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by Tobias Grant

Part 78: Pre-Intermission

Robot Roll Call


Theme Song

The Kapool suffers the same fate of all grunt suits, in that it's a unit that's just not worth the trouble of using. It's A rank in water does give it a defining feature, though.

Meet the Pilots

Kappol Pilots: Sochie Hiem, Miashei Kune

I have no real experience with these pilots, so I don't have much to say. Sochie stands out for having Spirit, though.


Pre-Mission Adjustments

Turn A Gundam

HP | 3500 -> 4025

Speed | 85 -> 102

Parts added:
Hybrid Armor (HP +800, Armor +150)


: What's crucial are your own senses. If you don't moderate your movements just right with the control stick and foot pedals... Your foe will notice your pattern, and you'll get shot down in no time flat. Got it?

: Hey, uh... What's a computer?

: Do I have to explain everything...!?

: I'd rather you teach us how to fight decently.

: What? Don't get cheeky with me, rookie... In a fight, you've gotta find your opponent and attack before they do! Do that, and you'll be fine!

: That's obvious enough.

: Yeah. We barely made it through the last fight alive. Could you teach us some more advanced techniques?

: (.........)

: Monsha seems to be having a tough time.

: He used to be in charge of my training, and Usso's, too. He's surprisingly good at teaching others. Though it looks like he's got a long, hard road ahead of him with those girls...

: (They're definitely not with the Moon Race, and not with the Innocent, either. They seem to be familiar with the Kapools... The machines they're piloting look pretty old, too.)

: Hey, uh... Loran, right?

: Hm? Er, yes...

: Pretty impressive, the way you control a mobile suit like that one.

: Oh, no, that is... I just get caught up in the moment, that's all...

: (.........)

: Oh yeah! Loran! I just remembered something Gwen asked me to tell you.

: Sir Gwen?

: Yeah. He says for you to come to Bostonia Manor in Knox...

: ...Alright.


: I don't know too much about it myself. May be that no one does... Among us prospectors, it's referred to as the Black History...

: The Black History...? (Was the Earth's civilization wiped out once during that period...? Maybe they took the brunt of the shockwave from the ultra-gravitational collapse head-on...?)

: The technology we have is just making use of leftover relics from the Black History. And most of those relics are still slumbering in mountain cycles.

: So there are places other than this where robots are buried?

: Yeah. Mountain cycles are most likely scattered all over the world. Rumor has it that mechanical dolls are being dug up... Even as far off as the northern parts of North Ameria, and the Gallia continent across the ocean.

: How long ago was it that you all began digging up mobile suits... er, mechanical dolls?

: Let's see... Rumors have been floating around for about 10 years now.

: The people here didn't seem to have seen any robots before. Have they been seen in other places?

: Those who live in the southern part of North Ameria, here in Vicinity or Knox... They tend to stay in one place and not move around much. So we don't get much in the way of contact with the folk who live in the north, or in Gallia.

: (.........)

: Of course, we prospectors are an exception to that rule.

: Is there some kind of law against going to other places?

: Not exactly... It's just seen as taboo to travel to faraway lands.

: Going far away is wrong? That'd be unthinkable in our world.

: Yeah...

: At any rate, the people here wouldn't have believed mechanical dolls even existed until they saw it for themselves.

: ...Aside from you all and Loran, of course.

: (.........)

: Now then, Josef... Let's get back to work on the excavations. Since rumor has it that people from Gallia have shown up near Knox and they're supposedly raising a ruckus with mechanical dolls.

: (.........)


: On top of that, the people who washed up here from Gallia are apparently rampaging with their mechanical dolls.

: The Gallians, too...? What are their numbers, roughly?

: I'm not entirely sure, but we've gotten intelligence which has confirmed several of their ground-based ships in this area.

: Ground-based ships, and mechanical dolls... Do they possess greater technology than ours...?

: We must step up the pace with our excavations... At the rate we're going, we'll buckle to any Gallian invasion.

: Yes. It's also quite likely that Knox will wind up becoming a battlefield. Notify the Militia to be on the lookout for enemies other than the Moon Race.

: Understood.

: Laura Cehack, my apologies for calling you all this way.

: Oh, not at all...

: Actually, I've received a proposal, to hold a goodwill party 3 days from now.

: I heard about that just now from Miss Kihel...

: Lieutenant Harry Ord, of the Diana Counter's royal guard, came by to say that he wishes to meet the White Doll's pilot.

: Lieutenant Harry...?

: It will be a dance party in honor of our friendship. There will be no violence.

: Dancing...? I can't do that!

: There is no need for concern over that. Miss Kihel, if you would be so kind?

: Yes, sir.


: For Laura, he said.

: (.........)

: He wants to show them that we have mechanical dolls like those of the Diana Counter...

: But, why didn't you say no? This is not exactly pleasant for you, I know.

: ...If we don't strike some sort of balance, the Earth side will lose out completely, right?

: Most likely, yes.

: Then, I'll do it. (It's also a chance to see THE Lady Diana in person...)

: Then I shall give you lessons on ladylike conduct until the day of the party. We only have three days, after all.


: What could we do? Gwen asked us to come. Besides, it's a good chance to get information about the Moon Race.

: I ain't got nothin' against parties, but I don't like formal stuff one bit.

: Still, rumor has it that the Moon Race's Queen is incredibly beautiful...

: (.........)

: By the way, Lt. Monsha. How's Sochie and Miashei's training going?

