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by Tobias Grant

Part 56: Mission part 2

: I just want to make it perfectly clear who the Iron Gear belongs to.

: What are you saying! The Iron Gear was left to me in my Papa's will!

: ...Yeah, so? From now on, I'll be the one wearing the pants in this family.

: Hola... Have you been waiting for a chance to take the Iron Gear all along!?

: All the Breakers in the ship work for me. This ship is already mine. And so, my lady...

: What is it you want me to do, Hola...?

: Ew! No way!

: Come on, don't you value your life!?

: It's uncivilized louts like you who keep the Earth from developing any culture!

: The strong always win, that's the law. Isn't that how we've always done things!?

: It's because of that, that we have to keep buying stuff from the Innocent!

: Lady, you can't go against all the breakers by yourself!

: I don't need your concern!

: If you'd just marry me and hand over the right to run your business...

: That guy's... Trying to propose to her like that!

: Of all the nerve!

: Jiron, now's your chance to make a break for it! ...Jiron?

: Ah, Hola. Jiron's here.

: Eh?

: You again!? Heh, I like your spunk. How 'bout it, wanna work for me?

: Forget it!

: What!?

: For someone who'd turn on their employer, AND point a gun at a woman!?

: You could've gotten off without a scratch... You must be rarin' for a whoopin'!

Before getting to how awesome Jiron is, let's have the others finish up their end.

: You force your views on others too much. We'll live like we wanna live!

To get the skill point for this mission, you have to destroy Hola's Promeus before the end of turn 4.

Ah damn, reinforcements.

: What!? Don't tell me we've got MORE trouble!?

: OK, do like we planned. The engine should be outta commission, we can take it!

: What do you MEAN, the engine's out of commission!?

: Just a little something I set up in case of this.

: Wh-what!? No wonder it's been in bad shape since this morning!

: Th-that's...!

: But I'd really rather not get violent with a lady... Hand over the Iron Gear like a good girl, and I'll spare the others' lives.

: ...........

: Come on, Fatman, we're going!

: Going, Miss!? Where to!?

: You handle the Iron Gear! I'm going to give them a little return fire!

I got extremely lucky here. If I wasn't standing on a town tile, I would have lost. Thankfully, Jiron has Guts, so now he'll have a much easier time dodging incoming attacks.

Xabungle is the best

: For crying' out loud, they just keep coming!

: They're gonna get us soon at this rate!

As if to answer their cries for aid, a second Xabungle appears!

: !! Jiron, another Xabungle's shown up!

: Hi, Jiron! It's me!

: A-aren't you... The trade mechant who set up this bazaar's...?

: Yep, Elche Cargo!

: That hussy! She's got a lotta nerve, gettin' all chummy with him!

: Whoa, scary...

: Bringing out another Xabungle... You really don't wanna be my bride, huh!?

: Not if you were the last man on Earth! And you won't get away with trying to steal the Iron Gear, Hola!

: Grr... That's it, no more Mr. Nice Guy!

: What!? You never acted like one to begin with!

: N-no, I was just...!

: Bro, what do we do? Trash Elche's Xabungle?

: Don't be stupid! Capture her and bring her with us!

: Yeesh, you really don't know how to handle rejection, Bro.

: Shaddup! Just be quiet and follow my orders!

: Man, that Jiron guy doesn't look like he's gonna run. What do we do, Rag?

: If we use the situation to our advantage, the Iron Gear could be ours...

: What!? Are you serious!?

: How could'ja do that, Rag?

: First, we gotta help Jiron defend the Iron Gear from the Hola guy.

: Eh!? We're helping that Elche chick out!?

: See, if we do her a favor, we could cash it in later for the Iron Gear.

: I get it, good idea!

: OK, help Jiron, and defend the Iron Gear! It's all over if we lose either!

Stat screens.

Anyway, time to massively overkill Hola.

Fuck yeah.

More blue stones...

We can use the Iron Gear now as well.

Now it's just a matter of wiping out the grunts.

Oh come on!

: Not again!? How many Walker Machines do you have, anyway!?

: Gahaha! Don't worry, this's the last of 'em!

: Izzat so? Then I just have to outlast one more wave, right?

: Geraba! Don't tell him that!!

: S-sorry, Bro.

: However many Xabungles we've got, this is starting to look kinda bad.

Sounds like it's time for a dramatic entrance!

: Wh-what's that... It's flying in the sky...!!

: Now there's a type of Walker Machine that I've never seen before...! If it's flying... Could it mean it's one of the Innocent's machines!?

: No way! The Innocent would never bother going outside to join a fight!

: Okay, then what IS that!?

: Maybe... They're friends of that Boss guy we locked up?

: Could be.

: Okay, in that case...

: Tetsuya... What's that group of robots over there?

: They could be MP mobile suits, but... I've never seen that type before.

: ! Tetsuya, take a look at that!!

: That's the Boss Borot, isn't it!

: No doubt about it. Where's Boss!?

: Could that group have taken him...?

: Hey, you in the flying Walker Machine! Do you copy!?

: Walker Machine!?

: What's that...?

: Your friend, that Boss guy, is in my ship! If you wanna save him, lend us a hand!

: ! What'd you say...!?

: Boss is in that red ship...?

: Where's your proof?

: His walker Machine being here should be proof enough!

: Tetsuya, what do we do?

: We can't let them use us, but we need info if we want to get Boss free.

: Alright.

: Just don't let your guard down.

The rest of the enemies don't last very long

: What!? Don't show your face in front of me again!!

: Hey, Jiron. Shouldn't we make ourselves scarce now?

: Oh yeah! We came here to steal Xabungle!

: What are you talking about, after all that?

: Chiru, run for it!!

: Hold on, I have an offer for you.

: An offer?

: Yeah. I was thinking of hiring you as bodyguards to replace those goons...

: (! There's our chance!) I'll take you up on that offer.

: R-Rag...

: What do you say, Jiron?

: ......... Sure, as long as you lend me Xabungle.

: OK, then it's settled! First things first, let's get back to the Iron Gear.

: Oh yeah, you guys in the flying Walker Machines can come aboard too.

: ..........