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Part 53: Viewer participation bonus

In addition to moving pilots around, I also ended up blowing my financial load on upgrades. But since I will be reverting to my main game file after this, I won't list them off.

Pilot Reassignments
Amuro and Quattro moved into the Gundam Mk-II and G-Defenser, respectively.

Puru moved into the Zeta Gundam

Monsha moved into the Double Zeta Gundam

Usso moved into the Nu Gundam

Emma moved into the GP03

Heero moved into the DeathScythe

Duo moved into the Heavy Arms

Quatre moved into the Wing Gundam Zero

Max moved into a VF-1S fighter

Tetsuya moved into Boss Borot

Boss moved into Great Mazinger

I have to go through the Macross Plus sequence again for this mission, but since I don't need the Skill Point, I just ignore everything and reach the Macross.

Emma starts us off for this mission, shooting at a Xamel.

Tetsuya shows that no matter what mech he's in, he's still a force to be reckoned with.

Usso finishes the Xamel that Emma attacked.

Oh-ho! Look what Mio has. Now she can go FotNS at the beginning of the mission... Unfortunately, she wasn't within range of anybody to use it on.

So she just used High Familiar. ...Huh, I never noticed those faces there before. That's a rather nice touch.

I try and let Boss finish off weakened enemies to get his level up, since he has the lowest level of my entire roster.

Max takes on a ghost, and receives missiles in return.

Heero goes after a Ghost, and completely whiffs.

On the enemies turn, Almost everyone seems to have a problem with Tetsuya, since all but 3 attack him. This suits me well, since every hit raises his Will by one, making him even stronger.

One of the Three was a Ghost that went after Heero. Heero managed to get a critical hit and destroy it.

The Gottrlatan and Psycho Gundam arrive on the second turn, right on schedule.

Tetsuya earned enough Will to unleash Boss Borot's second attack. It's the same as the Borot Punch, only he winds up once before he charges the enemy.

Monsha attacks Lyla, but misses.

She eventually goes down to a Breast Burn.

Amuro downs another Ghost.

The poor SOB who attacked Tetsuya is about to experience the Boss Borot's ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE!

Hot damn!

Heero cuts Yazan down to size with a counter.

In fact, he destroys the entire Hambrabi team singlehandedly since they kept throwing themselves at him.

Puru 2 and Puru are still at it.

This is new.

: Katejina! It's me! Usso, from Kassarelia!

: ...Usso...?

: Yes! If you're Katejina from Woowig, then stop this fighting! The Jupiterians are gone now! There's no more reason for us to fight!

: .............

: Please! We may have fought on different sides... But we both lived to see each other again! Let's not make the same mistake!

: destroyed something precious to me... I remember that...

: To get rid of this emptiness and pain... I must kill you! That I plainly see!

Have I mentioned that Katejina is the very definition of Crazy Bitch? Because she is.

I begin to work over the Psycho Gundam.

While Amuro continues with his Ghost Busting.

Emma misses a Point-blank shot, and gets missiles shot into her face as a reward.

I thought I would use this opportunity to show off what happens when you kill Mauer before Jerid.

...uhhhh.... Anytime now Jerid...

So yeah, apparently he only goes into rage mode if Kamille kills Mauer. Good to know, I guess.

Yang Long and Mio continue with Operation Psycho Crusher.

Max destroys another Ghost.

Puru deals the final blow to the Psycho Gundam with a counter attack.

Usso was just short of bringing her down, which annoyed the hell out of me.

Since Jerid is the only unit left that Tetsuya can hit, I let everyone else concentrate on other targets while Tetsuya fights him.

The final Ghost is eventually brought down by Amuro.

Heero takes down Kacrikon.

Usso finally manages to get lucky and destroys the Gottrlatan.

Duo becomes my first casualty to Jerid, who took him down with a counter attack.

Jerid eventually goes down, and with him, goes the Boss Borot's usefulness.

Turn 6, Shu begins his march towards my forces.

Heero destroys Buran's Asshimar.

Shu fires off his first Graviton cannon, and then his second on the next turn

Down goes Jamaikan.

As well as Bask.

I try to get an early attack on the Neo Granzon, but I miss and receive heavy damage.

So I stick to the tried and true tactic of Alerting then attacking.

I brought Bright up close to Jamitov and let loose with the AA fire, destroying the last of the Titans.

I suffered my second casualty from being careless. I had thought that Having Focus up would have been enough.

Heero just barely managed to defend against Shu's attack.

And there goes the last of his EN.

Now It's just a matter of whittling down his HP.

By some miracle of God, Shu managed to hit Max with his giant sword. I think I'm bad luck for him.

Now this time around, I didn't want to just defeat Shu. I wanted to humiliate him.

So I was going to kill him with a paper fan.

Fuck yeah.

And you know the rest from there.


I have to say, this was an incredibly fun mission. I was actually dreading having to do this mission again, but getting to mess around with pilots and suits I've never bothered with was very fun. I was also surprised at how few casualties I had taken, since I was expecting to lose a lot more then I did.

Anyway, We'll get back to the storyline soon.