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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 70: Intermission part 2

: Let's cross the ocean and gather information first. Cotset, prepare the Iron Gear to depart.

: Roger!


: Yes, sir... But will they head to Fort Severn without causing any problems?

: Whether they do or not, if they cross the ocean... Then they'll most certainly come into contact with the Moon Race. After all, their aim is to get control of that continent's Sun Belt region.

: (.........)

: Let us hope that the result is the military gain Kashim desires...

: (.........)

: I want to test the civilians, in accordance with the Innocent's original doctrine...

: ...If we uphold the law, we'll maintain complete control. But, if that were to slip...

: ...Isn't that exactly what we Innocent should be aiming for?

: (...You mean, so that the Innocent fall from the seat of power...)

: The times have finally begun to change, and mankind is finally growing up... But... That could be a bad sign, in these times... Continue to keep an eye on them.

: Sir...