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Part 71: Pre-Intermission



Theme song

The Caprico is much better than the Gallop, in both attacks and general stats. But I got it mostly for variety.


The Moon is beautiful tonight.

: Kou... Over there, it looks like a town. Though it seems pretty old-fashioned...

: Well, I can safely say we're not in Dakar or anywhere in North Africa.

: I hope some of the others found their way to that town...

: ........... Akira! Is the jamming device that Sarumaru guy set up working right?

: No problems here. The enemy shouldn't be able to spot us at all.

: ...That's assuming there IS an enemy.

: ...! Lt. Monsha, there's a person over there.

: In the mountains? Nobody move or say a word. Uraki, put him on-screen.

: (Roger...)

: Phew... I've finally uncovered it.

: (A girl...? No, must be a guy. It looks like he's digging something up...)

: Alright...

: (! A metal reading? Not only that, but it's...)

: (...It looks like the FLAT we came here in two years ago is in good shape... ...Tomorrow is the coming of age ceremony... An all-night festival... Me becoming a citizen of vicinity...)

: Ha, haha... Hahaha... Haha... Everyone... The Earth is a wonderful place. Hurry and come back!


: There's no mistake. There's a mobile suit buried in the ground. Only the top part of the head is visible, though...

: (.........)

: It looks like that boy from earlier dug it up.

: What's a mobile suit doing inside a mountain...?

: (.........)

: What's the type and classification number?

: The markings on it read FLAT-L06D... So, FLAT.

: FLAT!? I've never heard of that type before...

: (.........)

: Of course, there's nothing by that name in the database from our time, either. Its armor type is unknown, too. It doesn't seem to be an MS built in the Space Era, at least...

: N-not in the Space Era...? So, what era is it from!?

: From our perspective, mobile suits were only developed seven, maybe eight years ago. ...Which means it's like we figured...

: (.........)

: But... Even still, the town scenery looks pretty old-fashioned.

: You're right about that...

: It looks like the early 20th century... My long-distance camera's spotted cars with internal combustion and reciprocating engines.

: What if it's just like the Texas Colony, and...

: Don't be stupid, Keith. So, who was that kid who was shoutin' at the moon just now?

: B-beats me...

: He said for everyone to hurry up and come back to Earth...

: (.........) Keith, are there any other towns around?

: It looks like there's a large town on the coast.

: Alright... Uraki, Akira. When morning comes, take the bike in Raideen's chest and go check out that town.

: On the Sparker?

: Yeah. Gather information there, and in the meantime, we'll check this area out.

: Roger that.


: Th-thanks... (A newspaper made from paper, in this day and age...?)

: Now there's an outfit you don't see around here. Where are you from?

: Er, we came from far off to do some sightseeing...

: Then you must've come to see the Militia's parade.

: Uh... Yeah, something like that.

: All the details about the Militia and the parade are in the paper. See you later!

: What's this parade business all about?

: I've seen armored cars and anti-aircraft guns all over town... They're parading through that?

: But those are such antiques!

: We can't say that for certain. Look at the newspaper.

: ?

: ...In order to resist invasion from the Gallia continent... It says they've established a civilian military organization called the Militia.

: The Gallia continent...? Never heard of it.

: I'll bet those weapons in town aren't antiques, and they're being actively used.

: What would you fight with those? You couldn't even beat Fossil Beasts or Mechabeasts.

: (.........) On the one hand, we have mobile suits buried in the ground, and on the other, we have weapons that have been outdated for ages... At the very least, this isn't the Space Era that we know.

: It feels kinda like we've come from the future to the past.

: (.........) Okay, let's go investigate some other places.

As they leave, someone drives up to a nearby building and gets out.

: Yes, ma'am.

: I will go to visit Sir Gwen after the parade... Sochie will be kept late for the festival, so come and pick me up afterwards.

: Alright, Milady.

: Chauffeurs aren't allowed into the VIP area.

: So just sneak in!

: C-certainly not... I couldn't impose on either of you, Milady.

: I don't mind. You can always force your way into the stands, right?

: Sochie, you're having your coming-of-age celebration today, try to act more grown up.

: (.........)

: You've saddened Mother, too. Really, doing something as unfeminine as flying a plane?

: What! Aren't you the one who claims this is an era where women should go out in society Isn't that why you're trying to find work? I know that's why you're going to see Gwen.

: I'd take that any day over what you're doing, joining the Militia.

: It's the same as getting a job instead of going to college.

: How can you say that...? If the Gallians attack North Ameria, war will break out!

: All the more reason for me to join the militia and fight! I can't leave it all in Miashei's hands!

: Oh, forget it. Let's go, we're late for the parade.

: Then, I'll see you both later...

: Loran, you be sure to conduct the coming-of-age ceremony properly, too.

: Yes, ma'am. Thank you for your concern, Lady Kihel.


Gwen ends the call as someone enters the room

: (.........) Colonel... The parade's been moved up. Our uninvited guests are finally here...


The sounds of the celebration is almost deafening

: (.........)

: (Could Miss Sochie be looking at me...?) ...The Earth is wonderful! Everyone! HURRY UP AND COOOME!!

: Loran Cehack! I choose you to be my partner for the evening's festivities! Join me in front of the White Doll!


: Though it helps that it makes the mountains less popular, and easier to study...

: (.........)

: Let's get a move on, now. Treasures are being excavated from Mountain Cycles one right after another, supposedly... I hear the folks crossing the sea from Gallia are also carrying treasure, too.

: And space aliens who supposedly live on the moon are coming, on top of that...

: Yeah. And with the giant footprints found around this area, prospectors like us are gonna get a lot busier, real soon...



: ! M-milady... Y-you're taking your clothes off...!?

: Face my back!

: Y-yes, ma'am...

: ...Bestow the six stigmata unto me...

: Stigmata...?

: I just gave them to you!

: Wh-what are these!?

: Leeches. You use them to put the sacred markings on my back.

: B-but... Can't we become adults without doing this...?

: You're two years behind.

: (.........)

: What're you doing? The White Doll is watching. To see whether or not you can finish up the night's festivities like a man, and to see whether or not you can be recognized as an adult...

: (.........)