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by Tobias Grant

Part 50: Mission part 1

: On the Contrary, they dragged the Earth into an unprecedented crisis. But when I, who restored order, assume the Federation's top office... It will bring new order to Earth, the symbol of the Universe!

The crowd cheers

: (And her, as well...)

: (But if that's what we have to do to save the Earth from teh shockwave...)

: Good evening, people of the Earth Sphere. I am Lynn Minmay.

More cheering

: I came to this celebration in the hopes of the coming of a time of peace. But... The Titans cannot bring peace to the Earth Sphere.

: !

The crowd begins to mumble in confusion

: During the Balmar war, I stayed on the Macross alongside the Londo Bell... And even when exiled from the Earth, they went on to fight their final battle.

: The Titans did not save the Earth from the Aerogators or Zentraedi... The people of the SDF and the Londo Bell did. People of the Earth, I beg of you... Please, never forget that fact. And please, believe in the people who saved the Earth once more.

: Commander!

: What happened!?

: There's a machine approaching this airspace...!!

Dog Fight

: That can't be right... Wasn't the YF-19 supposed to have been dismantled!?

: By reports, Lt. Isamu Dyson stole it from Edwards base and fled!

: Of all the...! How the hell did he break through all our defenses!?

: Well, sir... It seems our entire perimeter was being jammed...

: What'd you say!?

: I won't let Project Nova get scrapped for some lousy unmanned fighter...!

: I'll settle everything with one big showdown. Come on out, Ghost! You're scrap!!

: Isamu!

: Moron! What can one lone Valkyrie do!? Send out the welcoming committee!!

: The YF-21! No way, is that Guld in there!?

: What the hell are YOU doing here!?

: I told you... I won't hand Myung over to you.

: !! No... Don't tell me Myung's here!?

: ..........

: Tch... Look, I don't have time to waste foolin' around with you!

: Wh-why..! Why is it, those two always end up fighting like that...

: (Am I gonna have to somehow force Guld to let off some steam...?)

Now, while your first instinct would be to Focus up and destroy Guld, that's the stupid thing to do.

Instead, what you want to do is go into Gerwalk mode, park on top of one of the nearby buildings, and evade his attacks for three turns.

: When we were kids, you always came after me!! Even chasing women's tails!!

: What!?

: After I won that race we had on New Year's, you just bitched and moaned!!

: You're the one who was always after me!! Or are you making up your own story!?

: You still haven't given me back by CDV!

: That was 7 years ago! And it was because you upped and left without a word!!

: Gr...!! I bought you lunch in high school twice!!

: I bought you lunch thirteen times!!

: Who the hell keeps such close count!!

: I know it was you who broke my plane back at the school festival!!

: Like I know what you're talking about!

: Don't play dumb! I swear, you were always...!! Always destroying whatever was important to me! All of it...!!

: Shut up!!

After the third turn. he goes into Battloid form and a scripted fight begins

: If you...! If you weren't around...!!


: That's right... it was me... All along... I repressed the memory... Myself... So I was the one to part ways... The opposite of what I remembered... Have I cracked...? Am I mad...?

: ! So you made it...

: Of course! Heh... Cut the engine, ride the wind. The sure fire Pterodactyl Maneuver!

: ........You must have known... What I did to Myung, seven years ago...

: So what?

: You kept enduring me calling you a traitor and a coward... Myung... Both of you knew, and hid it from me... You pitied me...

: ........ Back at the school festival, I wrecked the plane you built.

: What?

: You built it so well... I just had to take it out for a little test drive.

: You.......!

: Let's forget about all that old baggage.

: ............


: ...You sure there's not anything else you should own up to?

: Er... Geez, you can be a jerk when you feel like it.

: Heh...

: Haha...

: Heheheheh...

: Hahahahahaha!

: (...Isamu... Guld...)

: Why that little... What the hell is Guld doing!?

: Commander Bask, launch the Ghost X-9s. Shoot the insurgents down.

: Sir!

: ! Ghosts!?

: So we finally meet. Guld, this is my date! Don't you interfere!

: I should say the same to you!

: Heh... Don't you dare let yourself get shotdown!!

Ghosts are, without a doubt, the toughest "grunt" unit in the game. Their small size and high evasion makes it almost impossible to hit them unless you use Strike, and they are almost guaranteed to hit each and every one of your units unless you have Alert up.

Pictured here is Isamu getting his shit kicked in.

Guld managed to dodge just fine, though.

Guld then tells us that we should just leave the ghosts to him, and to race towards the Macross.

But fuck that, In order to get this mission's Skill Point, I have to destroy all of the enemies, including the Ghosts.

Here are the status screens for them both

Guld decides that guns are for pussies and punches one in the face.

Enemy reinforcements arrive, but I don't know why the game thinks that Tauruses are a threat at this point.

The Ghosts and Tauruses will go straight for Guld at this point.

: Yo... Isamu. What's your status?

: Guld? Hah, I'm just peachy! I even found Myung!

: I see... By the way, I never told you.

: Huh?

: ......I'm sorry.

: Hey!?

: I'm about done over here... I'm looking forward to sharing a nice drink...

: Sounds like a plan to me!!

: A toast to our seven-year reunion...

: .........!

: Well... I'm off...

: !? Guld!!

Guld raises his Will to 150.

And rams the motherfucker!

I let Isamu take a bit of damage. Just enough so that his Guts ability will trigger, and make him absolutely untouchable.

Guld also gets hit by the last Ghost, but he destroys it with his counter attack.

: I-impossible... He destroyed the Ghost!? Nrgh... Shoot down that Valkyrie at all costs!!

He brings out a few more reinforcements, but it's too little, to late.

After killing the Ghosts, the rest of the mission becomes a breeze, since nothing can even come close to touching you. The only real problem is Ammunition and EN management, since it's very easy to run out.

Destroids are a bit of a pain because of their range, but they still have very little chance of actually hitting anyone.

After a quick and merciless beatdown...

Fuck yeah.

: That's what you get when the YF-19 and I get serious! Now then, you ready for this, Titans!?

: If it comes down to it, use the Macross attack system to shoot the AVF down!! Launch all of our remaining forces too!!

: Commander Bask!!

: What is it!?

: A group has been spotted rapidly approaching from the coastline!

: The Preventers... Don't let them get near the Macross this time!!

What happens next needs to be seen in video


NEXT TIME: We find out who the new arrival is, and finish the first act of the game!


The Guld vs Isamu fight from Macross Plus. somewhat for one scene near the 5 minute mark

This really is a thing of beauty. couldn't find it subbed, but the dialog is more or less the same as in the game.