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by Tobias Grant

Part 64: Mission part 2

: (Who could see THAT comin'? I'd best be gettin' while the gettin's good.)

: Timp, where are you going!?

: Sorry. but it's high time for me to mosey on. Have fun clearin' out the rest.

: Wh-what'd you say...!?

: The Innocent have their eye on you. So long.

: Timp, you rat, you're trying to run!?

: !? Why's that guy running towards the dome!?

: Jiron, this is no time to be chasing that guy! Do something about Vickman!!

: Resume the attack! Lawbreakers must be punished!

: This is getting too heated! Guys, wrap it up!

Jun grabbed the last box.

Now, in order to get the Skill Point for this mission, you must destroy the Delavasgalen.

I tried to level up Voltes V with Gain (2x EXP) as much as I could, since he was still somewhat low.

And now begins my pain.

I will admit to using save states quite a bit around here. I really wanted to have Jiron destroy Timp's Government, but he runs when his health dips to around 4000-4500, and Jiron just would not get a critical hit.

Rag gets the first hit against Vickman.

And takes a lot of damage in return.

Yet another failed attempt caused me to reload a state.

This time I wound him a bit with the Iron Gear.

It still didn't quite work out, leaving him with just a sliver of health left.

I box him in for another turn, trying to figure out the magical order that will take him down.

Dike gets shot down.

Voltes V avenges him.

Great Mazinger uses a weak attack to wound Timp just a bit.


However, I decided to try something different. first I hit Timp with Great Mazinger again.

Then tried to have the Iron Gear support him.

Success! While Jiron himself didn't land the finishing blow, the kill (And experience) Still counts as his, so I'm counting it as a victory.

: But this much, I can get away with if I make up an excuse to Bier 'n Dowas.

To the victor, the spoils.

Yeah, I know that defeating Timp has no bearings on whether I get the SP or not, but it still felt good to take him down.

Now for Vickman.

: What's wrong with breaking the law!?

: People like you need to be punished!

: All I'm trying to do is avenge my mother and father!

Oh NOW he get's a critical!

: What about you!? You had a lot of nerve, taking Megumi hostage!

Vickman will run away when his health reaches below 7000, so I had to reload here.

Holy shit! Imagine if Tetsuya had Valor behind that attack!

Fuck yeah.

Hey Vickman.

: Still, best to fall back and regroup for now.

: Miss, it looks like the Delavasgalen is fleeing!

: Iron Gear, advance, full speed! We'll run them all the way out!

: Roger! If we're gonna eat poison, we may as well lick the plate clean!!

Suddenly, alarms start to sound from the Dome!

: Wh-What the!?

: Look! It's from the dome!

A rocket?

: A light's shooting upwards...

: That's...

: The Ascension of Light...

: (The Innocent saved me...?)

The Delas runs away

: Agh! The Delavasgalen!

: Heh heh heh... Too simple. I'll take care of you in the the next scenario!

And he exits the field

: Miss, what do we do!? Chase him!?

: Miss Elche!

: This's no good...

: What on Earth was that?

: The Ascension of Light, you can see it twice a year or so from a dome.

: Ascension of Light... (It looked like some sort of rocket or shuttle launch...)