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by Tobias Grant

Part 80: Post-Intermission

: Resting in another room. This incident has pained her heart.

: (.........)

: Also... Lady Diana desires a meeting with Kihel Heim, Gwen Rhineford's secretary.

: Kihel Heim? Lady Diana's lookalike...?

: This incident has made Lady Diana realize the necessity of getting an understanding of the Earthnoids' mentality.

: I see, so she plans to hear the state of the Earth through Miss Kihel...

: Also, about the Militia forces that attacked Knox... Moon Race communication terminals were found in the cockpits of the downed machines.

: Then, as we feared...

: Yes, it was not the Militia or the Innocent who set up the attack... It was the Moon Race.

: (.........) But our Diana Counter has no such mobile suits. Looking at the possibilities... That man...

: So they sought to take Lady Diana's life, from their haven on the moon...

: They could fear her making contact with Arthur Rank.

: ...Is Lady Diana aware of this?

: She's slowly realizing it.

: (.........) And if Laura is of the Moon Race... Gwen will eventually learn the truth of this as well.

: But there is no Laura Rolla in our roster of people who went to Earth 2 years ago.

: (.........)

: Lt. Harry, contact Gwen and bring Kihel Heim to the Soleil. Just be certain to return her to Gwen as soon as Lady Diana's business is completed. We can't let them find out we're lacking in reliable information, after all.

: ...Roger that.


: (.........)

: Don't tell me... it's a 10-year imprisonment?

: 17 years.

: ...We're shorthanded, so we can't afford to do that. As punishment, take command over the supplies that have been brought from the moon.

: Y-yes, sir! Thank you very much, sir!

A crashing sound is heard

: What is it!?

: Mobile suits!?

: There weren't supposed to be any mobile suits sent from the moon this time!

: Th-that man is...!

: You know him, sir?

: He should have been in a military prison serving a cryoslumber sentence...

: A cryoslumber sentence...? That's when someone gets frozen for a hundred years, with their senses still left intact...

: Yo, which one of you's Lieutenant Commander Phil?

: ...That would be me.

: I'll need a place to crash here from now on. Look forward to workin' with ya.

: (.........)

: Oh, and that white mustached mobile suit is gonna be my trophy. And don't you guys try to stop me.

: For the moment, Lady Diana has forbidden all combative action.

: What kinda wussy crap is this? We could roll right over 'em and end this whole thing!

: Not going to happen.

: Just so y'know, there's a buncha reinforcements bein' gathered on the moon. You can just think of me as an appetizer before the main dish.

: What...? Lady Diana has ordered no such thing!

: It's 'cause Diana's takin' so friggin' long that the moon's gettin' more hard-line!

: Who would act so brazenly?

: Agrippa Maintainer, probably.

: What...!? How dare you utter such things so loudly...!

: Don't get all cheeky after you asked the friggin' question to start with!

: Don't be ridiculous! He's the very representative of the moderates!

: Dunno, don't care. I just wanna crush that white mustached suit to a pulp!

: (.........)


: Loran, you liar!!

Sochie slaps Loran.

: M-Milady...!

: How dare you! You've tricked me and my sister both up until today!!

: (.........)

: Sochie...

: Miss Sochie, leave it at that.

: Why, Sir Gwen!? It's the most unforgivable thing he could do! Besides!

: What is it?

: We've been relying on someone from the very planet we're fighting to protect us!
Uh... the Moon isn't a planet.

: (.........)

: It's an insult...!

: But the fact remains, you'd be in a lot more trouble if it weren't for Loran.

: You're sure awful supportive of him. Maybe you're with the Moon Race too!?

: Think whatever you want, aren't Earthnoids and the Moon Race both human?

: ......!

: Loran's working hard to keep war from breaking out between the Earth and the moon. Surely you could at least recognize that?

: (.........)

: Milady...

Sochie runs off.

: Sochie...!

: Let's leave her be for now. She'll understand, given time.

: Yes...

: Milord, we've gotten a transmission from the Moon Race.

: What...? Is it about resumption of negotiations?

: No, sir. Diana Sorrel wants to have a meeting with your secretary, Kihel Heim.

: !? The Queen of the Moon Race wants to meet with me...!?

: She's gotta have an angle here...

: Don't tell me it's because Kihel looks just like her?

: Or could it be to get a hostage...?

: They say they guarantee her safety. Once their business is finished, they'll return her here immediately, too.

: (.........) This could trigger a reopening of negotiations. Miss Kihel, may I ask this of you?

: ...Alright.


: Lady Diana, the recent attack wasn't...

: I know, it was not the Militia...

: (.........)

: It is my intent to resume negotiations with Lord Gwen. I called you here today to speak with you about the Earth before doing that.

: (.........)

: Then, as fellow ladies... Let us share some tea.

: Yes, ma'am... Lady Diana, are you left-handed?

: No, I am your mirror image...

: Oh, Lady Diana...

: We seem to look very much alike, do we not?

: What a surprise, I was just thinking the same thing...

: (.........)

: (.........)


: Me, wearing your clothing, Lady Diana...?

: Doesn't it sound like fun? Please...

: ...Yes, ma'am.

Diana and Kihel then switch places, so Kihel is actually Diana, and Diana is actually Kihel.

: Oh, my...

: You really look exactly the same... It's as though I'm looking upon myself...

: ...Milan, I shall now go and attend the inspection. As you will.

: *giggle* Ahahaha... You're quite good at that, Kihel.

: (Lady Diana has been... lonely...)

There is a knock on the door.

: Who is it?

: It's Consul Milan. Given the time, I have come to pick up Miss Kihel.

: Enter.

: Lady Diana...!

: From now on, you shall be Diana Sorrel... and I shall try being Kihel Heim.

: Oh, dear! What would happen if we were to be found out?

: If that happens, we can just apologize together, can we not?

: (.........)

: Now then, Lady Diana... Consul Milan is waiting.

: (.........)