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Part 55: Pre-intermission & Mission part 1


Great Mazinger

Weapon damage increased by 100

Parts added:
Solar Panel (10% EN regen)
Chobham Armor (+500 HP +150 Armor)


Great Mazinger and Venus A go crashing into the ground

: Y-yeah... Barely.

: !!

: Eh!?

Once they get out of their mechs, they realize that they aren't in Kansas anymore

: Where are we? Where did the Macross and the Neo Granzon vanish off to?

: And I thought it was nighttime in Dakar...

: (.........)

: Tetsuya, what on Earth just happened!?

: ...I'd like to know the answer to that myself. But I can say for certain that the Neo Granzon was destroyed.

: (.........) Oh, right, our communicators...

She gets nothing but static

: That's strange... There's nobody else around.

: That's impossible, we were in a huge battle. That can't be right!

: It's true, though! I'm getting no radar readings at all, friendly or hostile...

: (......... Did everyone get blown away by the Neo Granzon's explosion...? No, that wouldn't explain why it's daytime now...)

: What do we do, Tetsuya?

: We were with a lot of people. It's strange that the only ones here are us.

: Yes, it is...

: The others must be somewhere close by. Let's look for them first.

: I wonder if everyone's okay...

: If they couldn't take that much heat, they've got no business being here anyway.

: You don't have to say it like that!

: What's wrong with you? You've been getting weird lately!

: (.........)

Off in the distance, the sounds of explosions are heard

: An explosion!? Maybe it's the others...

: Alright, let's go, Jun!

: Burume, Dike! Buy some time for Jiron and Chiru to get to that new Walker!

Oh shit, it's Boss Borot!

: So? You gotta problem with what I saw when I snuck into the bazaar?

: N-no, not at all...

: The controls are like a Walker Machine's, and the inside's like a Crab-type!

: Okay, okay, I got it!

: But, Rag... Can we really trust that Jiron guy?

: Burume! I owe Jiron my life! And if we snag something from the Callingers, we Sandrats will grow famous!

: That's assuming we can get away for three days.

: Hey, Rag. How come you keep backing that nobody?

: He could be a great partner for us, especially if we get that Walker Machine.

: Yes, ma'am. Guess we're best off working with 'em.

: My fair lady, please allow me to handle this.

: I'm telling you, I don't allow going off and acting without permission!

: I-I'd rather not put a lady in such a dangerous situation.

: Huh?

: E-er... Nevermind.

: Heheh... You're gettin' all red in the face, Bro.

: Y-you just shut up!

: ???

: Iron Gear, hold position here! We should assess the situation first.

: Roger that, Miss!

: Geez, I keep telling you, call me Captain!

: S-sorry, Miss.

Stat screens for these new characters, now let's see what's in that box.

Uh... Blue stones? The hell?

: Hmph! What're you getting all uppity for when you just joined them!?

: Sorry, sorry. Now, let's grab that new model while Rag's buying time!

They move their Gallops towards us, but leave their bigger mechs behind.

: Hey, Cotset... They don't look like they're too into this...

: Hola's running 'em off, but doesn't that spread our defenses kinda then?

: ...Spread our defenses thinly...?

: Hola! Get back here quick! It's a trap!

: Heheh, too late now!

: Wh-what!?

: Jiron, looks like you pulled it off. Get it back over here quick!

: I'll handle it!

: Miss! It looks like they're after Xabungle!

: What'd you say!? Get Hola back here now!

: .............

Jiron boards... Boss Borot?

: Jiron, Hurry up!

: !? They're not going for Xabungle!?

: Looks like they're trying to take that unknown Walker Machine we found.

: But it's not even a Walker Machine... Oh yeah... What happened to that Boss guy, the one riding it?

: He wouldn't calm down, so we threw him in the storeroom.

: There's no key! And it's out of gas!

: What're you doing! They're gonna capture us!

: Damnit! If it comes down to this...!

: (......... This could be my big chance...)

Enough of that, time for combat.

So much for the enemy Gallops.

: Jiron, what're you wasting time for!?

: I TOLD you...

: Jiron, what do we do!?

: We'll hafta take that blue one next to it and make a run for it! C'mon Chiru!

: C-can we do that!?

: Hey, if we can get away with it for three days, it belongs to us!

: Miss! They've boarded Xabungle!

: Heh, that Jiron guy isn't half bad.

: Don't compliment him! Xabungle is the Innocent's latest model Walker Machine!

: OK, I'm in. Ooh, lucky me, the key's already in the ignition.

: Jiron, hurry it up!

: I know! Er? It's not moving!?

: N-no way!

: Let's see, if I hook this up here... and pull this over here...

The engine roars to life!

: Alright, the engine started! Let's go!

: Eh!? It's not hooked up to the one in the rear!

: Who cares about that, let's get outta here fast!

: Chiru, get in that thing behind us and hook it up to this one!

: Eeeh!?

: Please! I need a machine to avenge my Ma and Pa's deaths!

: ...O-okay.

: Listen up, Chiru. When I go, hit that right lever to get moving. Floor it with all you've got, count to 30, then step on the side pedal!

: Get moving with the right lever, step on this, count to 30, and step here!

: Great, Chiru, you're a genius! Alright, do it!

: OK!

And the second part drives up to the first...

...And forms Xabungle!

: It transformed!? So this was a Walker Machine too!!

: Awesome! Hey, Jiron, is this the Innocent's latest model?

: Probably. It even has five fingers on its hands! It can move like a human, and it looks like it really packs a punch. (Now I can take on Timp, and avenge Pa and Ma...!)

: Not bad!

: Miss! Whose side are you on!?

: Hey, Hola! Get Xabungle back! But no damaging it!

: Roger!

: Hey, youngun! I'll spare your life if you get outta Xabungle now!

: I'm no youngun! I'm Jiron Amos! Sorry, I'm not about to do as you say!

: I don't care if you're Jiron or Melon, I'll just have to take Xabungle by force!

: H-Hold on! I still don't have the controls down yet...

: Like anybody'd wait when you ask 'em to!

And a scripted fight begins

That bastard broke my wings!

: Crap, the wings broke!

: He got the arm wheels too!

: I know I aimed for the cockpit... That jerk, he went and damaged it instead.

: Damnit... It's not moving!

: Hola, what are you doing! I told you to bring it back in one piece!

: .......... Now I've got Xabungle immobilized. In that case...!)

: Hola! What's the big deal!?

Gasp and Alarm!


What is going to happen next? Find out next time on overused Dragon Ball Z joke Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden!