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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 66: Pre-Intermission

Pre-Mission Adjustments


Parts Added:
HP Gas Engine (Move +1, Speed +5, Limit +10)


Sold a Gallop for 500 Blue Stones

Purchased a Caprico for 750 Blue Stones

Pilot Reassignments

Fatman moved to the newly-purchased Caprico


: And I've told you, he only made it look that way!

: He's right, Jiron. You need blue stones and a pass to get into a dome.

: And you have to go through a lot of paperwork to get inside, too... You can't just walk in and say, Hi, guys!

: Timp could be working under the Innocent's orders. If he is, then he's probably inside there!

: The Innocent? Giving TIMP orders? No way, they're not tradesmen!

: But!

: What's all the racket?

: It's Jiron's illness again.

: Whatever's possessing him to try and avenge his parents even after 3 days have passed. I really wish he'd just knock it off already.

: (.........)

: But there's no doubt that Timp's in the dome!

: Even if he is, you can't start anything in a dome! Not you, or Timp.

: (.........)

: For now, all we can do is wait. Miss was the only one allowed inside.

: I wonder if Elche's okay...?

: Hah, nothing to worry about there. She's gotta be all in a tizzy over whatever civilized lifestyle she sees them leading there.


: Y-yes, sir. Pass number M73-106... I'm the proxy holder of Calling Cargo's pass.

: I'm the one in charge of this payment point... Biel, Director, first-class. And this is my adjutant, Dowas.

: (.........)

: Sir Biel... Er, um...

: Is this about the fighting that took place near the Innocent's sanctum?

: Y-yes, sir. That was...

: It's been recognized as legitimate self-defense. The fault lies with those who attacked you.

: (.........)

: It's not as though you fought near our dome because you wanted to, right?

: Of course not! I apologize from the bottom of my heart for our violent ways.

: Oh, not at all... I envy you for having such lively companions.

: (.........)

: Th-that, and......

: Ah, yes. You have permission to exchange blue stones, as well.

: Th-thank you very much, sir!

: I do have one favor to ask. If you comply, I'll give you and only you a new weapon.

: !

: Wh-what might that be?

: The Irregulars aboard your ship... Or rather, those with unfamiliar machines... I'd like for you to bring those people and Jiron Amos to me.

: Jiron, Tetsuya, and the others...? Alright. That should be a simple enough matter.

: (.........)

After Elche leaves...

: I don't mind. It's good that there are people who break the law.

: B-but, sir... That would mean this world's entire system would be...!

: It's alright. Times have finally begun to change... And we're seeing signs now that the Earth is coming back to life.

: (.........)

: There are already Civilians with a mentality close to ours Living in a region of the North Ameria continent. We can't allow an invasion by the Moon Race at a time like this. So it's necessary to have people like them and the Irregulars.

: B-but, sir, Jiron and his bunch aside... Even we haven't been able to ascertain the truth about the Irregulars... Those reporting directly to Kashim claim that they could possibly be a vanguard for the Moon Race...

: The machines of the Irregulars we've seen are far too different from the moon's.

: Er, that is true...

: ...I think they could be the mechanical giants spoken of in legend.

: Stories with no basis in reality wouldn't continue to persist in folklore.

: ...Are you saying that they've come from the world of the past?

: It's not impossible. Of course, I haven't heard of technology capable of crossing over time, either...

: Th-then... Taking in Irregulars as things stand, with no info on them... Isn't that too dangerous...?

: (.........) According to reports, Moon Race recon forces have already descended to the Earth. Right now, we need all the battle power we can get. If we make good use of them, we can stop the Moon Race's invasion. We can't let the Earth the full-fledged Civilians stand to inherit get ruined again.

: (......... But... It's very possible that the Iron Gear's crew could become a threat to the Innocent. Let's have Timp attack them once more...)


: I'm back, everyone.

: Elche! Did you talk with the Innocent?

: Yes. Biel's so great! He heard me out and didn't offer a word of rebuke!

: So, what about the blue stone payment?

: No problems there, of course. Have the Iron Gear move to Gate 14.

: Aye-aye.

: Then, that means we can enter the dome, too?

: Yes. Sir Biel wanted to meet all of you.

: The Innocent want to meet us...?

: That makes things easier, then. Maybe they'll answer our questions.

: It'd be nice if that turned out to be the case, for once...

: Oh, Cotset. Biel gave us a brand-new weapon, so could you install it for me?

: He gave it to you for free?

: Well, there was one minor condition.

: Huh, pretty generous of 'em towards people who broke the law.

: Isn't there some sort of hidden side to this?

: Metal Gear!? Hidden side?

: Like, maybe it's to test the performance of a new model of weapon...

: Iron Gear!? Test?

: Yeah. The same could be said of Xabungle and the Iron Gear, too.

: What makes you say that?

: I saw plenty of types of walker machines at Vickman's place, but... Xabungle and the Iron Gear clearly look different from other types.

: You're right... Xabungle seems to be completely humanoid, which stands in stark contrast to the other walker machines.

: And the Iron Gear has a size greater than that of most super robots.

: Maybe those two were designed to deal with foes other than walker machines?

: Other foes? Like what?

: I'm not too sure, but with something like that Ascension of Light in place... There might be enemies they expect to attack from the sky, or something...

: That's just silly. The only things up in the sky are birds!

: (.........)

: Well, it can be for testing or whatever else... As long as it does the trick, we'll take whatever decent weapons we can get.

: (.........) Maybe that's why the Iron Gear's being targetted by other Breakers.

: What, you think the Innocent are sending enemies after us to test out their new weapons?

: ...That's kinda stretching it, though. What do you think, Miss?

: This isn't going anywhere.

: What's up with Elche?

: ...Let her be. Apparently this Biel guy's a real stud.

: Don't talk about me like I'm a hussy, you barbarian!

: You wag your tail when you see a hot guy... If that's not being a hussy, what is it!?

: Excuse me!?

: What's your problem!?

Thankfully, an explosion interrupts the two.

Wait, what!?

: Wh-what was that!?

: That was a cannon shell!

: Say what!? This is the Innocent's sanctum!! What kind of idiot would launch an attack here...!?

: What if it's the Innocent after us...!?

: That's just plain ridiculous!

: Look outside! There are some walker machines headed towards us!

: Those are Breakers! Does that mean Vickman's back!?

: All hands, assume battle stations!

: M-Miss!? Are you going to fight near a dome again!?

: Just hurry up!