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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 49: Pre-Intermission



EN | 110 -> 154

Speed | 85 -> 97


HP | 4300 -> 4945

Armor | 1100 -> 1265

R-Gun Powered

EN | 100 -> 150

Speed | 90 -> 103


: Yes. If the dimensional boundary starts to warp, it will become extremely dangerous.

: We saw this phenomenon a lot during the Balmar War, didn't we?

: Yeah, it signified when the Aerogators would appear.

: But we drove 'em off, didn't we?

: (.........) Maybe Dakar's connected to some other dimensional thing...?

: That's what I think is going on.

: So then, what's the connection...?

: Could it be...

: What is it, Tyutti?

: We've seen phenomena like this in La Gias as well.

: !

: In the half year since the barrier of harmony was destroyed... Surely you've seen all the effects of spiritual power growing unstable.

: ...Yeah.

: And the gates, contact points between La Gias and places like the Bermuda Triangle... Something big is opening one, it seems.

: Maybe someone wants to summon surface people like me, Mio, and Tyutti...

: ...The sheer scale of it is what's bothering me. And we can't pinpoint gate positions on the La Gias side.

: Maybe Dakar is where the gate's opening up?

: It's possible...

: Don't tell me La Gias is coming to invade the surface...?

: No way. There are hardly any La Giasians who would meddle with the surface.

: So, the reason you guys came to the surface was to...

: Yes, we made an extra-special exception to come investigate that gate. After all, we can only pinpoint the location where it opens from the surface side... It's also very likely that someone's opening the gate from the the surface side, too.

: (.........) And Feil allowed you and the four Elemental Lords to travel to the surface?

: Yes. Civil unrest aside, after recovering the throne, we're enjoying a small lull...

: (...It's unheard of for every single Elemental Lord to come to the surface... Well, that goes to show how seriously Lan Gran's taking this. Which would mean...) Cenia, is Shu the one behind this...?

: ...I'm not sure. It could have nothing to do with La Gias at all, and be totally separate...

: Come on, it's obvious this is all his fault!

: Hey, don't jump to conclusions yet.

: (.........)

: In any case, we need to be even more cautious if we're heading towards Dakar.

: Indeed...

: Captain Bright, may we accompany you to Dakar for our investigations?

: Sure, I don't mind. We're concerned about Dr. Shirakawa's movements as well, you know.

: Captain Bright, it's time for the briefing.

: Got it.


I'm just going to skip the briefing, since it all boils down to...

: Let's use our giant robots to beat the bad guys!

: Okay!

So I hope you don't mind

: I have a policy never to get into fights that don't involve clients.

: Oh, is that so? Guess that'd make sense.

: (.........) Kid, what do you want to do?

: (.........) I never did like the Titans' way of doing things. I'd like to give 'em some trouble too, if I could.

: (.........) Bowie? Omachi? What about you two?

: If it means I can meet Lynn Minmay, that's enough for me.

: I'd rather avoid death by shockwave, so I'm with Kid.

: (.........) Then it's decided.

: You sure about this?

: I also have a policy never to overlook evil deeds done in plain sight.

: That's so cool! It's just like Hi-Nu...

: Master! If you say any more, we'll get in trouble!

: Oh yeah, whoops. My bad!

: This, coming from someone with a badge...

I'm...Not sure what the last bit was supposed to be a reference to...


: We can't exactly let her off here, you know.

: Hmm...

: What is it, Hyouma?

: Ah... Well, about that Rosamy chick... She sounds kinda like the pilot of the Psyco Gundam that attacked us at the Nanbara Connection...

: (......!)

: Brother! I brought you something to drink!

: Rosamy, I'm about to sortie, so...

: Sortie? You mean, get in your Mobile Suit?

: Yes, that's right. So you should go back to your room now, Rosamy.

: (.........Mobile Suit... sortie...)

: Kamille's younger sister, apparently.

: (.........)

: Does she catch your eye, Lieutenant?

