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Part 51: Mission part 2

The mysterious mech finishes teleporting in

While all of the remaining Titan forces appear to challenge us

A small note here. Be sure to deploy Judau and Puru for this battle, so that you can get an excellent mech much later in the game

: The Londo Bell...!

: Hikaru...! You've come for us, haven't you...!!

: (Ichijou... Thank goodness you're safe...)

: Misa... Isn't that the Granzon over there...?

: Y-yes... But it looks different than it did in the Balmar War...

: ...We're probably best off taking shelter inside the Macross.

: Understood. I'll guide the personnel. Come along, Minmay, Myung...

: Alright...

: Hikaru... Please don't die...

: It looks like the situation's changed with him showing up.

: Yeah...

: You've finally shown yourself, eh, Shu Shirakawa?

: Shu...! What've you come here to do?

: ...........

: There's no way you came to help us out, don't even try that line!

: Hold on, Masaki... Dr. Shirakawa, I've got some questions for you.

: ...........

: Why did you destroy the DC's main memory back at South Atalia Island? So you just not care what happens to Project Aegis? We're at the point right now where one false move could spell doom for us all!

: ........... At the moment, I need a sacrifice. Something to allow 'It' to be reborn...

: 'It'? Don't tell me...

: That's why you're trying to open a gate!?

: A sacrifice... You don't mean!?

: Project Aegis saving people from the shockwave would be a problem for me.

: So you intend to wipe out all of mankind for your own benefit!?

: Not quite... the souls of several hundred million people would suffice.

: Don't mince words, isn't that the same thing!?

: Who cares what you're after, if you need sacrifices, you can start with yourself!!

: ...........

: Haha... It's funny you should say that. I'll make sure to keep that in mind...

: (What's with him!?)

: Why did you fight together with us earlier for, if you're stopping Aegis!?

: Many of you likely realized, but I was simply using you for my own gain.

: Your own gain being... Taking out Euzeth Gozzo, along with the Aerogaters?

: ........... I also seek to bring this world a bit closer to it's rightful form.

: This world's... rightful form!?

: Yes. You see, this world's history has already been altered in a major way.

: (I could swear, Scirocco said nearly the exact same thing...)

: What do you mean by that, Shu!?

: At the moment, we're in a timestream other than the one that should exist.

: what...!?

: The flow of history was changed right around the time we first met on the surface.

: When we first me on the surface...? That means, before the Balmar war began!?

: Yes. Everything after that gave rise to an entirely separate timestream.

: So, Kristov... What you're saying is that this world shouldn't exist!?

: So what IS the correct world or history!?

: ........... That's not for you to know. But this world will surely perish if left alone... Which, in turn, could have a major impact on other worlds as well.

: (Other worlds... I see... Like how the Balmar War engulfed another entire world...)

: Before, Euzeth Gozzo sought to eliminate his own enemies who posed a threat.... To create a new world, and change his own fate... Then, you all thwarted that. But I seek to rid the world of sources of disorder like you all, or Euzeth. And if eliminating all of you stops Project Aegis, that's two birds with one stone.

: Two birds with one stone!?

: Yes. After defeating you all, I can open a gate here... When I send the sacrifices to La Gais, my mission shall be fulfilled.

: Quit beating around the bush! In short, you just want to defeat us, right!?

: Shu! Looks like you've finally shown your true colors!

: True colors...? What are you implying that you know about me?

: What...!?

: My true self may not be the one you know.

: (True, the Kristov I know isn't the type to meddle in others' affairs... It's as though he's a different person... like someone's pulling his strings...)

: Dr. Shu Shirakawa. You say we cause disorder in the universe... But, doesn't that apply to you as well!?

: ....... It would have been problematic to face them in the incomplete Granzon... But those who could have stopped me, Euzeth and Ingram, are gone now thanks to you. As my thanks... I shall give you a taste of Granzon's true form, the Neo Granzon.

: Pfft, you're full of it...!

: We're gonna teach you one painful lesson!

: That underestimating us is a fatal mistake!

: Damn right! We're gonna be the ones to beat you, not Euzeth or Ingram!

: Very well. I'll test out the New Granzon, and get rid of you at the same time. As I said, you are the cause of a disturbance in the space-time continuum...

: You've got no room to talk!!

: That's why I must make amends. By defeating you all, here and now.

: Then, helping the SDF and preventing Operation Stardust... All of that was just to let us live so that you could beat us here!?

: That's rather harsh. Who knows what would've happened if I hadn't...

: What...! Using people's wills and ideals as stepping stones...! I can't forgive what Gato and the others did, but I can still settle their regrets!

: Guys... We're gonna give the Titans what they've had coming since the Balmar War. This fight will mark the real end of the Balmar War for us!

Oh hey guys, I had completely forgotten about you in that storm of

So after all of that Dialog, We're back in control.

As before, the biggest pains in my ass are the Ghosts, and this time there are 6 of them.

I also gave Cybuster a chance to show itself off.


Cybuster and Masaki's updated stats.

Viletta manages to down a Ghost.

Ryusei finishes off a Xamel.

The Mazinger Brothers almost manage to kill off one of the Titan aces, but she defends against Thunder Break and survives.

On the enemies turn, all of the Ghosts decide they want revenge and target Viletta.

Luckily having her defend will let her TK field nullify all of the damage.

Yazan targets Isamu, but misses.

Lyla goes for Ryusei and hits.

Ryusei does a counter slash and takes down a Titan ace.

Everyone notices that the Neo Granzon hasn't moved at all, and Fokker says to target the Neo Granzon first (Hahaha, no), but suddenly, the Newtypes begin to feel something.

Ah crap

: That's the Psycho Gundam MK-II...!!!

: The Titans still have such a thing...!?

:Th-this feeling, it's... Puru 2!?

: What!?

: I knew it... She got captured by the Titans...

: Judau!

: I know! Kamille saved you, so I'll figure something out to save Puru 2!!

: This feeling, could it be...

: ! Katejina! Is that you!?

: What's wrong, Usso!?

: Marbet, it's Katejina! Katejina's alive!!

: What did you say? Is that true, Usso!?

: Katejina... Isn't that the Jupiterian chick who kept gunning for Usso!?

: Katejina! Did the Titans capture you!?

: I don't know you. But, this feeling... It bothers me...

: Katejina... Don't tell me your memory's...? No... There's no reason for us to fight!