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by Tobias Grant

Part 68: Mission part 2

Luckily, I defeated Timp at the beginning of my turn, so everyone but Jiron can still act.

Voltes starts us off.

And nabs some blue stones as well.

Tetsuya destroys a Promeus and also obtains the last item box.

I have Fatman use the Guard spirit, and then have him charge into the enemy formation, thinking that he was going to take the brunt of the attack.

Rag almost brings a Caprico down.

On the enemies turn, he attacks Burume.

Unfortunately for him, Burume had Alert up, and took him down on a counter.

It turned out to be Everyone Hates Burume Day, since nearly everyone targeted him.

Well, except Vickman.

Guard + Defending made his attack laughably weak.

Tetsuya continues his reign of terror when one of the Duggers foolishly attacked him.

Voltes is holding their own, but is showing signs of wear.

Nothing a quick Guts can't take care of, though.

Boss manages another kill!

So do the others.

Vickman's mighty army is lookin' mighty small right about now.

The enemies turn comes and goes without much happening.

: Miss, Vickman's serious this time! This ain't gonna be pleasant!

: Yeah... They'll get us if this keeps up... Biel, what should I do...

: The Potan Cannon!? That still hasn't been fully assembled yet...

: All it needs to do is fire! Less complaining, more transforming the Iron Gear!

: I'm not responsible for whatever happens!

: Prepare for continual bombardment!

: That Iron gear, what're they trying to do!?

The Iron Gear moves into position...

And there goes Vickman's escorts!

: What was that ball of flame...!?

: We did it! The Potan Cannon's got great firepower... Oh, thank you, Biel...

: Wh-what was that weapon just now... No way, was that the Potan Cannon!? That's something we got from Biel... Which means...

: ! Is that a Potan Cannon!?

: Eeh!?

: No... Biel said that the Potan Cannon was just for me...

: (But why would the Innocent go that far to get all of them to fight...!?)

It looks like the Innocent have us dancing in the palm of their hand... But the final victory will belong to me!

: ...Biel... He and the Innocent were lying to me...? That can't be right... Biel wouldn't lie to me... Such a civilized man wouldn't tell a lie, right!?

: Miss, get ahold of yourself!

: Yeah! If you don't believe it, go ask the man in charge himself!

: ............

: Kh... We can't afford to get taken down. Miss, we've gotta counterattack!

Boss, with Rag's support, brings another one down.

Voltes V uses it's strongest attack as the opening move against Vickman.

On the next turn, Boss actually managed to get off his strongest attack as well. I'm also fairly sure he says alot more things then whats shown in the text box.

Hokuto posted:

The full quote is probably "Special Deluxe Golden Delicious High Powered Magnum Borot Punch".
Thanks, Hokuto.

Voltes lets loose with another Choudenji Ball Heaven Sword.

Jiron and Rag take a couple of potshots at the Delavas.

And Tetsuya finishes him off.

: So long, Vickman...

: Heheh... Still, this act of mine ain't nothin' to ignore either.

: I-it's over, somehow...

Suddenly, for some reason, Static can be heard.

: W-whoa!!

: What now!?

: There's some really strong jamming in effect...!!

: Jamming!?

: Wait! We've got several silhouettes closing in from the sky!

: What!? From the sky!?

... Oh fuck me...

: A-are those... Gundams!?

: But I've never seen that type before!!

: Are those guys more friends of yours!?

: No... Not at all!

: B-Biel...

: Judging from the scope of that jamming, I'd guess they're a recon team.

: Shall we test them, Brother?

: No, our mission is recon and searching for the GX and Turn-A. We can't afford to risk letting the Innocent find the GX or Turn-A first. Besides, it wouldn't do for us to stand out more than the Diana Counter.

: That's true. Let's head for our destination, then. To seek the GX, Turn-A, or Newtypes...

: Though, it couldn't hurt to gather some data. You guys, play with them...

And Shagia and Olba leave the field

: They retreated!?

: No, they left some MS-looking mechs behind. They're headed this way!

Nobody was near enough fore me to attack them, So I just moved up, and let them get the first attack.

They're nimble little fuckers, and far tougher then any grunts we've seen so far.

In any case, they gather around the Iron Gear. Which is exactly what I wanted them to do.

A Strike-modified Potan Cannon let's me hit everyone of them at once!

It doesn't do much damage, but hitting them all is still an advantage.

Rag and Jiron wear one down.

Rag gets hit, but Jiron dodges it.

Tetsua hits a different one.

Voltes finishes one off.

I also left it in an extremely vulnerable position. It dodged the supposed finishing blow, but only just barely. On my turn I gave him a quick trust and sent him next to Jun for healing.

These guys are tough, but they're still easy to wear down until they break.

Unfortunately, I suffered a casualty.

I still managed to take the last guy down with some style.

: We've confirmed the enemy's withdrawal. You can do what you should have now.

: What we should have...!?

: He means a blue stone payment, taxes.

: Ohh yeah. I totally forgot about that in all of this mess.

: I'm opening the dome gate now.

: ...I don't like this. He could call us in, then get us from behind.

: I swear by the Innocent I wouldn't show such discourtesy to our benefactors.

: ...Fine. I've got some questions for you, too.

: Hey, I'm the one in charge here, don't go making decisions on your own!
Nice to see you snapped out of it, Elche

: Ah, Miss... You've regained your composure?

: ...Okay, Biel. I, Elche Cargo, respectfully accept your gracious invitation.

: What's this? You're in pretty good shape, for all that bawling earlier.

: You be quiet! I'm the Captain here! Jiron, no objections, right!?

: ......... Well... My parents are avenged. I can live however I want. I'll do as you say.

: Jiron...

: Then, I'll open the gate. Follow out guidance, if you would, please.

: Alright, Biel!