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by Tobias Grant

Part 77: Post-Intermission

: That we don't wish for the two years spent negotiating via radio to be wasted.

: We lack scholarship and knowledge on the level of the Moon Race.

: In comparison, you seem to have succeeded in the usage of mechanical dolls...

: Given the vast difference between our respective levels of technology... To us, it's a necessary means of self-defense.

: (.........)

: I'd like to have the negotiations conducted on a level field, if at all possible.

: I'm not a pacifist.

: But I do wish to continue negotiations.

: And if we take it to mean savage methods for savage people?

: While unfortunate... I would be unable to deny it.

: (.........)

: (.........)

: Would it be acceptable to hold the negotiations with Lady Diana in three days at Bostonia Manor?

: Lieutenant Harry!

: Consul Milan, we also need time to gather information and make the necessary preparations. ...They are not our only foe, after all.

: I suppose so...

: (Foe...?)

: Then, Sir Gwen... The interview with Lady Diana will be in three days.

Harry and Milan return to the Soliel

: We can't win against the Moon Race facing them head-on. I'd rather buy what little time we can get right now to arrange our forces.

: (.........)

: What are the ones riding those mechanical dolls doing? I'd like to meet with them and do some negotiating.

: ...Are they not with the Moon Race?

: (.........) I hear rumors they've dug up mechanical dolls even across the ocean on the Gallia continent. That could very well be true.

: Then you think they're from Gallia...?

: Or, they could be descendants of the Innocent who once ruled this continent. But, whatever the case, they're quite valuable to us.

: (.........)

: Show me to them, if you wouldn't mind.


: (.........)

: (Lieutenant, can't we tell them that we've come from the past?)

: (Pfft, yeah right. Like they'd be able to understand that!)

: I beg your pardon?

: It's nothing, don't worry.

: Then, I would like to negotiate with you all.

: Negotiate?

: We'll work to gather information on the friends you're searching for. We'll also provide you with food and other basic necessities.

: And what do you want from us in return?

: I'd like for you to teach our Militia pilots how to drive mechanical dolls.

: You mean how to control mobile suits?

: We have no intention of going to war against the Moon Race, but... We also have no intention of accepting their one-sided demands to hand over this Sunbelt region.

: (.........)

: This land was cultivated by our forefathers. The Moon Race has no right to claim it. And if they force their way in, we will have to resist them.

: So you basically want us to be bodyguards. Sure, I'll take you up on that.

: ...Thank you greatly.

: Are you sure about this, Lieutenant?

: We need info on this world. There's a limit to what we can do on our own. That, and... What the Moon Race was doing reminded me of the Titans. I don't like it.

: That is true...

: (......... Throwing ourselves into things, huh... I'd rather not invite any unnecessary confusion...)


: (.........)

: The people who live in the Sunbelt region were supposed to have a stable culture level... And they were supposed to be nonviolent!

: (.........)

: And then what!? They resist our forces with troops of veritable toys... They bring out mechanical dolls... Isn't this just like the civilians who live on the Gallia continent!?

: Our information on the Sunbelt is rather old... There are a few discrepancies.

: Didn't we send in people of the Moon Race in advance to correct those?

: Those were test subjects to determine how well we could adapt to the Earth's environment. They aren't intended to be spies.

: (.........) Our enemy should be the Innocent that have ruled the Earth since ages ago.

: (.........)

: The whole reason we descended here to the Sunbelt region in the first place was because we wanted to avoid fighting them as much as we could! Now, Innocent or whomever else, we've got every person living on Earth as our enemy!

: (.........)

: ...It could be said that it is precisely because we have descended that mechanical dolls such as the White Doll have even started to move.

: Then that's all the more reason that methods like our current ones are...

: (.........)

: (.........)

: All combative action from now until the meeting in three days is hereby forbidden. We did not come to the Earth to start a war.

: However, your Majesty...!

: Then, I shall approve the investigation of mountains where mobile suits could be buried. Will that be satisfactory?

: ......Ma'am.

: If the Earth gets ahold of enough power, we'll be in no position to negotiate, after all.

: Huh?

: If we can reach a deeper understanding of one another, we can avoid more needless conflicts.

: ...As you wish.

: Also, Consul Milan... Please get into contact quickly with Arthur Rank of the Innocent.

: The leader of the Innocent... your Majesty?

: Correct. If I can meet with him... We can avoid any warring between the moon and the Earth.