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Part 54: Robot Roll Call 10

Robot Roll Call


Theme Song


Theme Song

While the two mechs seem to be almost identical at first glance, there are fairly subtle differences between the two. The YF-19 has 100 more armor and can move one space further then the YF-21. The YF-21, on the other hand, has 5 more speed and 100 more HP. The real difference breaker, however, is the YF-21's Limiter Release attack, which is incredibly powerful. Thanks to this attack, the YF-21 edges out the YF-19 as the better mech.

Meet the Pilots

Isamu Dyson

Guld Bowman

While Guld has slightly better base stats then Isamu, Isamu has the Guts ability which triggers when he is in the red. If you have to choose between one or the other, stick with Isamu. However, Guld is the only one who can pilot the YF-21, so keep that in mind for when you decide which one to use.