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by Tobias Grant

Part 67: Mission part 1

: C-come again!?

: It isn't self-defense if we fire first, is it!? We should wait for them!

Wait, but didn't they already fire at you?

: Aah, I get it...

: Listen up, NO firing from our side whatsoever!

: The fact that we can't now means it was probably his decision, not Biel's. In that case, I don't have to do things his way...

: I-it's Timp!!!

Oh hell.

: Jiron, wait! What are you gonna do!?

: It's Timp, what do you THINK he's gonna do?

: Someone! Stop Jiron!!

: Say your prayers, Timp!! Today I settle the score with you!!

: That's my line. If I screw up any more, I won't be able to face the Innocent... This's the end of the line for you, Pardner.

: Why you! You've been working under the Innocent's orders!?

: Whoa, whoops. I didn't mean to let that one slip.

: Timp! Did the Innocent order you to kill my mother and father!?

: You think I'd do that kinda paltry thing as work!? I'm a respectable Breaker!

: Then I'm gonna make you pay, you dirty rat!!

: Hahahahaha! Yer spirit'll only take you so far, Pardner!

: What're you talking about!? You think you can get away!? Not after I've finally caught up with you! ...From back then.

: (Curse you, Timp...!)

: N-no sir, not at all. It's most likely Timp acting on his own...

: ...........

: Either way, shouldn't we send out the dome patrol, just in case?

: I thought I told you not to obstruct the Iron Gear's movements. They may have already realized what we're up to, thanks to Timp.

: A-all the more reason we should deal with them swiftly...

: ............

: Wh-what do you mean...!? How could Timp be working for the Innocent...!?

: So what Jiron and Tetsuya were saying back there was true...!?

: (I guess the Innocent have been treating them as some kind of experiment...?)

: That can't be right. The Innocent... Biel wouldn't ever trick me like that...!

: Get ready, Timp!!

: Hey, you fool! If we fire first...!!

: You sure about this, Pardner? You're in the Innocent's territory.

: Shut up! My vengeance has nothing to do with the Innocent or their sanctum!!

: Stop it, Jiron!!

Jiron goes after Timp regardless.

: Is it the Innocents job to kill people!?

: Seems that way! Heheh... I kinda pity ya, Pardner, but I'll break yer girly spine.

: Try it!

A scripted fight begins

: Don't you get it, Pardner? There'll always be people gunnin' for ya.

: Darn right! I'll teach you that lesson!!

: You've got a lotta nerve, you little punk!!

Timp lands a blow on Jiron

: Waaaargh!!

Jiron and Timp go back to their positions.

: Firin' first in the Innocent's sanctum. You've got guts, I'll give ya that!

: Shut up! I don't care about whose sanctum this is, I'm gonna make you pay!!

: Jiron, you idiot! Now we can't claim self-defense!!

: This isn't the time for that! We're heading out too!

In order to get the Skill Point for this level, I have to destroy Timp in two turns. Not difficult at all.

Rag begins the turn by weakening a Dugger.

Ans then finish him off with my new Caprico.

Jiron and Timp have a battle of the pilot cut-ins.

On the enemies turn, Jun takes a blow meant for Jiron.

Jiron goes for a punch...

...But misses and just sort of bounces away...

On my second turn, I intend to take him down ASAP, so I have Jiron Spirit up so he can go Full Power.

And down he goes!

Fuck yeah.

: Did I do it, did I get him!?

: I did it! Dad, Mom... I really did it!! Ooooooh... Dad, Mom.... I did it...!

As much as I hate to interrupt this scene...

...This fight isn't over yet.

: That's Vickman's Delavasgalen!

: And he's got a bunch of Walker Machines to boot!!

: That guy... He's back already!?

: Brother, maybe he's also...

: yeah, I don't doubt for a second that the Innocent are using Vickman too.

: Miss, what should the Iron Gear do!?

: .............