get the Skill point for this map, I have to destroy the Myceros. However, it runs away at around 7500 HP.

When it's down to just me and the Myceros, A mysterious new enemy shows itself

: Wh-What the heck is that!?

: That jet... It's the Nubia Connection's, the same model that appeared at DC!

: How fitting for my debut, I must commemorate this day. Hahahahahaha!

: You're Khamen Khamen?

: I am the ruler of the Nubia Connection... Khamen Khamen. Nubia shall resurrect thousands of years from now. The state is already ruined.

: You're the one who assassinated Dekim Barton!?

: Correct. His role was finished, you see... And one can say the same thing about the Titans.

: What are you after!?

: Hmhmhm... Everything is guided by the hand of our great god, Atum...

: Enough with the gibberish... You're just after world conquest too!!

: People like you cannot begin to comprehend the will of the great Atum.

: What a load of bull! you stay right where you are!!

: There's still time. Let's see if you're fit to become Nubians.

And then he sends his Bee Army.

Depending on what difficulty you are on, He will either leave after showing up, or stay a few turns and fight you. I think he only stays and fights if you are on Hard.

The bees aren't even a threat, so it's safe to ignore them.

Daitarn grabs the last box, which had some cash in it.

I bring the Myceros' health as low as I safely can.

Bright with the assist...


A few state reloads later

There we go!

: How!? Even as remnants, you're still the same Londo Bell! But hear this. The Mycenae Empire is going to invade the surface... On that day, every human living on the surface will get massacred!!

: No matter how many times you all show up... We'll stop you without fail!

: Tetsuya Tsurugi... I won't die before taking your head along!

Fuck yeah, now all that's left is Khamen Khamen.

Ouch, that was with him defending too.

The Mecha bees didn't last long after taking out Gorgon.

: I've heard a bit about you, Cosmo Ranger J9. You've done your homework.

: Nubia's interfered in several of our jobs, you see...

: It seems that you and I are destined to fight.

And fight they shall

Unfortunately, I could only get him to half health before he left.

: I must still create a new order from this universe for Atums sake...

: A new order...!?

: Yes, that is the Great Atum project.

: Great Atum Project... Why are you telling us this?

: I had heard that some fools were getting involved with our project... So I thought I would show something in return for such grand enthusiasm.

: Er? I guess you've heard about us then. Pretty impressive.

: Well, it's not like we're involving ourselves with Nubia because we want to...

: .............

: But because on you guys, we've got a lot more people with problems coming to us.

: While we certainly appreciate the surge in our business...

: We can't exactly take a lot of pleasure in it, you know.

: Hmhmhm... Very well. If you think you can stop me, J9m then go ahead and try. Perhaps the great Atum will guide us to meet beyond eternity. Hahahahaha!

: Man on man, that was something else.

: Beyond eternity... What did he mean by that?

: Maybe he means to become a mummy...?

: Khamen Khamen... We'll have to deal with him eventually.

: Alright... Torres, we're bringing in Cybuster. Land the Argama at the base.

: Getter team, destroy the Dinosaur Empire's production plant.

: Understood. Hayato, get underground with Getter Liger.

: I'll handle it.

: Thanks, all of you. for going to such trouble to bring Cybuster here...

: guess what, it's not just me riding in Cybuster.

: Eh..? C-could it be...

: .......?


For those that wanted it, Here is a link to the soundtrack I've been using

A few things of note, however;

1. The name of the series a song is from shows in the name, so this contains spoilers.

2. The names were put through a machine translator before I got them, so prepare for bizarre names like "Car man Car man" and "Stand Up Metropolitan District the Victory."