: I suppose she does, yes...

: (.........)

: What's wrong, Rosamy?

Puru runs up to Kamille, with Four following.

: Kamille! Judau said he wants to ask you something about the Double Zeta...

: Puru, Don't run!

: Rosamy, let me introduce you to these two...

: I don't like these people...!

: (.........)

: (.........)

: (What is she afraid of...?)

: (.........)


: If we can keep it at its present level, it should be possible for it to supply energy to Project Aegis's gravitational shield.

: I see... Then, go ahead and submit the report to the Titans, too.

: ...Understood.

: It can't be helped, after the way we used it in the Balmar War's final battle...

: I guess not. And this ship can't fly right now, either.

: But if its reactor can supply energy to the gravitational shield, Mankind can be saved from the shockwave. If not, all the sacrifices we've made, like the SDF's Class 0 flagship, will have been in vain... And there will have been no point in surviving through the Balmar War.

: You're right, of course, Captain.

: (That's why he dissolved the SDF and gave up the Macross without a fight... Of course, we didn't have many forces left in the SDF to fight the Titans head-on with, either... I wonder if the Skull Squadron is safe on their station at South Atalia Island... ...Ichijou...)

: By the way, Hayase... How are repairs going on other sections of the ship?

: Ah... er, yes. Most of the armaments besides the main cannon are online now.

: With the Titans over our heads, we're better off not using the main cannon anyway.

: Indeed...

: ...Patch it through.

: No, sir. But we have finished repairs on the reactor.

: Very well, then. Keep the Macross on standby at level 1 battle stations.

: Level 1 battle stations? Isn't the presidential inauguration ceremony tonight?

: The Titans will be in control of the Macross's weaponry. All of you former SDF main members are to attend the ceremony, as well. That is all.

He signs off

: Is this the start of another war?

: Enemies to them... That would mean...

: No way... The Londo Bell?

: (.........)

: But the Londo Bell was dissolved, wasn't it?

: I hear the remaining members formed a new organization.

: So they're coming to attack Dakar...?

: (......... Is that why they're making us attend the ceremony...? To ensure that we can't use the Macross...?)


: The deployment is to deal with a small group of terrorists. There will be no changes to the ceremony's proceedings. And besides that, none of you have the right to reject orders.

: Gr......!

: Listen, Minmay. If you try anything funny, consider Ensign Ichijou dead.

: ...I know.

: And don't you forget that either, Myung. Lt. Isamu Dyson is in our hands.

: Isamu and I have no relation.

: There's no use playing dumb. We've done background checks on both of you.

: (.........)

: (......Hikaru...)

: I'll look forward to a good production, you two... One befitting the establishment of a new system of rule over the Earth Sphere.

Jamaikan Exits, stage right

: This is why you can't trust military types!

: (.........)

: And the SDF! While expanding their operations in the Balmar War... How could they let the Titans, of all people, rise to power!?

: Brother, stop it. Hikaru and the others fought plenty in the Balmar War. So this time, it's our turn to fight.

: Minmay...

: (Minmay... Are you going to...?)

Someone new enters the room

: Guld...! What are you doing here...?

: (.........)

: ! Guld, don't tell me you're...

: Yes, I'm working with the Titans.

: What...!? Weren't you part of the Londo Bell during the Balmar War!?

: (.........)

: Why... Why?

: I told you, Myung... I'll protect you.

: (.........)

: I won't hand you over to Isamu...

: But why would you join the Titans...?

: ...Because you're here.

: !

: I live to protect you. Even back then, probably...


: Mm... It's finally time for us to declare ourselves the true rulers of the Earth Sphere. We must leave no room for error.

: We've also deployed machines piloted by Cyber Newtypes within the city.

: Cyber Newtypes... Those were Puru 2 and Katejina Luse, if I recall...

: Yes, sir. Even if the Preventers do manage to slip past our defenses, they don't stand a chance.

: Very well. Then, let us head for the ceremony grounds...