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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 76: Mission

Pre-Mission Adjustments

GP-01 Gundam

Speed | 80 -> 92

Parts Added:
Booster (Move +1)

GM Cannon

Speed | 75 -> 86

Parts added:


GM Custom

Speed | 75 -> 86

Parts added:



Parts added:

HP Gas Engine (Move +1, Speed +5, Limit +10)


And we're off to a great start.

: (Those were definitely not ours, judging from the data. Lady Diana says to do things gently, but the Earth is a vast place.) Lt. Poe, capture that robot before the flagship Soliel makes its landing.

: Sir!

: Okay... All units! Fire missiles at any areas that look suspicious!

The forest has been set aflame!

Well, this isn't good.

: There! We'll find out if they're secret weapons or not. Capture them! If they show any resistance, further use of force is authorized!

: Hm... They're not Diana Counter model Mobile Suits. Are they with the Innocent...?

: They're aiming this way!!

: There's no other choice... We'll have to fight back!

: Those are different mechanical dolls from the White Doll!

: I didn't get a good look last night, but one's around twice the White Doll's size!

: (...This could be a good chance to get in contact with them.)

: Miss, it's dangerous here. Hurry, get inside the tunnel... Miss, where did you go?

Sochie and Miashei have other plans.

: When did the Miss and her friend...!?

: Miss, please stop! It's reckless to go out into battle!!

: I'm telling you!

: (...I'll get them for what they did to my kind, gentle Father...)

: M-Miss Sochie...

: What is that paper-mache thing? that wasn't here last night...

: Those barbarians... Are they excavating mobile suits?

: Last night, the mustached mobile suit showed up around there.

: Alright, we'll head there to investigate.

: They've noticed us!? We can't let them discover this Mountain Cycle!

: Miashei, there are two big enemy bipeds coming this way! Sid doesn't want them finding this place! We've got to draw their attention!

: It'll be fine as long as the Mountain Cycle and Vicinity stay in one piece!

: I'll head out in the White Doll!

: Hold on a sec. Joseph's readying a weapon for the White Doll to use.

: But the Beam... Er, the Rifle it used yesterday got totally melted...

: There's other stuff buried as well. Joseph's digging it up now!

: Keith, isn't that green MS a Neo Zeon underwater model...?

: Yeah... It's a match for the Kapool. Though the size and color are off...

And now we're back in control! Let's see how the newcomers look.

... God Damn it.

To get the Skill Point for this mission, all 6 WaDoms must be destroyed in 5 turns. It was a major pain in the ass to get, too.

I'd like to bring your attention to this cave. Starting now, caves (or as the game calls them, 'Mountain Cycles') like this will sometimes hold hidden goodies. In this case, an Anti-Beam Coating. Unfortunately, I had to pass it up in order to have any chance at getting the Skill Point.

Raideen, thanks to his new gas engine, is the first to engage the enemy.

The trees seriously hinders the ground-pounder's movement range, which is one of three things that makes getting the SP so difficult.

I also keep the Kapools away from Phil and Poe, since they're kinda useless right now and would get slaughtered.

Miashei was just inside of Phil's range, which was kinda bad, since I need him to move forward.

The other four on the other side of the city all target Raideen, except for one that targeted the Blugar, and another that just moved a little closer.

I finish moving the Blugar close to the Kapools, in case they take any damage.

Kou and Monsha finally move into attack range.

Which brings up the other two things that makes getting the SP for this mission difficult, Low damage output on my side, and the WaDoms themselves. The WaDom's have a passive 10% HP regen every turn that, when coupled with their already high HP, makes them a major pain in the ass.

Sochie manages to dodge one of Poe's attacks, but her counter attack also misses.

On the third turn, the Turn A shows up.

: What is this?

: Why something like this...

: It was the only thing we could use immediately.

: Y-You're kidding, right!?

: Laura, would you be so kind as to assist Miss Sochie and her friend?

: ...A-alright. I'll try to do what I can.

: You've shown up, White Mustache!

: Poe, capture that one too! It doesn't look like it's complete yet!

Time to drop the hammer.

Very nice

Sochie put in a Support attack, and it was just short of breaking 1000.

Sochie and Miashei then put in their own attacks, and slowly began to whittle him down.

Akira managed to finally bring a Wadom down.

He was quickly followed by Kou and Monsha hitting the next target with Valor enhanced attacks, doing some major damage.

On the enemies turn, Poe and Phil detect that the Soliel is close by and about to land.

They then both attack Loran, but only Phil manages to hit, and they both get hit with Counter attacks.

Kou also takes some serious damage, but manages to survive long enough for me to heal him with Trust next turn.

I was hoping to be able to finish Phil off with one of the Kapool pilots, but the only thing they managed to hit with was Miashei's support attack.

Loran continues to wreck shit up.

On the enemies turn, Phil gets destroyed by Loran's counter attack.

This is where it get's extremely tricky.

The 0083 pilots managed to bring down on the the WaDoms.

Sochie manages to destroy Poe's Wadom, allowing her to level up Seven times

Through nothing short of a miracle, I lucked out and got a critical hit.

Fuck yeah.

Fuck no.

: A gold mobile suit...?

: But it's not the Hyaku-Shiki...

: What's this reading!? Warship-class vessels are coming in from the air...

: All armies, fall back! Her, Majesty, Lunar Queen Diana Sorrel, is landing!

: Eh...!? L-Lady Diana herself!?

: Why would you call the enemy commander Lady!?

: S-sorry...

: Their commander-in-chief, excellent... We can end this whole thing now.

: Don't be hasty, Colonel Mikhail. They have us vastly outnumbered and outgunned. Besides, Her Majesty coming here in person could mean they want to negotiate.

: Young sir, I wouldn't take things so easily.

: War requires strategy. Issue a ceasefire order to Laura and the others.

: ...An unarmed reception... They can be shrewd. ...She's arrived.

: The Soliel...! Lady Diana Sorrel even came first, at the forefront!

: Truly a dazzling sight. Though we have Laura... That gives us some competition. Come, Colonel. Should we not go see the Queen of the Moon with out own eyes?

: (She should be on that bridge... if I set it to maximum zoom...!)

...Odd, she looks familiar...

: Lady Diana... It's really her...! She's aboard that ship!

: Y...Yes, may I address you as Your Majesty, Diana Sorrel?

: As you will.

: Very well... ( ...What a surprise this is... ...Diana is the very image of Miss Kihel Heim. They could be twins...)


Words cannot describe how difficult getting that Skill point was. I was even thinking of just skipping it before my stubborn nature got the better of me.

But all is well now, because I am looking forward to the next mission.