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by Tobias Grant

Part 58: Robot Roll Call 11

Robot Roll Call

Xabungle/ Xabungle 2

Theme Song

Xabungle is the only worthwhile,, Xabungle mech worth using at the moment, and it's very good. Best to upgrade it's EN to make best use of it's Full Power attack.

Statistically, the two Xabungles are the same, the only notable difference is that Xabungle 2's sprite is missing the wings. and can only hold one pilot.


Theme Song

Gallops are not very good, seeing as they're grunt suits. However, since we don't have very many mechs or pilots at the moment, They're nice to have around.

Meet the Pilots

Jiron Amos

Jiron is a Super Robot pilot in a Real Robot show. His high stats coupled with his Guts ability make him a very good pilot.


Chiru is a fantastic support pilot for Jiron, since she has Luck, and eventually gets Spirit. Focus and Alert are also great to have as well.

Rag Ulalo

Rag is a good pilot in her own right, since has has Prevail, the waeker version of Guts, as well as Support.



I don't have much to say about Burume or Dike, since I've never used them. Dike, however, is notable for having Guard, a pilot skill that reduces all damage taken to 25%. So in a pinch, Dike can make for an excellent tank.

Elche Cargo

Since Elche will be stuck in the Iron Gear for a majority of the game, there isn't much to say about her right now.

The Bazaar

Now that we are into the second part of the game, the Bazaar is now open for us. This is the place where we spend the Blue Stones that we have been picking up.

In the Bazaar, you can buy or sell grunt suits or parts for your mechs.

As of right now, there is nothing worth purchasing. The Dugger is inferior to our Gallops in every respect except HP, and I never use expendable parts. The Booster is the only thing I would consider purchasing, but I have no real need for them now.