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by Tobias Grant

Part 52: Mission part 3

I split my group into two teams here, in order to make things go a little smoother. My first order of business, however, is to get rid of the Ghost X-9's.

Duo managed to hit a Ghost, which was a rather pleasant surprise. It didn't kill it, though.

Tetsuya also hits a Ghost, but I had to have him use Strike in order to hit it.

He received minimal damage in return.

Masaki downs another Ghost.

As does Ryusei.

Another just barely manages to survive, much to my iritation.

And Bryger destroy another.

Viletta destroys the one Ryouma left alive.

Just one left to go at the end of my turn.

Jamaikan gets a little frisky and shoots Kouji.

It didn't do much good, though.

The remaining Ghost goes for Viletta, but she easily deflects the Missiles away.

She almost brings it down, but it just wasn't enough.

Yazan get's his shit ruined by Isamu with a lucky critical. One more ace down.

Puru 2 goes after her 'twin'.

: Puru 2! Glemy Toto is dead! The hatred that bound you is gone!! So forget the Psycho Gundam, come with me and Judau!

God damn I-Field.

Tetsuya destroys one of Yazan's wingmates.

The reason you want Puru and Judau out for this mission is because you need to have both of them use Persuade on Puru 2.

: Puru 2! Don't let yourself wind up as some lousy Titans grunt!!

: You're trying to mislead not just Puru, but me as well, Judau!? As long as I don't defeat you, this torment will never cease!!

: No! It's the Titans who did that to you... You've got it all wrong! Neo Zeon is gone. The Titans are about to meet the same fate! You don't have to fight against us any more, Puru 2!

: Shut up! I'll defeat you in this Psycho Gundam!

And again with Puru, This might get confusing...

(1): Puru 2!

(2): Did you come here just to torment me!?

(1): If you pilot an MS like that one, it'll lead to the same thing all over again!

(2): Shut up! I have to defeat you if I want to get rid of this awful headache!!

(1): No! You'll be free if you just get out of that machine and come join me and Judau!

(2): Agh...! If you're going to torment me even further, then...!!

(1): It's not working!? Puru 2!!

Duo goes for Katejina's Gottrlatan and does around 4500 damage.

He gets blasted for his trouble.

A Big Blast Divider from Combattler V almost brings her down.

Say farewell to the Hambrabi squad.

Isamu deals the finishing blow to the final Ghost.

Time to destroy the Battleship's Bound Doc escorts.

Jamitov begins to get in on the action.

Defending brings about sub-par results.

Bryger uses his claws do destroy one on a counter.

Jerid goes straight for Kamille.

: You won't take this Bound Doc down that easily!

: It's because of people like you, that this fighting never ends! Begone!

: You're the one who's driven me to fight this far! You've got no room to talk!!

It's important to note here, make sure you KILL JERID BEFORE MAUER! Killing Mauer before him will cause him to flip his shit, and he'll cast a bunch of spirits on himself, including Strike and Valor. Mauer doesn't seem to care if you kill Jerid first, though. Poor Jerid

The same thing happens with Mauer, only this time Kamille dodges, and she survives the attack.

Puru 2 goes for Puru again.

Puru decides she needs to be a little closer to her twin.

Judau takes a shot at Puru 2, but it wasn't much.

Puru, however, cleaves the Gottrlatan in half.

Buran gets shot down as well.

Mauer attacks Kamille again, and I decide to defeat her in the most humiliating way possible.


After a grueling fight, The Psycho Gundam finally falls.

Jamaikan soon falls before my might.

As does Bask.

Cybuster tries out a new move on Jamitov's Flagship.

It wasn't much, but damn if it wasn't awesome.

After 5 turns, Shu will start moving towards you.

Shu: I guess that means I'll have to do things the hard way.

From here on out, have this playing! It's seriously one of the best tracks in the game.

Kamille takes out the last Titan Ace.

His boss didn't last much longer.

Say Goodnight to the Titans!

I wish I could have gotten a Luck in on that...

Shu goes after Kamille.

: I won't deny it. But, you should choose your words more carefully... I did help you all back in the Balmar War, after all...

: But that was just using us as a means to an end!!

The Neo Granzon, as you might expect, is a tough nut to crack.

He's also the first boss we encounter who will use MAP attacks. Clearly, charging in blindly here is not an option.

It's best to keep most of your units outside his range until he uses up his Graviton charges.

So let's talk about the Neo for a bit. Looking at it's base stats will give you an idea that this will be a tough foe, however, what you want to look at are the Abilities. It has one very critical flaw, and that's that it has no EN regen, other than the passive +5 that every suit has. Each shot of the Worm Smasher drains him of 20 EN, and his gravity territory barrier will take an additional 5 EN every time you hit him. What this means it that it's possible to render the Neo Granzon completely harmless after a few attacks.

So after his second Graviton Cannon attack, bring out the pain.

The first people you should send at him are those that have enough SP to use Alert. Worm Smasher is a devastating attack and you do not want to get hit by it. Remember, the goal right now isn't damage, but exhaustion.

Alot of the pilots will have a little conversations with Shu if they attack him, but since this update is long enough, I won't show them off, at least not now, anyway.

Finally, after a long battle, His EN is depleted. Let's end this fight.

: ...Could you tone down your speech? It's vulgar.

: Shut up!! Why would you do this!? What do you stand to gain!?

: I have nothing to gain. I do nothing more than act according to my heart.

: Everything has a counterpart... That must be what you all were to me...

: Shu...!!

: I, too, of the things throwing this world's laws... into chaos... ...Ultimately... This is for the best...

Suddenly, after destroying the Granzon, the entire map begins to shake!

: Wh-what the!?

: Torres! What's happening!?

: I don't know! Status unknown!!

: There's a distortion in the dimensional boundary, If this keeps up...!

: D-don't tell me a gate to La Gais is opening up!?

: No, it's nothing that simple!

: Wh-whaaat!?

: It couldn't be... A dimensional gate...!?

: Could the gate be opening due to the collapse of that mechs reactor!?

: Wh-what'd you say!? Everyone, back away from the Neo Granzon!!

But, they were too late...

I apologize for the incredibly long update, but I wanted to get this mission done.

Also, I suppose this would be the spot to post this.


Do you have a certain mech or pilot combination you would like me to show off? Post it here and I'll play through mission 9 again with YOUR requested setup. No combination will be rejected (unless it's impossible). You want Katz Piloting the Nu Gundam? Kouji in Great Mazinger while Tetsuya pilots the Venus A? Or hell, maybe just a grand ole parade of grunt suits? You name it and I'll do it. The maximum deployment limit for this mission is 15, so I may not be able to show off everything, but I'll do my best to get in as may suggestions as possible.

List of available Mechs and Pilots



Nu Gundam
Zeta Gundam
GP03 Dendrobium
Hyaku Shiki
GP01 Gundam
White Ark
Double Zeta Gundam
Super Gundam (Two pilots. one for Gundam Mk 2, the other for G-Defenser)
GM Custom (2 available)
V-Dash Gundam
GM Cannon
Qubelay Mk-II

Gundam Wing


Wing Gundam Zero
Tallgeese III
Altron Gundam
Gundam Heavyarms
Gundam Sandrock
Deathscythe Hell



VF-1S Fighter (2 available)
VF-1J Valkyrie-F (2 Available)
VF-1A Fighter



Mazinger Z
Great Mazinger
Venus A
Diana A
Boss Borot

Getter Dragon/Getter Liger/Getter Posieden
Getter 1
Black Wing N
R-Gun Powered
Combattler V
Daitarn 3
Valsione R
Nors Rei
Voltes V
Gespenst MK-II