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by Tobias Grant

Part 74: Robot Roll Call 12

Robot Roll Call

GP-01 fb

Theme Song

Much like the Gundam Mk-II, it's a grunt suit that just happened to have Gundam in it's name.


Theme song

This unit has the same repair and resupply properties as the White Ark, and is a godsend for the next few levels. After you get the White Ark back, though, best to stick the Blugar back on the bench.

Turn A Gundam

Theme Song

A fantastic unit. It may not seem like much right now, but as the game goes on, the Turn A's true power will begin to reveal itself.

Meet the Pilots

Mari Sakurano

Since she's confined to the Blugar, I doubt I will ever use her again after the next couple of levels.

Loran Cehack

While Loran himself isn't a bad pilot, there are better pilots available for the Turn A once they show up. Still, best to keep Loran's level up since he will often end up piloting the Turn A when the plot calls for it.