: All they've piloted is airplanes, so they're okay, but... Y'know, robots are robots. For rookie training, a Zaku or normal GM would work a lot better than amphibious Kapools.

: I trained in a Zaku II when I was first assigned to Torrington Base, myself.

: They might as well dig up Zakus... Huh?

Something seems to catch Monsha's eye...

: (.........)

: (.........)

: H-hey... Did you see that just now?

: That was someone incredibly beautiful...

: Maybe it's a lady attending the party?

: (.........) Guess we'd better get goin' to the party, too. Let's go, Uraki, Akira!

: (Yeesh... He's so calculating. Still, I could swear I've seen that woman before...)

They weren't the only ones to see "Laura"

: (That girl just now... Could that have been Loran?)

: Keith...!

: I haven't seen you in a while... Not since we came down from the moon with Loran, huh?

: Yes... You seem well. What are you doing now?

: I'm working at a bakery in Knox called Donkey. I've come to deliver a cake to the party hall. And what about you?

: I'm a reporter for a newspaper. I'm here to cover the goodwill party.

: You're hard at work too, huh? So, do you know what Loran's up to these days?

: I'm not too sure... I saw someone just now who looked like him, but it was a girl...

: I see... Still, I hope he's doing okay.


: Your walking has improved over these past three days. Now, let us rehearse your dancing.

: Yes, ma'am... I can use a puppet for a partner, right?

: You may. Now, start by taking a step.

: Yes, ma'am...

: Be gentle to your partner!

: You call this a partner...?

: Ladies do not complain to their partners! Now, 1-2-3, 2-2-3, 3-2-3!


: (.........)

: (.........)

: The green part highlights North Ameria's Sunbelt, where few people are believed to live. The population density is very low, despite an excellent natural climate... Why might that be?

: Perhaps because strong sunlight isn't good for the body...?

: Now, the people of the Sunbelt region must be aware...

: That it is not their land...

: Nonsense... The truth is omitted from the Black History of which you speak. Are you not the people who abandoned the Earth after it was stricken by disaster?

: (.........)

: Our forefathers stayed here, and have worked to this day to restore the Earth... You would presume to simply waltz in now and take that away?

: Watch your tongue!

: (.........)

: I recall that the Innocent were the ones who worked to restore the Earth...

: The Innocent?

: (.........)

: You must be aware of that, Gwen Rhineford. After all, I hear the lords of the land in this area, including the Rhineford family, are descendants of the Innocent.

: (.........)

: Very well... Let us wrap things up here for today. The goodwill party shall begin soon.


: Yes, her name is Laura. On the Earth, even young ladies such as this pilot mechanical dolls.

: (.........)

: How do you do. Let us enjoy an exchange at further length later.

: C-certainly...

: For people called the Moon Race, they're not much different from us, are they?

: If they lived on the moon, they must be descended from Spacenoids...

: So where's this Queen of theirs?

: I can't see her from here.

: And all the people on the Earth and moon sides are keeping to themselves... Makes the atmosphere kinda tense, doesn't it?

: Oh well, maybe I'll go hit on that hot chick we saw earlier.

: Perhaps we should offer some sort of cue...

: Then, please allow me.

: As you will.

: Could I trouble you for a dance, Milady?

: (.........)

: Oh, you're...

: I beg your pardon for earlier, Lieutenant, sir.

: Your hand, please, Miss Laura.

: Alright... I'm in your care, Lieutenant, sir.

: By all means. Laura... Where did you obtain that mobile suit?

: ...In a mountain, through coincidence.

: That's a far cry from the Militia's claims of having many mobile suits.

: Well, it was coincidence when I found that one, but they've found more and more since then.

: Hoh...

: And there seem to be more mountains with mobile suits buried in them as well... It would be dangerous to assume that you all have an overwhelming advantage, I think.

: Assuming that's true.

: It is true, sir...

: By all means.

: To Lady Diana...?

: Go ahead. Miss Laura, I would like another dance later, if that is alright...

: W-with pleasure...

: Lady Diana Sorrel... This is Laura Rolla, pilot of the Militia's pride, the White Doll.

: Such a beautiful lady. How do you do, Laura Rolla...

: I thank you from the bottom of my heart for granting me audience, Your Excellency, Diana Sorrel.

: (.........)

: Lady Diana, why does the war continue despite your presence here?

: Miss, this is hardly the place for such talk!

: Laura, you speak out of place.

: Did you descend to the Earth in order to wage war, Lady Diana?

: Should greetings not come first, Laura Rolla...?

: Y-yes, ma'am... Your Majesty...

: ...No one wishes for fighting.

: You'll handle this in a way that lets the moon and Earth get along peacefully, right?

: Of course. Your position differs from mine, but I feel that our thinking is the same...

: Y-yes, ma'am.

: Gwen, it is not good for either of us to keep those we hold dear worried. I wish to find a way for the moon and the Earth to join hands, as I promised her.

: Of course. I'll do all I can to assist with that wish.

Suddenly, the building is under attack!

: Wh-what!?

: What happened!?

: Mobile suits are attacking Bostonia Manor!

: Wh-what did you say!?

: What have Lieutenant Poe and the others on patrol been doing!?

: Lady Diana, quickly, take shelter on the Soleil!

: Alright. Then the Soleil shall act to shield Knox.

: B-but...!

: I know not who our foe is, but I cannot overlook the damage to Knox.

: Consul Milan, I will protect Lady Diana in a SUMO.

: If you would, please, Lieutenant Harry.

: M-me too...

: You?

: E-er... I'm moving out in the White Doll, too!