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by Tobias Grant

Part 75: Pre-Intermission

: It looks like troops have shown up and they're digging up mobile suits.

: You mean there are even more mobile suits in this mountain!?

: Yeah, though I still have trouble believing it...

: I was only joking, I wasn't expecting it to turn out to be true...

: ! I recognize that type from somewhere... If I remember right, it's a Neo Zeon model... They had something like that buried here...?

: Neo Zeon!? Is this the ruins of a mobile suit factory...?

: The fact that we recognize them means it's more and more likely this is the future...

: (.........)

: And judging by how much of a rush they're in to dig up mobile suits... There must be a huge war brewing against the guys who showed up last night.

: ...They're going to find our machines sooner or later like this, aren't they?

: Yeah. Let's head back for the moment, we should report back to Lt. Monsha.


: Nothing to worry about. I, too, wanted to see the mechanical dolls with my own eyes. And I have other business here, as well.

: How're things going in Knox?

: Things are calm for the moment, though the attack did cause a lot of damage.

: ...The enemy didn't seem to be the savages who crossed the ocean from Gallia.

: Rumors say they have mechanical dolls as well, but... Our enemy at the moment is the Moon Race.

: So they're the ones who invaded Inglessa territory...?

: According to our intelligence... Diana Sorrel, Queen of the Moon Race, will be descending to Earth soon. We intend to continue negotiations with them. But our side could use a better position at the table, so having mechanical dolls couldn't hurt. Besides which, this could be just the thing we need to spur North Ameria's transition into an industrialized society.

: (.........) Well, here's the mechanical doll we've excavated from this mountain cycle.

: That... round, green thing?

: There's no doubt that it's a mechanical doll built with tech we lost thousands of years ago.

: (.........)

: This mountain really is a mountain cycle where the Black History is sealed away.

: This "Kapool"... Can it be put into use immediately?

: It seems well-preserved. We can also use the mustached mechanical doll for reference. For the driving, an airplane pilot should be able to make it walk...

: Just take care not to let the Diana Counter find it.

: Right. I'm thinking we're going to hide them in caves.

: By the way, where might the mechanical dolls that showed up last night be?

: ...I don't know any details, but at the very least, I don't think they're with the Moon Race.

: (If I can make contact with them and negotiate well enough... I might be able to win them over to our side...) Then, where is Laura?

: Laura...? Oh, Loran Cehack? He's gone to the Heim residence.

: The Heim residence?

: His employer got caught up in the battle yesterday, and has passed away...

: Old man Cid, we've found weapons that seem to be for that mustached mechanical doll. What do we do with them?

: Wait for that kid to get back, and test 'em out to see if they can be used.

: Oh, he just got back, along with Sochie.

: Then, would you mind showing me to Laura?


: B-but that's...!

: Milady, if you aren't careful, you could end up in a war! Miss Kihel is opposed to this, too.

: If the Moon Race hadn't come and attacked, my father would still be alive right now!

: !

: And if you'd done a better job of using the White Doll...!

: (.........)

: Sochie, that's going too far. You know it was Loran's first time piloting it...

: But, I...

: Sir Gwen!

: Sochie... I feel terrible for what happened to your father...

: (.........)

: ...Sir Gwen, what brings you here?

: I came to ask a favor of you.

: A favor, sir...?

: Yes... I want you to lend us your strength. Could you pilot the White Doll for us?

: M-me...? The White Doll...!? I-I couldn't...!

: I'm sure you could. Please... For the sake of peace between the moon and Earth.

: For the sake of... peace?

: The Moon Race wishes to return to the Earth... But if we refuse to allow that, it's likely there will be more displays of force like last night.

: ...So they'll have a harder time attacking if the Earth side has mechanical dolls...?

: You catch on quickly, Laura.

: ...My name is Loran.

: ...Diana Sorrel, Queen of the Moon Race, will be descending to Earth soon.

: !! (...Lady Diana... is coming to Earth...!?)

: I intend to negotiate directly with her... But to stay on equal footing with them, I'd like to show them the White Doll.

: (Maybe I could even meet Lady Diana...! But... if I did, I'd be exposed to everyone as part of the Moon Race...)

: Laura? What's wrong?

: N-nothing...

A member of the Militia runs up to the group.

: What!?

: The Moon Race!?

: Did they notice us...? Call Colonel Mikhail!

: I'm moving out!

: Me too!

: Y-you mustn't, Milady!

: Laura, to the White Doll! We cannot let this excavation site come under attack!

: (......!)