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by Tobias Grant

Part 62: Pre-Intermission

Meet the Pilots


Fatman is notable for having Guts and high Defense, but other then that there's not much to him.


Pre-Mission Adjustments

Xabungle's weapon power increased by 100

Bazaar Purchases:

Dust Filter


: ...You're free to believe me or not, it's your choice. But the Iron Gear's hirin' new Breakers and hornin' in on your turf, that's the truth.

: Mm... I'd heard that Calling's daughter became the Iron Gear's captain... It would seem that she doesn't fully grasp the way of this world.

: And they've got a brand spankin' new Innocent warship, too. They're gettin' a little too hot to handle.

: ...If they pose a threat to my business, they can't be ignored.

: See, now that's what makes you a big shot.

: ...You can quit tryin' to butter me up. Now tell me what their course is.

: Sure. They're headed for P-Point.

: Mm-hmm. Then the ambush point would be the entrance to Death Valley... Isn't that a little too close to the domes?

: No need to worry 'bout that. We've got a perfectly plausible reason for roudin' 'em up in front of the Innocent.

: Oh? And what's that?

: Say what...? Nobody does that, it's unthinkable!

: So we want you to give 'em a little punishment.

: Someone who ignores the law? They could certainly use some punishment...

: ...Just be careful. There ain't too many of 'em, but they've got brand new walker machines.

: Who do you think you're talking to?

: I beg yer pardon.

: I've got this Delavasgalan, and plenty of other tricks up my sleeve too.

: Oh? And what might those be?

: A professional never reveals his tricks so easily.

: (.........)

: And what's your real angle in telling me all this?

: ...I'm just a drifter, but I've got a score to settle with those guys.

: Very well... I'll take your word for it. I'd like to ask you something else, too.

: What's that?

: You've heard about the unknown machines showing up around these parts... The ones that are different from walker machines?

: (The Irregulars, huh...)

: I hear they're moving to other continents, one after another, with large carriers, and that they're doing it under the Innocent's instructions...

: (.........)

: Something big is happening. Something beyond our imagination. That's what my gut's telling me... What is it that the Innocent are plotting?

: (This senile old man made it to this age for a reason, I guess. Has he figured out that I'm an instigator for the Innocent, too?) Yer just imaginin' things. Deal with the pests buzzin' around your own head first.

: You don't have to tell me that.

: (...That man can't be trusted. I'd better get one of my trump cards ready...) What's the status on those five?

: Then have them brought to the bridge...


: No one spotted you?

: Of course not. I'm not the 18th-generation Koga ninjutsu successor for nothing. Deceiving the eyes of guards is child's play.

: So, how'd it go?

: The Volt Machines are under tight surveillance inside the hangar.

: No one besides us can use Voltes, so that shouldn't pose any problems... What else?

: It looks like this ship's electronics are a mix of older and newer parts.

: (.........)

: Almost certainly, but types I'd never seen before. And the ship doesn't seem to have any sort of internal security systems...

: So we can pretty much escape whenever we want, huh?

: (.........)

: C'mon, Kenichi. We don't need to stay here any longer.

: We went over this before boarding this ship. We need to learn more about the situation we've been thrust into.

: That doesn't mean we should let ourselves get shut in here or let the Volt Machines get taken from us!

: We don't have much choice if we want information from the people on this ship.

: Listen to you. We'd have been way better off using Voltes to go out looking for the others.

: What!?

: S-stop fighting...!

: Yes, this is no time for arguing! Besides, boarding this ship has already gotten us some valuable information.

: What...?

: Valuable information?

: The people on the ship have been talking practically nonstop about the appearance of some unknown humanoid machines.

: Unknown humanoid machines...? You mean...

: It's very likely that they're Preventers machines.

: I knew we weren't the only ones who wound up here!

: Then that's all the more reason we don't need to be here.

A Breaker enters the room

: (.........)


: What do you want with us?

: Let's not beat around the bush. This ship will be going into battle shortly. I'd like to ask for help from all of you as well.

: ...We've got no obligation to join your battles.

: Of course. But I will be fighting people who disrupt this world's system... I don't know where all of you came from, but... You must at least grasp the threat it would pose if this world's order was destroyed...

: (.........)

: And I'd at least like something in return for what we've given you.

: And if we were to refuse...?

: If that were to happen...

Someone aims a gun at Megumi!

: !

: You cowardly...!

: I'm not doing this because I want to. But, the strong triumph... That's the law of this land.

: (.........)

: (Well, I'll be hornswaggled. Vickman, you old fox... Who woulda thought you'd caught yourself some Irregulars...)


: It's enough of a relief just to make it this far...

: What makes you say that?

: It's forbidden to have any sort of combative action near an Innocent dome.

: Huh. Why's that?

: Because they're cultural people, obviously! The Innocent hate barbaric fighting, you know.

: (.........)

: Jiron, remember. No going off and acting alone like before, okay?

: ...I know.

: What!? You don't have to shout. I swear, that's so uncivilized......

: Save the culture speech for later! There's a huge landship, dead ahead!! And they're gearing up for battle, too!!

: Wh-what did you say!? This is near an Innocent dome!

: That's another story, huh, Captain Elche?

: Quiet, you! What kind of idiot would dare fight near a dome!?

: That's what I'd like to know!

: Well, prepare the walker machines for launch! Everyone who isn't busy, get to a gun platform!