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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 72: Mission

: (It's what I've wanted... Ever since I came here two years ago...)

: It looks that way...

: And doesn't that statue behind the altar resemble Raideen's stone cliff face?

: Now that you mention it... it seems to have horns sticking out of its cheeks.

: You think there's any chance a robot might be inside?

: Come on now, that's just silly.

: ...Hey, look, Akira... Isn't the moon gorgeous?

: The moon? What about it?

: ...Do you think Monsha could've posted up on watch together for a reason...?

: What are you talking about? I think you're reading too much into things.

: (Honestly, Akira... you have no idea how to set a mood.)

An explosion can be heard nearby, but from where?

: What was that...? An explosion...?

: Searchlights.. Is there an air raid...?


: Aaaagh!!

: Mari, get back to where the others are!!

: G-got it!

: (...A battleship class long range beam... I've seen one at the Diana Counter...! And it came from above... Has Operation Homecoming began...!?)

: Loran!

: (But then... Why an attack...? I thought Lady Diana was in command...)

: Earth to Loran!

: (Diana Sorrel would never use force to make Earth Cooperate...!)

Suddenly, some very odd looking mechs appear.

: Benjam! Where did the Militia planes go!?

: ...Trying to attack us with toy airplanes like those, are they insane!? Benjam, return to Knox. I'll keep a lookout over this region.

: But what if the Militia show back up?

: The Innocent are what we should be concerned with, not a few defiant civilians!

: Begging your pardon, Ma'am!

: If you understand, then get going.

: Ma'am!

And he's gone

And suddenly, the entire mountain shakes!

: Th-the White Doll statue is falling apart!

Turn A Turn... Turn A Turn...


: (Is that... A Mobile Suit!? Wh-why would one be inside the White Doll...!?)

: What's that!?

: A cockpit... It's moving... there's something lit up inside.

: What is that thing!?

: It's a cockpit...

: A cockpit?

: It's like a driver's seat. See, that's where you sit.

: Where are you going!?

: It's all lit up inside... Doesn't it look like it can move?

: Are you saying this thing can move? It's the White Doll!

Loran jumps into the unknown mech

: .........

: Miss Sochie, it's safer in here! How do I get it to move, though?

: Like I would know!

: (There's even a helmet... But the control's different, how old of an MS is this...?)

Suddenly, it begins moving by itself!

: The arm-looking thing is moving!

: (A beam rifle...!?)

: There was a mechanical doll inside the White Doll!?

: It would seem that way, yes...! (This is a Mobile Suit... What's it doing inside of an old ruin...?)

Uh oh, they've been spotted

: (Could the Innocent have hidden one in a place like this!?)

: It's moving on its own... It won't stop!

: So, stop it!

: How!?

Oh dear...

: I-it fired!? Did it catch an enemy reading on its own!?

: It got me!? Why wasn't the Diana Counter informed of this!? What the heck IS that mustached Mobile Suit!? Is it some kind of new secret weapon of the Innocent!?

: What's that, Loran!? That giant scarecrow looking thing!

: (...That's a WaDom...! Those are supposed to have warship-class beams...)

: If it's a weapon of the Innocent, then I have a reason to return fire!

: Loran! The scarecrow is coming this way! Stop the White Doll!!

: I'm telling you, it won't stop!!

: Do something about it, then! You're good with machines, aren't you!?

: B-but... all I had for MS training before coming here was lectures...

: Eh!?

: E-er, nothing! (At this rate, there'll be open war between the Diana Counter and Earth...!!)

And now we have control. In order to get the Skill Point for this level, I must destroy Poe's WaDom in 4 turns.

Nothing happens during my first two turns, just moving closer to the enemy.

On the enemies second turn, Poe gets the first attack and misses.

My counter fire hits, but unfortunately, now I'm out of ammo for the rifle.

: That white mobile suit... Could that possibly be some kind of Gundam...!?

: Pfft! Gundams don't have mustaches! They have antennae on the forehead!

: Yeah, I've never seen a Gundam like that. Plus, it came out of a ruin...

: But that color scheme is used for demonstrations of Gundam-types.

: Demonstration, Schmemonstration!

: But!

: But, Schmut!

: That black scarecrow is getting the advantage! i'm going to help the white one!

: S-say what!?

: The ones who came from the air started the attack! People could die!

: Argh, that idiot! We still don't have any idea of the situation!

: We're going too!

: H-hey!

: For cryin' out loud... Fine, take out the scarecrow and hightail it outta here!

: Roger that, Lieutenant!

: What...!? More Mobile Suits!? And what is that huge MS with them!? Our info said the Innocent weren't present here... What's the deal!?

: Loran! What are all those mechanical dolls!?

: I-I've got no idea! (Other people who descended...!? But I don't recognize those mechs...)

: The biggest out of them... It looks like the White Doll statue...

: (Hm... That's not a Mobile Suit... Did they come here to help us out...?)

Mari grabs the item box and obtains some Donkey Bread, which restores a pilot's Spirit points by 50.

Now it's just a matter of ganging up on the WaDom and destroying it next turn.

Stat screens

On the fourth turn, enemy reinforcements arrive.

: More from the sky!? What are they, frickin' Aerogaters!?

: D-don't be absurd...! They're people like us... Most likely, spacenoids...

: I'm busy in combat with the Innocent's secret weapon! Take them out!! This is not a violation of Lt. Cmdr Phil's orders!

The Reinforcements went after the Blugar, which managed to dodge one of them, but got hit by the second.

A few attacks later...

The Turn A finishes her off with a karate chop!

Fuck yeah.

After the turn ends, the grunts run away.

: They've run off...

: And the Mechanical doll's stopped...

: Okay, let's get outta here while the gettin's good!

: Those guys ran off too...

: (Were... they helping us...? Who were they...? They didn't look like people from the Diana Counter...)

: ! Loran, it's awful!! There are fires all over the place in Vicinity!!

: !!