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by Tobias Grant

Part 60: Mission

I forgot to mention it, but I put a Chobham Armor on both of the Xabungles.


: Whee! That sounded so Captain-like!

: Miss, this is no time to pat yourself on the back!

: I know that. You just focus on getting the Iron Gear working again!

: I am! But I can't do much while it's moving!

: ...Fine. Iron Gear, halt! Walker Machines, get out there quick!

: Guys! Take 'em all out as fast as possible, in the name of the Cargo family!

: Geez, lady, you're a regular slave-driver!

Have a new pilot available, so here are his stats

After the first turn of movement, a mysterious individual is shown on the cliffs.

: That young'un in the Walker Machine... Feels like I've met him before.

I sent Boss to grab one of the boxes for some quick cash

In order to nab this mission's Skill Point, I have to destroy the enemies within 3 turns, which is a bit of a problem, because it takes a turn to reach them.

So the others quickly got to work reducing their numbers

Jiron also nabbed a box of Blue Stones.

On turn 3, The The Skill Point becomes a little tricky to get, since there are still the two Duggers all the way in the back that still haven't moved, and only Tetsuya and Jiron can reach them.

So first, I have Rag use Spirit so she can use Full Power.

And have everyone available destroy the Duggers in Tetsuya's way.

His way now clear, Tetsuya destroys one of the remaining Duggers.

And Jiron attacks the last remaining one...

...But doesn't destroy it!

It all comes down to whether or not I can take him down in a counter attack.

Fuck yeah.

: They must've peed themselves when they saw this ship.

: It'd be nice if they did, but...

: (...Could it be bait...?)

: Cotset... Now's our chance to get out of here, finish the engines repairs.

: Roger. The fighting's only gonna get rougher, after all.

: So that's one of those Irregulars the innocent were talking about. Well, I've seen what I came to see, better not exhaust my strength...

Fatman seems to notice something.

: What's wrong, Fatman?

: ...........

: Eh? You say there's a Walker Machine over yonder!?

: What'd you say!?

: Tch... They spotted me!?

: That's-!?

: Jiron, what's the matter?

Jiron goes racing after the black mech.

: Father, Mother, watch! I'll avenge you both now!!

: Say what... Oh, you're that Young'un from back then!?

: Shut up! You're gonna taste Vengeance!!

A scripted fight begins

: What's your problem!? It's already been a week, all bets are off by now!

: Shut up! Vengeance is different!!

: How disappointing. All that promise, and you just went and fled!

: Shaddup, shaddup, shaddup! Don't move from that spot, Timp!!

: Huh, so that's the guy Jiron's been after to avenge his parents!

: It's one heckuva coincidence to find him so easily.

: But didn't that Timp guy say it had been over a week?

: Forget that, the Iron Gear's engine repairs come first! Someone get him back!

: Easy for you to say... He's totally flown off the handle.

Another choice here, but really, why would you want to get in Jiron's way?

: Jiron. don't let him get away!

: H-hold on here! Why are you getting in on the act!?

: He was watching what we were doing. There may be more to this.

: You don't have to tell me that, I'll take him down!!

: For goodness' sake! You're just putting more fuel on the fire!

: They've figured me out. Well, I'll at least get some minimum work done.

Fuck, enemy reinforcements

: Crap, we're boxed in!?

: Of all the...!!

: So it WAS bait!

: Were you the one who sent all those breakers after the Iron Gear!?

: I don't hafta answer that. Yer ship's in trouble, Pardner, you okay with that?

: Damnit! You don't know the meaning of fair play, Timp, you coward!

: You're the coward here. You should've avenged your parents in the three day limit. You're the one who screwed up and missed the statute of limitations!

: Why you! If I had my way!!

: Listen up, scumbags. Trash the Walker Machines, but no damaging the others.

: Hold it, Timp! You tryin' to run!?

: Sorry, kid, us adults don't have time to waste on beaten brats.

: Waaiit!

: You keep that up, the Innocent won't much appreciate it!

And he exits the battlefield

: DAMNIT, TIMP!! I'm gonna make you pay, one way or another!!

: Miss, if this keeps up, it's gonna get ugly!!

: Isn't this a new model Landship given by the Innocent!? Come on!

: Oh yeah! Cotset, transform it! It can become a Walker Machine!

: Transform!?

: The repairs are only half done, Miss! That'll get us killed!!

: So do something about it, that's your job! These are Captain's Orders!

: I'm on it, geez! Whatever happens ain't any concern of mine!

: Good enough! All hands, this ship is going to transform!

: OK, Captain-lady

: Here we go!!

And so the Iron Gear transforms...

...Into a Gigantic Walker machine!

: Wh-Whoa... Izzat a Walker Machine!?

: Wow! That's gotta be at least 100 meters tall!!

: It really changed...!

: It' the Macross...

: All turrets, aim for the enemy from above! Let's get a move on!!

First, we need to wait for the enemy to finish it's turn.

: ...Who's the captain here?

: G-go ahead, Ma'am...

Damn, he missed.

He hit the second attacker, though.

And missed the third.

So now we're gonna PUNCH THE FUCK OUT OF THEM!

...But first it needs to walk all the way over to the enemy.

Dike grabs the last box.

With the Iron gear kicking all kinds of ass, The mission is in the clear.

Poor Boss couldn't score a single kill

And that's a wrap.

: The innocent might've given those guys way more than they bargained for...